Warren Moon’s Ex-wife Felicia Fontenot Hendrick: Drama Filled Marital Life

By CarolPublished on: March 3, 2024 Updated on: March 7, 2024
Birthday 1956
Age 68 years
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Felicia Fontenot Hendricks was the wife of the former football quarterback Warren Moon. Many may not be aware that the husband-wife duo did not have a smooth marriage. Back in the day, the news was filled with the chaos of their married life; it had many more twists than a stereotypical television drama!

Despite their failed marriage decades ago, it doesn’t stop fans from talking about them now, does it? Additionally, many must be curious to know more about Felicia. Though being the wife of a famous footballer, she’s somehow managed to live a low-key life, and that ends today.

Read the entire article below to learn about Moon’s ex-partner, their disturbed marital life, and more.

Felicia Fontenot Hendricks Is The Same Age As Her Ex-Hubby Warren Moon

Like her former life partner, Hendricks was born in 1956. This makes her 68-year-old as of 2024. Apart from this, much is unknown about Felicia.

Felicia Fontenot Hendricks's age is the same as her ex-husband Warren Moon
Warren’s ex-wife, Felicia, during her younger days.

As mentioned earlier, she is a private person, through and through. Moon’s ex-wife neither has a significant media presence nor is she on the public’s radar. Having said that, digging up the details of her early life is a next-to-impossible task.

Moreover, information on her parents, brothers/sisters, and schooling is not readily available. Besides, extensive research tells us that she is from Missouri City, Texas. Over the years, she has moved to and from multiple places, including La Marque, Texas, Newport Beach, California, and Redmond, Washington.

Hendricks Advocates Against Spousal Abuse

The former Mrs. Moon is a respected woman in society. For a very long time, she has worked tirelessly in local women’s shelters, organizing domestic abuse programs. Over and above this, she is also the established owner of an organization that helps fight against spousal abuse.

That’s not all – she’s also a reading and writing enthusiast and formerly worked as a freelance writer. Additionally, since 2002, she’s been running her very own Christian bookstore.

Warren Moon Knew His First Wife Since They Were In Their Mid-Teens

Warren met Felicia at the young age of only 16. After almost a decade of courtship, the pair got hitched on the 8th of March 1981.

The Houston Oilers quarterback, Warren Moon with his then-wife
An old photo of the Mr. and Mrs. together

Considering Moon’s growing popularity, the husband and wife tried their very best to keep their private life a mystery; and so, they did! Even the snippet details about their initial years as a wedlock pair are hidden from the public.

Their Marriage Wasn’t As Smooth As We Might Think

One should never judge a book by its cover – that’s exactly what we think about Moon’s marriage with Hendricks. Their time as a wedded couple wasn’t smooth and was chaotic.

After over two decades of marriage and three decades of knowing each other, the quarterback and his spouse called it quits. On 24th April 2002, their divorce was finalized. Furthermore, Felicia filed a divorce petition in 2001. As per her statements, despite being husband and wife, they had not lived together for quite some time.

The official petition stated,

The marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities between (the Moons) that destroys the legitimate ends of the marriage relationship and prevents any reasonable expectation of reconciliation.

Moreover, the athlete’s wife also stated that she lost all the desire to be intimate with him. She revealed that her then-husband would make advances to bring back the spark, but nothing worked for them. Eventually, after a long court battle, they reached an amicable agreement.

Felicia Pressed Charges Of Spousal Abuse In 1995, But There’s A Twist

In 1995, Felicia Fontenot filed a complaint against her footballer husband for spousal abuse. But, as mentioned, there’s a twist!

Yes, she did file the complaint initially. It was also followed by a divorce petition. However, Hendricks later took all the blame on herself. She revealed that she suffered from episodes of “explosive rage,” making it impossible for her to control her emotions.

Consequently, it was she who initiated one of their fights on July 18, 1995. As per her statements, she lobbied a three-pound candlestick at her hubby’s back. She then kneed him in the groin as he tried to calm her down.

What’s more, she denied that the scratches on her back might have been from her own fingernails, not by Warren’s attempts to choke her.

Subsequently, Moon was acquitted, thus reconciling their marriage – but not for long. Felicia had also filed for a separation in 1986.

Warren Moon’s Ex-wife, Felicia Fontenot Hendrick, Is A Mother Of Four Children

Hendricks and Moon welcomed four children in the course of their marriage. They had two sons and two daughters.

The kids of the ex-national footballer, Warren Moon
Felicia and Warren’s kids in a single frame.

Blair Nicole Moon and Chelsea Moon are the couple’s baby girls. Likewise, Joshua Moon and Jeffery Moon are their boys.

While fans know very little about the other three, they know much more about Blair. Born on 22nd August 1984 in Houston, Texas, she is as athletic as her father. She used to play volleyball for her college team at Tulane University. Her interest in the game was fostered at Elkins High.

The Ex-Quarterback’s Wife Moved On Following The Divorce

After divorcing the Raiders ex-quarterback, she moved along with her dating life. In 2012, it was reported that she was dating her partner James Thomas.

NFL footballer, Warren Moon was previously married to Felicia Fontenot Hendricks
Hendricks found a guy after separating from her ex-husband, Moon.

Now, with a new lover comes more drama. This one isn’t as disturbing as it is embarrassing, though.

Once, the couple was caught having coitus in public; they were also charged with the offense. In February 2012, Felicia and James were caught getting intimate behind the Prairie View A&M University’s stadium.

Not just Felicia, but her ex-spouse has also moved on and is married to Mandy Ritter since 2005.

Where Is Felicia Fontenot Hendrick Today? Whereabouts And Net Worth

Fontenot’s current whereabouts aren’t easy to find. Except for a few public sightings, she has completely vanished off the face of the Internet.

In addition to this, her actual net worth isn’t out and about. On the contrary, her ex-hubby stands tall with a whopping multi-million net worth of $16 million. Could it be she received some cash while settling their divorce?