Michelle Zelina – Meet NFL Tight End Evan Engram’s Mother

By SarahPublished on: February 7, 2024 Updated on: February 7, 2024
Birthday November 5, 1966
Birthplace Georgia
Age 57 years
Son Evan Engram
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The Jacksonville Jaguars tight end, Evan Engram almost lost his way back in high school but thankfully his mother, Michelle Zelina guided him to the right path. Zelina, who is a nurse by profession, knew how to care for and discipline her kids depending on the situation.

She almost put her children on hold for their athletic practice because they were in trouble. She is one of the strict moms who wants her kids to be successful.

Although Michelle is separated from her children’s father, the former couple has maintained an amicable relationship with each other for their kids. Let’s find out more about her in this article.

Evan Engram’s Mother, Michelle Zelina Is A Registered Nurse

Michelle is a full-time registered nurse at Wellstar Health System. She has been working there at the Vascular Access Department since 2016. Before, she was an Intensive Care Nurse at Emory – Adventist Hospital, Smyrna for 21 years. Talking about her education, she is a 1990 graduate of Ohio State University. She did a Bachelor of Science with a major in nursing.


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Born on November 5, 1966, Zelina is 57 years old. She was born and raised in Georgia and both of her parents have already passed away. According to her Instagram post, she was just 18 when her mom passed away. As for details about her siblings and parents’ names, she hasn’t shared her personal information with the public.

Michelle Divorced Evan’s Father When He Was Five

Zelina married Derrick Engram on January 22, 1994, but their married life was short-lived as they got a divorce after a few years. The married couple settled in Powder Springs, Georgia where they became parents of two children. However, after six years of togetherness, they decided to part ways.

These two separated when their son, Evan was five years old. Though the former couple has kept their relationship details away from the public, it is certain that even after their separation they were equally involved in their kids’ lives.

Did She Remarry After Her Divorce?

No, Zelina didn’t get married after her divorce from Derrick. She had her hands full with raising her kids so she didn’t have time for a relationship. Although it has been several years since she parted ways with her ex-husband, there has been no news of her remarriage. Her Instagram feed also mostly contains her and her kids. Hence, we don’t think she is in a relationship either.

She Has Two Children From Her Previous Relationship

Michelle and her ex-husband, Derrick share two kids; Evan Engram and Mackenzie Engram. Zelina became a mother on September 2, 1994, when her son, Evan came into the world. Her firstborn is currently playing in the NFL as a tight end for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He was drafted in the 2017 NFL Draft by the New York Giants.

Zelina has two children, a son Evan and a daughter, Mackenzie
Zelina has two children, a son Evan and a daughter, Mackenzie

As for their daughter, Mackenzie was born on November 29, 1995. She did her bachelor’s from the University of Georgia where she played basketball. She graduated in 2018 with a degree in journalism. After her graduation, she also joined her brother’s team, the Giants as a video production intern.

Mackenzie then started to pursue her athletic career professionally as she joined Euroleague Basketball. She is currently working as a Marketing Coordinator at Rubicon Talent. Her other career ventures include working in the NBA as a content creator and FOX 5 Atlanta as a seasonal host.

Michelle Guided Her Kids When They Started Losing Their Path

Zelina was the disciplinarian of the family whenever her children did something out of character. She would threaten them to hold out from athletic practices and games which made them realise how much the siblings had to lose.

Michelle Zelina and her son, Evan Engram
Zelina guided her son, Evan on the right path whenever he needed

One such incident happened when Evan fell into the wrong crowd in high school and he was partying and lying to his parents. When she caught the lie, a family meeting was called. She took his phone and her ex-husband took his jersey as a punishment. However, the punishment wasn’t what opened his eyes, it was his mom’s advice.

One day after church, the mother-son duo went to run errands in Walmart. In the parking lot, they had a heart-to-heart conversation about life which was a turning point for Evan. Michelle said, “Dude, you can do this.’ You have that dream. But you’re going in the wrong direction.”

Zelina Was Full Of Tears When Her Son Got Selected In The League

Michelle cried happy tears when Evan was selected by the New York Giants in the 2017 NFL Draft. Watching her son live his dreams was an emotional experience for her. As a mother, she has been there in his journey since the start.

She shared how she still remembers the day it all began when he was five with fear in his eyes. When asked about her son’s success, the proud mom shared,

Just tears of joy … I know how hard he’s worked. … Just being his mom, I still believed in him from Day 1, Seeing your child live their dreams is just … there’s nothing more amazing than that.

When Evan caught injuries in the 2019 season, it was hard for her as a mother. However, she knew that her son was doing what he loved so instead of getting worked up on his injuries, she helped him recuperate.

She Is Active On Social Media

Michelle has an Instagram and Twitter account under @shelbyz117 where she mostly shares pictures of her kids. She is often on her son, Evan’s game cheering him on and whenever she isn’t, she is hanging out with her daughter. From what we see in her Instagram feed, we can tell she is enjoying her life as a mother of two successful children.

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