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By RayPublished on: February 20, 2024 Updated on: February 21, 2024
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Dana Dokmanovich is the former wife of the late NFL running back, Franco Harris. Franco played 13 seasons in the National Football League, primarily with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Dana and Franco were college sweethearts who were married for decades before the latter’s passing in 2022.

While the footballer was alive, Dana made several public appearances with him. However, after his death, she has almost vanished from the media. So, where is she now? What does she do?

Discover everything about the former NFL WAG, including details of her early life and more, in the following sections.

Dana Dokmanovich and Franco Harris’ Relationship

Despite being the wife of one of the most celebrated NFL running backs, Dana seldom indulges in the media limelight. She was nonetheless seen with the late footballer on a number of occasions. Likewise, Franco himself was secretive about his personal life. So, information about his marriage and married life is scarce.

Dana and her late husband Franco Harris met in college and started dating shortly after
Dana and her late husband Franco Harris met in college and started dating shortly after

Nevertheless, Dana and Harris presumably got married in the 1970s and lived a blissful life together until he died in 2022. They met in college when they both attended Penn State University in the late 1960s.

The Former Husband and Wife Had A Son

Dana and her late hubby had a son, Franco Dokmanovich Harris Jr., better known as Dok. They gave birth to and raised their only child in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Dok studied at Sewickley Academy before pursuing his undergraduate at Princeton University majoring in politics. Dok graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and earned his M.B.A. from Carnegie Mellon University.

In a 2010 interview with Pittsburgh Magazine, Dok said he would run a law firm to mentor new entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is presumed that he has already started his dream project.

Dana Dokmanovich and her late husband Franco Harris with their son
Dana Dokmanovich and her late husband Franco Harris with their son

Additionally, he spoke candidly about his worst job ever, which was working as a security guard at Princeton football games. He was required to be at the stadium by 10 a.m. on Saturdays, which didn’t interest him for long, and only worked there for two games.

Dana’s Husband’s Death – Harris Was 72

Dokmanovich’s long-time husband, Franco Harris, died on December 20, 2022, at his Sewickley, Pennsylvania home. The former running back was 72 years old at his death. Franco and Dana’s son, better known as Dok, confirmed the former athlete’s death; however, he mentioned that he didn’t know the cause.

Besides Dana and their son Dok., Harris is survived by his sisters Daniela, Marisa, and Luana; and his brothers, Giuseppe and Michael.

Dana was On the Field In Pittsburgh When Harris’ Jersey No. Retired

Just four days after Franco Harris’ death, the Pittsburgh Steelers retired his No. 32 at halftime of their game against the Las Vegas Raiders on December 24, 2022. The honor came just a day after the 50th anniversary of “The Immaculate Reception” that Harris pulled against the Raiders.

Dana, alongside her son Dok, joined Steelers President Art Rooney II and many of Harris’ former teammates and coaches. “It wasn’t supposed to be like this,” said Rooney. He added,

The big man was supposed to be with us tonight. Franco brought us joy for 50 years. So in recognition of his many contributions both on and off the field, it’s my honor to declare No. 32 is officially retired.

Harris became the third Steeler to have his number retired after lineman Ernie Stautner’s No. 70 in 1964 and defensive lineman Joe Greene’s No. 75 in 2014.

Dana Dokmanovich’s Father Was A WW2 Veteran

Dokmanovich’s birth details are not readily available; however, some online sources suggest she was born in the early 1950s. She has a brother named Gary Dokmanovich.

Her parents are Peter Dokmanovich and Bess Dokmanovich. Her father, Peter, served in the US Navy during the Second World War. Additionally, he was a member of the St. Elijah Serbian Orthodox Church in Aliquippa and the Serb National Federation Lodge.

On the other hand, Dana’s mom, Bess, was from Clairton, Pennsylvania. Bess passed away on November 8, 2011, and Dana’s father, Peter, died on October 8, 2010.

Where Is Dana Dokmanovich?

Well, discussing Dana Dokmanovich’s current whereabouts is challenging, considering she has always preferred a life away from the media spotlight. Moreover, she is rarely seen in public after her husband’s death.

Nevertheless, given that the Harris family has always lived in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, it’s reasonable to assume Dana continues to reside there.

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