Hines Ward’s Wife Lindsey Georgalas-Ward Is A Former Dancer

By AbigailPublished on: February 28, 2024 Updated on: February 28, 2024
Birthday August 17, 1990
Birthplace Houston, Texas
Age 33 years
Husband Hines Ward
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Lindsey Georgalas-Ward is recognized by many as the wife of former football wide receiver Hines Ward. The beautiful lady is Hines’s second wife after his first marriage ended in divorce.

Being one of the best players in the 2000s and a prominent figure in the success of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the ex-footballer’s career transition to a coach gained a lot of attention from football fans. It has also made many curious about his current significant other.

In this article, we have gathered some details about Lindsey and her life. If you want to learn more about the lady, scroll down.

Lindsey Georgalas-Ward hails from Texas

Lindsey Richelle Georgalas was born on August 17, 1990, to Eddie Georgalas and Jacquelyn Georgalas-DeLaVega. She spent her childhood in the city of Houston, Texas, along with her sister, Lauren Taylor Georgalas.

Lindsey Georgalas-Ward with her parents, sister and husband at an outing
Lindsey grew up in the suburbs with her sister.

Talking about Lindsey’s family, her dad graduated from McKinley High School in 1982, located in Niles, Ohio, and was employed at Crown Packaging. Unfortunately, her parents are no longer together, and her mom is currently in a relationship with a man named Fernando DeLaVega.

Nonetheless, Lindsey maintains a close bond with her parents and her stepfather.

Hines Ward’s Wife, Lindsey Georgalas-Ward, Is Into Dancing

While Hines paved a path for himself in the sports and entertainment industry, the beautiful woman was on her way to becoming a dancer. However, it looks like her career has currently taken a back seat, and she is more focused on nurturing her family.

Furthermore, the husband-wife duo share their love for dancing. Back in 2011, Hines won Season 12 of the TV show Dancing with the Stars with his show partner, Kym Johnson.

Who knows, perhaps it was their mutual interest in dance that brought the couple together.

Lindsey Georgalas-Ward’s marriage with the NFL star Hines Ward

According to various news outlets, the lovebirds have been seeing each other since 2012. Moreover, Lindsey’s account on X hints that the two might have crossed paths as early as 2011.

In the summer of July 26, 2014, the lovebirds made it official and took the vows of forever and after in front of all their close ones. Their wedding was held in Heinz Field Stadium in Pittsburgh, the same place where Ward started his NFL career.

Hines Ward and his wife Lindsey Georgalas-Ward at their wedding
The lovebirds got married in 2014.

Furthermore, TMZ anticipated that the wedding might have cost a sum of $40,000 for the stadium alone. Hines has not shared whether he got the bill sent to him or not. However, he must have at least received a hefty discount.

Now, both Lindsey and Hines like to watch and review movies together. The couple also loves attending concerts. Additionally, they are not shy about being lovey-dovey with each other in public and regularly take vacations and outings together.

Plus, with an adorable child between them, they are literally family goals.

They have formed a happy little family for themselves

After a few years of marriage, Lindsey became pregnant with their first kid. On August 18, 2021, the sweethearts welcomed Londyn Capri Ward into the world.

Hines Ward with his wife Lindsey Georgalas-Ward and child Londyn Capri Ward for a photoshoot
Lindsey and Hines have an adorable baby girl together.

During the initial years of their marriage, the pair also adopted a Yorkshire Terrier and named her Lolita. The cute dog was a birthday gift from Hines for his dear wife. Lindsey, along with her family, resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

The 33-year-old is a supportive and loving wife to her hubby. She does not shy away from showing her appreciation for him, and the man also reciprocates her affection.

They also don’t miss out on wishing each other on birthdays and other special occasions.

After getting to know her husband, the former dancer also started watching football and was a Steelers fan. Her spouse’s long-time affiliation with the team might have been a factor in her admiration for them.

She gets along well with Hines’s son

Along with being an excellent mother to her baby girl, Lindsey is also a good stepmother to Hines’ other kid, Jaden Ward. Jaden is Hines’ child from his previous marriage with Simone Ward.

The handsome Jaden often accompanies his old man and stepmother in many of their outings and vacations.

Lindsey And Hines Ward Also Appeared On ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’

The Ward pair are very open-minded people and don’t mind humorous shows. The two were also big fans of the show Celebrity Wife Swap, and when they got a call for an appearance request, they immediately decided to appear in it.

The then-newlywed Lindsey swapped places with actor Verne Troyer‘s girlfriend for a week to live under an unfamiliar roof with new rules and a completely different lifestyle.

The gorgeous lady had to switch from a huge house and structured lifestyle to a cozy and laid-back home. Meanwhile, Hines, being used to a disciplined lifestyle, struggled with a chill one.

Both Lindsey and Hines admitted that while they had some difficulties adjusting to a new place and a different set of rules respectively, it was a learning and growing experience for the duo.

Moreover, Ward mentioned that his son Jaden had greatly enjoyed the filming.