Von Miller’s Parents Von Miller Sr. and Gloria Miller Are High School Sweethearts

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The Buffalo Bills linebacker, Von Miller’s parents, Von Miller Sr. and Gloria Miller were the athletic couple back in high school. Many think that the player got his passion for sports from his parents but his dad was against him playing football at first. He thought his son was too weak for the sports however Gloria went against his decision and supported her kid.

Let’s discover the life of Von Miller’s parents and their relationship in this article.

Von Miller’s Parents Met In High School

Von Miller Sr. was born in the late 1950s to Della Johnson. He played basketball in high school and also became a basketball coach. As for Gloria, her real name is Esmeralda Jean Franco.

The Millers met at high school. They were both members of the sports team and that’s how their romance began. The high school sweethearts have been married for over three decades and are still together. They have two sons, Von Miller and Vinsynzie Miller.

Their Two Sons Lead A Happy Family Life

Von and Gloria welcomed their firstborn, Von Miller Jr. on March 26, 1989. He attended DeSoto High School where he started playing football. He went to Texas A&M University on a football scholarship. After his graduation, the Denver Broncos picked him up in the 2011 NFL Draft. The player has two sons, Valor and Victory Miller with his girlfriend, Megan Denise.

Von Miller with his mom, dad and brother.
Von Sr. and Gloria have two sons.

The youngest member of the Miller family is Vinsynzie Miller who was born on April 28, 1991. He is married to Chelsea Miller, owner of B.A.R.E Label, a beauty and cosmetic company. They became parents to their son, Vince Miller Jr. in 2022.

Millers Are The Owners Of Power Supply Sources

Von started working as a service center manager at Exide Technologies in 1977 to support his family. He worked there for over nine years before leaving the company in 1987. He then started his own power supply business, Power Guardian Incorporation in 1988.

Before starting his own business, he went to a technical school and worked for two battery firms to learn about the structure. A small company in Texas has now expanded its business to various states. Besides having a multi-million company, he is also a vice president at his son’s foundation, Von’s Vision.

Von Miller parents
Von Miller with his mom, Gloria, and dad, Von Miller Sr.

While he was working, Gloria raised the kids. She used to work as a corporate accountant but left her job to be with her babies. As of now, she is helping her husband in the business.

Gloria Went Against Her Husband For Her Son

When Von was in fifth grade, he wanted to play peewee football but his dad was against it. Von Sr. rejected the idea by saying, “Boy, you not ready. You’re way too skinny to be playing football.” So, he started wearing his mom down and finally, she let him play in secret.

Von Miller Mother, Gloria Miller
Gloria went against her husband for her son’s dream to play football.

The mother-son duo ran a spy operation where he would change clothes in her car and leave the pads in the back seat with a blanket over them. Whenever his dad got suspicious about his scratches, he would make random lies. The player finally told the truth after he made it to the championship. He said, “Hey Dad, remember when you said I wasn’t ready? Well, guess what?”

Miller recalled that the fifth-grade championship game was one of the hardest-fought games he had ever played.

Both Von Miller Sr. and Gloria Are Supportive Of Their Son’s Career

Even though Von was against his son playing at first, after he saw his kid’s talent, he couldn’t stop the little boy. He has been by his side throughout the NFL journey. Whenever the player would have some difficulties on the road, he would go to his dad for advice.

On Father’s Day, Von wrote an appreciation post for his supportive dad on his Instagram. He shared how his pops gave him great guidance, leadership, and unconditional love.


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As for his mother, Gloria has never missed a game night. She has been by his side since day one. Even when Von would be busy with work, she would attend her son’s match to support him. She shared with Denver Post how she would park next to the field because she would have his nebulizer and whenever he would have an asthma attack, she could easily give him.

They were there for Vonnie’s first championship, for his NFL draft, and when he won the Super Bowl. They have their son’s back all his life.

Where Are Von Miller’s Parents? Their Social Media Presence

Von Sr. and Gloria live in the Dallas area and as for their social media presence, they are active on Instagram. The senior Miller posts glimpses of his life under @therealvonmiller. His feed mostly contains pictures of his family, food, and football. As for the NFL player’s mother, she has an account @momofthemillennium. However, her account is set to private.

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