Pamela Hampton, Micah Hyde’s Mother Struggled To Raise Him

By RhyssPublished on: October 9, 2023 Updated on: February 14, 2024
Birthday January 2, 1969
Birthplace Fostoria, Ohio
Age 55 years
Son Micah Hyde
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Pamela Hampton, the hardworking mother of Micah Hyde, has inspired us all. Despite being abandoned by her partner, she raised four children as a single mom, and honestly, she has done a terrific job at that.

Pamela’s son Micah, is one of the most decorated NFL players of this generation and it is all thanks to his mom. So today we are going to look into the life of this supermom and talk about her early life, her parents, her relationship with Micah’s biological father, and her current marriage life.

Pamela Hampton’s Father is a World War II Vet

Pamela Welly-Runian is one of two daughters between Luci Swartz and Larry Runion. Both of Pam’s parents are from Fostoria, Ohio, which is where they met each other and married, several decades ago.

Talking about Pamela’s father and Micah’s maternal grandfather, Larry, is a retired World War II veteran. She has shared a handful of photos of her dad from his time in the army.

She has One Sister

Born on January 2nd, 1969, in Fostoria, Ohio, Pamela is the eldest child of her mom and dad. Several years after her birth, the Runion pair gave birth to their second daughter, Kristen Runion on 31st, May 1984.

Due to the massive age gap between them, Pamela loved and cared for Kristen just like she would for her children. Now, whenever Kristen’s birthday comes up, Pam always makes sure to wish her baby sister.

Pamela Shares Micah Hyde and Three More Kids with her Former Partner Whose Identity is Hidden

Ever since Micah came to fame there has been a lot of curiosity surrounding his biological father. What we do know is that Pamela was married to Micah and three of his siblings’ biological father, however, he abandoned his family early on.

Pamela shares four children with her ex-spouse.
Pamela’s three children (Micah, Marcus, and Meghan).

Since then, Pamela took on the role of both mother and father and took care of her four kids. To this date, neither Pamela nor any of her children have come in contact with their father and this is why, his identity has been kept a big secret till now.

Nevertheless, we do know that Micah’s biological father is a native of Fostoria, Ohio, and this is where he met his future wife Pamela.

All of Pamela’s Children are Athletes especially her Sons who Played Football

From her relationship with her first husband, she became a parent of four children, two sons, and two daughters. The firstborn Marcus came into this world in 1988, then Meghan came the very next year in 1989. Similarly, a year later, on December 31st, 1990, Micah was born and a couple of years later, the youngest one of the family Jada Danielle was born.

All four of them were born with some kind of athlete genes. Meghan and Jada were athletes during their time in high school. Meanwhile, Marcus, just like younger bro Micah, was a football player who played at Michigan State up until 2010.

Currently, Pamela enjoys life with not only her children but her multiple grandchildren as well. From her son Micah’s side, she has two, a grandson and a granddaughter.

Micah and Marcus Played Against Each Other

When Marcus was a senior safety at Michigan State, Micah was a sophomore cornerback at Iowa. Back in 2010, the duo met each other on the field during the Big Ten Conference College Football game between Iowa and Michigan. The former won the game with a resounding 37-6.


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Currently, Micah is the only one who is still playing football. He is currently the safety for the Buffalo Bills.

Pamela Hampton Struggled To Put Food On the Table for Her Kids

We all can agree how difficult it is for a single parent to put their kids in school, put food on the table, and simultaneously save a little bit for their future. Nevertheless, Micah’s supermom Pamela was able to do all that, thanks to her immense perseverance.

Hampton is one of those moms who will do anything to make sure their kids won’t suffer in any way. Way before any of her children started earning well, she did several dead-end jobs including in a local spark plug manufacturing company.

Life became a bit easier for Pamela and her kids when Ken Watson, a retired school principal entered their lives. Mr Watson who had no children of his own, used to mentor all the kids in Fostoria. Micah and his siblings used to help out Watson on his farm and they learned a lot about gardening as well.

Pamela’s children had no father figure who would teach them valuable life lessons but thankfully Ken stepped in. He taught them one of the most valuable lessons, that whatever life throws at you, you accept it and move on.

Pamela Hampton is Happily Married to her Second Husband

After a disastrous marriage, Hampton wasn’t sure if she would want to marry a second time. But when nature runs its course, anything can happen and similarly, Pamela came across her current husband, Clayton Moore.

Pamela Hampton during her wedding
Pamela with her second husband and Micah’s stepdad, Clayton.

Pamela married Clayton, who is now Micah Hyde’s stepfather, on March 16, 2012. The marriage took place in a local church in Fostoria, Ohio, surrounded by close friends and family. At the nuptials, she wore a beautiful peach color dress while Moore looked handsome in a black suit with a matching pink shirt.

The pair initially met in 2011 at a local traffic stop. After coming across one another, Moore asked her out and they went on their first date at a local Outback Steakhouse.

In total, they are a parent of eight kids, four from Pamela’s side and four from Clayton’s side. Besides, Clayton is a Police Sergeant at a local Police Station in Fostoria.

What is Pamela Hampton Doing Now?

She currently works as a Vice President at Imagine for Youth Foundation. A graduate of Terra State Community College, the organization is all about helping disadvantaged kids in their academic and sporting journey. They provide them with the necessary supplies and help them grow academically.

The organization was founded by Micah Hyde. His wife Amanda Hyde serves as the President and his step-father Clayton is a Program manager.

Before working at the organization, Pamela had a long list of professional jobs. She has worked for Sandusky County Economic Developmental Corporation, for her alma matter Terra State, and National Maintenance Services.

She Lives a Rich Life Thanks To Her Son

Her personal net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. On the other hand, her son Micah is currently worth $33.5 million.

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