Taylor Rapp’s Mother Chiyan Rapp Always Reflects Her Chinese Culture

By SarahPublished on: October 16, 2023 Updated on: February 14, 2024
Birthday October 1968
Birthplace Sanghai, China
Age 55 years
Son Taylor Rapp
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The Buffalo Bills football safety, Taylor Rapp is one of the few footballers representing the Asian community and we have to thank his mother, Chiyan Rapp for this. The player has often expressed his respect for his culture and has used his position to promote it. This is all due to the way he was raised by his mom, Chiyan, and his Chinese grandparents.

Being a Chinese descendant, Chiyan did her best to teach her kids about their heritage. Besides this, this woman has a marvelous history and this article provides all these details.

Taylor Rapp’s Mother Chiyan Rapp Is From Shanghai

Born to Chinese parents, Chiyan is from Shanghai, China. She is very close to her parents. She was born in October 1966 and is 57 years old as of 2024.

Chiyan Rapp with her husband, Chris Rapp and her kids, Austin and Taylor
Taylor’s parents and brother went to his games to support him.

As of now, she lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband, Chris Rapp. Mrs. Rapp has two grownup sons, Austin Rapp, and Taylor Rapp who live with their significant others. Her education and career details are hardly disclosed to the public but it is confirmed that she used to work as a language translator at some point in her life.

Chiyan’s Husband Is Canadian; They Met at Work

Chiyan married Chris Rapp, a Canadian man in the early ’90s. Nobody imagined a Chinese girl and a Canadian boy falling in love but their love knew no boundaries. Rapp went to Shanghai for his work in a steel mill where he met Chiyan. She was a student translator at that time. These two soon fell in love and got married.

The couple moved a lot in the early days. They moved to Toronto and then Atlanta and finally settled in Bellingham, Washington. Along the way, they became parents to two sons, Austin and Taylor.

She Is The Mother Of Two Sons

Her elder son, Austin Rapp is a mechanical engineer in Sedron Technologies. Before that, he worked as a structural design engineer at Bradley Engineering from 2017 to 2022.

Talking about his education, he did a Bachelor of Science, in Mechanical Engineering at Washington State University where he also interned in the Design Engineering Control Group.

Chiyan's sons, Austin and Taylor Rapp
Chiyan’s elder son, Austin Rapp congratulated his brother, Taylor Rapp

No need to mention, her younger son, Taylor Rapp is a football safety for the Buffalo Bills. He was drafted in 2019 by the Los Angeles Rams.

The brothers are only three years apart. So growing up, they were always together playing football and baseball. Chiyan shared that they put their kids in sports to grow their talents but had no idea that they were facing difficulties in fitting in.

Chiyan’s Parents Helped Raise Her Sons

Chiyan’s parents moved with the Rapp family and helped raise their grandkids as their parents were busy working. Austin and Taylor learned about their Chinese culture from their grandparents. They are very close to their grandparents and talk to them all the time.

They live in Seattle’s Chinatown area and are in their nineties. As a matter of fact, Taylor’s grandfather hand-designed a tattoo on Taylor’s left arm. The NFL player also expressed his concern for his grandparents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chiyan Rapp’s Younger Son Is A Role Model For Many Asian Kids

Growing up, Chiyan’s kids faced difficulties adjusting to their Chinese culture and it was when they were in college that they finally embraced their heritage. Taylor Rapp said, “The Asian Community and my Asian heritage play a huge role in representation and who I am.

The young player has expressed his love for his culture in interviews and has taken personal action for their support. He auctioned non-fungible tokens for four days online and donated a portion to the Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI).

His mother is proud of his contribution and said, “He had a lot of fans, and he said even a couple times his first year there were little Asian kids who used to walk up, even their parents, who were so excited for Taylor.

She Wore A Traditional Chinese Qipao At Her Younger Son’s Wedding

People wear fancy dresses at a wedding but the mother of NFL player, Taylor Rapp wore a traditional Chinese qipao at his wedding. Chiyan had her black dress completely customized for her to honor her culture. It was an emotional moment not only for her but also for her son. Taylor shared that it was one of the most special moments for him that day.

Chiyan Rapp and her son, Taylor Rapp
Chiyan wore a custom-made Chinese suit at her son’s wedding.

The Mother Is Extremely Proud Of Her Sons

Chiyan has supported her kids throughout their careers. Though her older son’s career is off the spotlight, she is proud of how much he has grown. As for her younger son, Taylor, she shares that watching him work towards his dream, as his mother, she couldn’t ask for anything more. She is extremely proud of his impact on the community, especially, Asian.

How Much Is Chiyan Rapp’s Net Worth?

With her career details tucked away from the public eye, there is no exact information about her net worth. However, her children are earning well. As an engineer, her elder son, Austin has an approximate net worth of $1 million. Similarly, her younger son, Taylor has an estimated net worth of $4 million which is bound to increase as his playing days are just starting.

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