Mike Ditka’s Wife Diana Ditka Asked Him To Take It Easy After Health Issues

By CarolPublished on: February 27, 2024 Updated on: February 29, 2024
Birthday 1944
Age 80 years
Husband Mike Ditka
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People know Diana Ditka as the loving and caring wife of the all-rounding athlete Mike Ditka. While her hubby has always been in the spotlight, she, on the other hand, likes the peace of a private life. Besides a few snippets of information, not much is known about her.

Well, that ends today. Over six decades, her life partner progressed a lot in the arena of American football. From being a footballer to head coach, many things have happened in Mike’s life. Lucky for him, he’s always had his beloved spouse by his side.

Read the full article given below to learn everything there’s to know about Diana.

Mike Ditka’s Wife Diana Ditka Is In Her 80s

Diana was formerly known as Diana S. Trantham before getting married to the ex-tight end. Based on the sources, she comes from Texas. Furthermore, she was born in the year 1944, making her 80-year-old as of 2024.

Diana Ditka is the football coach, Mike Ditka's second wife
Mike and his wife Diana look perfect for one another. 

Now, as mentioned earlier, Trantham is a secretive person. She stays quiet, especially when it comes to her life, before meeting Mike. With that being said, details regarding her parents, siblings, or childhood are next to impossible to dig out.

Mike and Diana Ditka Owned A Restaurant

It’s no secret that she ran a restaurant along with her athletic husband. Diana and Mike owned Ditka’s, aka Iron Mike’s Grille located in Gold Coast, Chicago. The place had been hip and running since 1997.

In 2019, the eatery was on the verge of closing. But things worked out for the best as the lease was extended for a year. Initially, they faced conflict with the building’s owners in some matters.

Moreover, she shared the exciting news with the Chicago Sun-Times. Diana couldn’t control her joy and said she and her hubby were so glad that they could save the restaurant. Previously, the franchise covered Oakbrook Terrace and Pittsburgh.

It looks like the restaurant is no longer in function.

Diana Ditka Is The Second Wife Of Mike Ditka; All About Their Married Life

Fans know this well; the beautiful Diana is her partner’s second wife. The lovebirds tied the knot on the 8th of July 1977, following Mike’s divorce in 1973. Formerly, he was married to Marge Ditka; the ex-pair had a good run for 12 years, starting in 1961.

Footballer, coach, sports commentator, Mike Ditka married twice in his life time
Always happy beside each other, Mr. and Mrs. Ditka

Coming back to his marriage with Diana, well, they couldn’t be happier. After a short courtship, they decided to take their relationship to the next level. The couple had an intimate wedding ceremony in Dallas County, Texas.

In due course, the pair have traveled to several places. And even after spending over 46-year together, they are madly in love with one another.

The Husband And Wife Do Not Have Kids Of Their Own

As far as we know, the Ditka couple has not welcomed any children. The only kids Diana has had are her husband’s from his first marriage. Mark Ditka, Mike Ditka III, Megan Ditka, and Matt Ditka are her step-children.

We do believe that she loves all of them as her own!

Mrs. Ditka Asked Her Hubby To Slow Down After His Near Death Experiences

Diana’s better half has faced multiple life-threatening experiences over the years. Back in 1988, Mike suffered from a minor heart attack. Likewise, in November 2012, he had a minor stroke; merely four years later, he had another heart attack which was “massive.”

Each time, the football coach seems to come out stronger than ever. It also feels like he doesn’t think much regarding his health; thankfully, Ditka has his wife for that!

Diana Ditka is the wife of the football legend, Mike Ditka
Diana’s husband has had many health scares. 

Apparently, she asked him to take it slow ever since his first heart attack. She knows her partner well; when someone asks him to do something, Mike always gives two choices – “slim or nothing.” But Diana was adamant. She expressed the plans she had for Ditka moving forward. She said,

We’re going to knock out extracurricular activities until after the Super Bowl. I’m hoping he can slow down until after we move into our new house. Speaking engagements will be dropped. You can’t please all the people all the time.

The athlete’s spouse also emphasized the importance of health instead of money.

She Is A Multi-Millionaire Because Of Mike Ditka

The former footballer, coach, and TV commentator has a massive net worth of $30 million. He shares this amazing fortune with the love of his life, Diana. No wonder they are so happy together.