Reggie White’s Wife Sara White Continues His Legacy Posthumously

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Husband Reggie White
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Sara White is the widow of the late football defensive end in the National Football League (NFL), Reggie White. White, who was nicknamed, “the Minister of Defense” became one of the most award-winning defensive players in NFL history. Sadly, the late iconic lineman died of arrhythmia at 43 in December 2004. Reggie is survived by his wife, Sara, and their two children.

Ever since his death, his spouse, Sara, has been diligently upholding his legacy, actively participating in multiple social causes. She even co-produced a documentary, Minister of Defense: The Reggie White Story, documenting her husband’s football career, his family, and personal struggles.

At present, Sara is a real estate agent. Know more about her life after Reggie’s death.

What is Reggie White’s Wife Sara White Doing Now?

Reggie’s widow, Sara, is now a real estate broker at Mooresville Realty, LLC, in Mooresville, North Carolina. She joined a real estate agency in Jan 2019. She also serves as a director and a founding board member of Par National Bank in Charlotte. White has been there since Jan 2005.


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Additionally, Sara is the founder of the eHUB Entrepreneurship Center – the University of Alberta. She established the office in 1995.

Besides, her past work includes her role as a broker at CLT Residential. She worked there from 2010 to August 2019.

Sara Is a UM Graduate

For college, Sara went to East Tennesse State University in 1981 and graduated from there in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in business. She later attended The University of Memphis and obtained her BBA in marketing & military science in 1987.

She also studied marketing at Memphis State University.

The White Couple First Met in a Church; Their Marriage

Sara, as a high school junior, moved to Knoxville, TN. It was where the real estate broker met her future husband, Reggie, in a church. After being in a relationship for some time, they got married on January 5, 1985. At the time, White has been with Memphis Showboats (1984–1985).

In fact, Sara and Reggie were an interracial couple, but their marriage was never affected by this aspect. Also, they both shared a deep devotion to God. The former duo toured the Holy Land with a group of friends a couple of times. The last time Reggie went there was in October 2003 a year before his passing.

Reggie White and his wife Sara White
Sara and Reggie, walking past burnt rubble of Inner City Church.

Moreover, Sara and Reggie’s marriage blessed them with two children: a son, Jeremy White, and a daughter, Jacolia

Their Son, Jeremy, is an educator and a Father of Three Kids

Jeremy is now a Kindergarten Teacher at the Movement School, in Charlotte. Before that, White worked as an educator for several schools and academic organizations like West Lake Preparatory Academy, L.I.F.T. Tutoring, and BRISBANE ACADEMY. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, followed by the American College of Education.

Besides his professional endeavors, Jeremy is also the father of three children with his wife. He welcomed his first child in Feb 2018.


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Sara and Reggie White Were Married Until His Death

The former couple had enjoyed a blissful marriage for nearly two decades before Reggie’s death on December 26, 2004. The same day in the morning, Sara woke to Reggie’s snoring. He later began coughing and choking. She soon called 911 and performed CPR.

At the nearby hospital, Sara had been hoping for positive news about her husband but soon her hopes were shattered when the doctor notified her that Reggie was gone.

The cause of his death was arrhythmia. The former lineman had also been diagnosed with sleep apnea at the time of his death.

Following his untimely passing, his widow has established the Reggie White Sleep Disorders Research and Education Foundation. It aims to provide access to sleep disorder treatment for all, regardless of their socio-economic status.

Sara White with her hubby and children.
Sara and her late husband with their two kids.

Back in Feb 2018, Sara alongside her two children, Jacolia and Jeremy announced the upcoming online auction sale of their Cornelius home built by her late hubby. She also said that $50,000 of the proceeds would be contributed to the foundation.

Sara White Delivers Speech at Reggie’s Hall of Fame Induction

The late defensive end was posthumously inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame on February 4, 2006. A day after, the celebration took place, in Canton, Ohio. Reggi’s widow, Sara, delivered his acceptance speech, introduced by their son, Jeremy.

At the time, White Jr. also announced his autobiography, ‘In His Shadow: Growing Up With Reggie White’ in honor of his late father.

She Co-Produced ‘Minister of Defense: The Reggie White Story’

It’s been nearly 20 years since Reggie passed away and his widow, Sara, has been faithfully preserving his legacy. She also worked as a co-producer for the two-hour documentary called Minister of Defense: The Reggie White Story. It chronicles the life of her late husband, from his successful NFL career to his health issues. Sara said,

The reason I decided to make this documentary was I wanted the truth to be known and told. I wanted people to understand who Reggie White was off the field

Besides that, Sara worked as an executive producer for the upcoming TV series, Forever. She was the co-executive producer for The Parkers vs. the Universe (2019) as well.

Reggie’s Widow Sold Their House In Cornelius For Over $2M

Back in July 2020, Sara sold the house, bought by her late husband Reggie for $2.3 million. The 10,000-square-foot lakefront home, located in Cornelius, North Carolina was initially listed at $2.6 million.

It has a media room and a six-car garage, a saltwater pool, a private dock, and a beach area.

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