A Peek Into David Bakhtiari and His Wife Frankie Shebby’s Joyful Married Life

By CarolPublished on: December 20, 2023 Updated on: February 20, 2024
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David Bakhtiari’s love life is no secret. Those who’ve followed him for years will know he is a happily married man. He’s been leading a conjugal life with his wife, Frankie Shebby for over a year already! But it is to be noted that the NFL offensive tackle has known his partner for way longer.

So, who is his wife, Frankie? Tabloids confirm she used to be an athlete – what was her game of choice? In addition to this, what is the pair’s married life like? Take a look at the article below to sneak a peak into Bakhtiari and Shebby’s life as a perfect duo!

David Bakhtiari’s Wife, Frankie Shebby Played Volleyball At College

Born on 8th February 1996, Frankie Shebby is a native of Bellevue, Washington. She is the daughter of JoAnn Shebby, unfortunately, her father’s identity is not revealed. Besides, Frankie has a sister.

As a little kid, she had a keen interest in sports. Following her graduation from high school, she joined the University of Oregon. There, she joined the volleyball team, thus, officially beginning her journey as an athlete.

David Bakhtiari, NFL footballer, is married to his long-term girlfriend
The gorgeous spouse of Bakhtiari

Following her victory with the former team, Frankie moved on with Colorado’s volleyball team later. Unfortunately, she couldn’t continue her playing career for more than a year after she sustained an injury.

In the current day and age, the diva is a renowned social media influencer because of her dear hubby. Apart from that, she is also a talented interior designer based in Nashville, Tennessee. You can check out her work on the Instagram page, @fbinteriordesigns.

David and Frankie Are College Sweethearts

David and Frankie have known each other since 2017. They initially came across at the University of Colorado. Based on the difference in their ages, we presume that Bakhtiari was his wife’s senior in college. Furthermore, it actually could have been their shared sporty interest that got the love birds together in the first place.

David Bakhtiari Executed An Elaborative Plan To Propose To His Partner

After 3 years of togetherness, David decided it was time to ask his girlfriend to be his life partner. On 2nd July 2020, he popped the question to Frankie. The NFL star had elaboratively planned the whole proposal. He rented a boat for him and his partner to cruise on that day.

Bakhtiari had an elaborative plan to ask his long-term college girlfriend to marry him in 2020
Showing off her engagement ring – Frankie kissing her fiance, David, as he asks her to marry him

Initially, we see Bakhtiari and Shebby racing across the ocean with the Misson Impossible theme playing at the back. The player discretely hides a camera at the front which Frankie doesn’t notice at all. After a while, he stops and asks her to get up, taking her to the highest point of the boat. Then and there, he asks her to marry him; the song, Highway to the Sun adds the cherry on top!

As tears of joy roll down her cheeks, she says, “Yes”. Additionally, we can hear people from the land cheering for the couple. It was indeed the best day for them!

All About The Couple’s Outdoorsy Yet Classy Wedding

The duo finally exchanged vows on 5th March 2022, in an outdoor venue decorated with lovely white roses. Furthermore, the wedding was officiated by Aaron Rodgers, the former quarterback for the Packers. The ceremony was followed by an extravagant reception where the newlyweds got drunk and danced the night away.

Additionally, they announced their marriage through their Instagram. While he wrote, “3/5/2022” with a series of pictures, his wifey posted a photo of them entering their reception venue with the caption, “Mr. & Mrs. Bakhtiari”.

NFL defensive tackle married his wife, Frankie Shebby in 2022
The couple posing in their wedding dresses

In 2023, the husband and wife celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Posting a number of their wedding pictures, Bakhtiari wrote,

Happy one year to this amazing human! You make my life worth it. It’s so easy being a husband and father knowing you are by my side every step of the way. Thanks for choosing to spend the rest of you life with me.

He further added that he looks forward to “many more anniversaries” with his darling better half.

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A Sports Writer Ruined The Offensive Tackle’s Wedding Announcement

Before the player got a chance to let the world know about his wedding, Michael Silver, a sports writer, ruined his announcement. Early in the morning, he posted a tweet indicating that the offensive tackle was getting married and that Rogers was officiating the wedding.

Silver’s announcement “kinda” angered Bakhtiari, and apparently, the NFL player and the writer had a “talk”. Later on, Silver posted a follow-up tweet apologizing to the bride and the groom.

David Bakhtiari And His Wife Frankie Welcomed A Child A Few Months After The Marriage

Fast forward to 9 months after their wedding, David and Frankie welcomed the newest addition to their family. Their daughter, Felix Ann Bakhtiari was born on 7th December 2022.

Footballer, David Bakhtiari became a father to a beautiful girl in December 2022
Perfect family of 3 – Bakhtiari with his two girls

The couple had been eagerly anticipating their little girl’s arrival. Both of them used to post pictures of the baby bump and also had a professional maternity photoshoot. And today, they cannot get over how pretty their baby girl is. If you take a look at their feed, you’ll find nothing but Felix’s photos all over – she is the apple of their eyes and the center of their universe!