Ronde Barber’s Wife Claudia Barber: He’s Been Loyal To Her Like His Team

By SarahPublished on: February 23, 2024 Updated on: February 23, 2024
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Ronde Barber played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for his entire NFL career. After being drafted in 1997, he was with the team for 16 seasons before retiring in 2012. Besides being faithful to his team, the former player is also loyal to his wife, Claudia Barber (née Patron). Ever since they got married in 2001, the couple has been inseparable.

From attending red carpets to matches, the pair have aged together. Let’s learn more about their relationship in this article.

Ronde Barber And His Wife, Claudia Patron, Married Since 2001

The former NFL star tied the knot with his then-girlfriend, Claudia, on February 24, 2001. At that time, he was already playing for the Buccaneers. Though we don’t know how they met, it looks like they got married after knowing each other for a few years.

Ronde’s twin brother, Tiki Barber, was his best man at the wedding.

Ronde Barber with his wife, Claudia Barber
Ronde and Claudia have been together since 2001.

While the life partners have hardly shared any inside details of their relationship, they have been going strong. The then-newlyweds settled in Florida, where Barber was playing in the league, and are still living there after having kids.

Over these years, they have attended numerous public programs, from annual galas to charity events.

The Married Couple Has Two Daughters

After a few years of marriage, Ronde and Claudia were blessed with their daughters. Among their kids, Yammile Rose Barber is a year older than her sister, Justyce Rosina Barber.

Their firstborn is studying creative writing and media arts and design at the University of Chicago. She started working there as a part-time theater technician in 2021. Besides, she was part of the Windows to the World for three months as a research and development intern in 2022. Yammile also likes horse riding.

Ronde Barber with his wife and eldest daughter.
Ronde attended the movie premiere of ‘Prototype’ with his wife and eldest.

As for their youngest daughter, Justyce joined William & Mary University in 2022 after graduating from Berkeley Preparatory School. She started playing lacrosse in high school and has even won numerous awards for her talent. She is also a member of her college’s women’s lacrosse team.

The Kids Are Daddy’s Girls

The siblings duo has shared how their dad was a perfectionist. They further added that Ronde was a good hairstylist, and he would tie their hair up in sleek ponytails during their childhood.

It looks like Ronde hasn’t changed much about how much he loves his kids, considering he still behaves the same way with them.

Claudia Patron Was The First To Know About Her Husband’s Biggest Moment

Ronde was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2023. However, he didn’t know the news at first, and his wife kept the announcement a secret for a week. Both of their baby girls were away at college. While Justyce couldn’t make it due to her game, Claudia asked Yammile to come by, saying she had a doctor’s appointment.

When the day finally came, Ronde was watching the match with his friends when the door knocked. Mrs. Barber insisted he get the door and arranged a video call with their youngest so she couldn’t miss out.

When he finally received the news, the family of four started tearing up from happiness. Claudia shared,

He wanted to be in the Hall of Fame, to be like forever and that had always been his goal.

Her Daughter, Justyce, Announced The News To Her College Lacrosse Team

Soon after her emotional phone call with her parents, Justyce couldn’t contain the news within herself. She broke the news of her dad being selected for the Hall of Fame to her lacrosse team. They immediately stormed towards her for a group hug as soon as they heard it.

The group then started chanting her old man’s name. It was indeed a grand celebration and a special moment for her.

Ronde Barber’s Wife, Claudia Barber, Is Of Filipino Descent

Despite having a famous husband, Claudia prefers living behind the curtains. With her private personality, she hasn’t shared much information about her family. However, it is confirmed that she is an American of Filipino Descent.

Ronde Barber's wife, Claudia Barber works in the marketing field
Barber’s wife, Claudia, means the world to him.

As for her education and career details, Patron is a well-educated lady. Though we don’t know much about her studies, it is assumed that she studied marketing and event planning, considering her career. She was working in marketing at Crown Golf when she got married.

However, she left her job there and is now with Diabetic Charitable Services  Inc. as a Marketing Event Coordinator.

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