Warren Sapp’s Ex-wife Jamiko Vaughn: He Owes Her Millions

By RebeccaPublished on: February 26, 2024 Updated on: March 1, 2024
Birthday February 25, 1976
Age 48 years
Husband Ex-Spouse: Warren Sapp
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Jamiko Vaughn gained popularity after she married Warren Sapp. Although the couple were together for a short time, they had a lovely pairing. Many Warren fans are curious about his former partner’s whereabouts and what she is doing now.

While Jamiko’s name may be less known, her ex-husband is pretty famous. Warren is a former football defensive tackler who played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was in the NFL for 13 years. Following his career, he was also an analyst on NFL Network until 2015.

After the divorce, the footballer’s ex-wife has perfectly maintained her privacy and been out of the spotlight. Learn more about her in detail and discover some of her unrevealed secrets with this article.

Jamiko Vaughn’s Father Has Already Passed Away

The beautiful Vaughn is the daughter of James Robert Vaughn and Dorothy Odiestine Vaughn. Her paternal grandparents are Maggie Florence Vaughn and the late James Robert Vaughn.

Unfortunately, she lost her father on November 22, 2013, at the age of 72. Her dad was a Holaway High School graduate and joined the Army in 1964. He later worked for the Veterans of Foreign Wars for 15 years after retiring from the Army.

Jamiko Vaughn's father was in army
Sadly, Jamiko lost her father in 2013.

Raised in one of the cities in Florida, Sapp’s ex-spouse celebrates her birthday on February 25. She was born in 1976.

Well, Jamiko is not the only child of her parents. She has a gorgeous sister named Jamise Harper, co-author of Bibliophile and the founder of Diverse Spines. Like her, Jamise also married a footballer named Alvin Harper.

After completing her primary school, Jamiko attended West Springfield High School. She later studied at Penn State University. Additionally, she earned her Master’s degree from the University of Central Florida.

Jamiko Vaughn and Warren Sapp Were Married For 9 Years

When Jamiko first met Warren during his rookie season, she didn’t know he was an NFL football player. During their first date at an African arts festival, when Warren told her he had to be in the hotel at 6 pm, she asked if he was working a night shift.

Years after their funny interaction, the duo finally decided to exchange vows and celebrate their long-term companionship on January 29, 1998. Jamiko and Warren held a ceremony in the gazebo of the Ihilani Resort.

They joyfully celebrated their official union with friends and families. Their honeymoon was in Hawaii, where they possibly visited the beach for sightseeing and enjoyed different water activities together.

Warren Sapp and his ex-wife Jamiko Vaughn separated in 2003.
Jamiko and Warren had a loving relationship for 5 years.

At that time, Jamiko always attended her beau’s different matches and showed her support by cheering him. However, things didn’t work out as they planned, and the lovebirds finally decided to part ways.

Jamiko Took A Considerable Sum In Divorce Settlement

Not every relationship has a fairytale ending; the same goes for this pair. Sadly, their endless love and support came to an end in 2003 when they separated from each other.

It is still unclear why Warren and Vaughn decided to call off their marriage. However, the duo took comfort as they were also blessed with two beautiful children.

The PSU graduate, Vaughn, filed for a divorce at the Family Law Division of the Hillsborough County Circuit Court. According to the Tampa Bay Times, she asked for a shared parental responsibility with alimony. Also, Jamiko appealed Sapp to maintain life insurance as security of child support. Further, she also asked for medical and dental expenses for their kids.

Subsequently, their divorce was settled with a significant amount of $15,000 a month in child support and $45,000 a month in alimony. Then, she moved into a luxurious mansion owned by Sapp in Windermere with her family.

Jamiko’s Life After Separation From Her Partner

So far, it was going well for Jamiko. However, in 2012, she had to leave the Windermere home after it was auctioned off to pay her ex-husband’s financial debt. She then moved to a new apartment, securing a more stable future alongside her children.

Furthermore, according to some sites, Jamiko had filed a lawsuit against her former beau for a domestic support obligation of $3 million. She mentioned that Warren had only paid $8,200 back support for her and her little ones and still owed $3,104,207.20.

After parting ways, Warren was in a relationship with Chalyca Moore, but things did not work out between the two. The former footballer is possibly single. On the other hand, Jamiko is never seen jiggling around a guy, either because she chooses to keep it private or because she has never met one.

The Former Duo Are Parents to Two Children

While many may think that Jamiko had a failed marriage with Warren, something good came out of it: their children. They share two kids: a daughter, Mercedes Sapp, and a son, Warren Carlos Sapp II.


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The 26-year-old Mercedes is a Student-Athlete Enhancement Coordinator at Gousf Bulls. She is a University of North Florida graduate with a Science of Communication Management degree. Being the first UNF student-athlete to receive the Goalkeeper of the Year accolade in 2020, Mercedes has competed as a Division I athlete for Women’s Soccer as a goalkeeper.

Following their father’s footsteps, her son, Warren, also entered the world of football and is currently playing as a linebacker at his university. Back in high school, he led the Winter Garden Foundation Academy team to three regional championship games.

Born in Tampa on March 1, 2000, he graduated from Florida Atlantic University in May 2023.

Apart from the two, Jamiko also has two stepkids from her ex-spouse. Warren welcomed Autumn Jade Adkins Sapp with Chantel Adkins and Jaelon Austin Sapp with Angela Sanders.

Jamiko Has Maintained a Proper Professional and Personal Balance

The ex-spouse of the former star has gained attention not only for her personal life but also for her involvement in various social activities. Despite her successes, Jamiko has been living a rather decent life while maintaining a private demeanor.

She is a board of directors member at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital. Before she met Warren, she had also worked as a CIA employee, as mentioned in one of her interviews.

Although she values privacy, her social media is full of pictures of her son and daughter. She shows her unwavering support for her little ones by celebrating their success through her Instagram post.

Jamiko Vaughn was a CIA employee
Jamiko has been a board member of St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital

Beyond her role as a mother, she is also a woman who finds joy in exploring new places. But amidst her adventure, she prioritizes spending quality time with her loved ones and cherishes every moment of her life.