Meet Mason Rudolph’s Mother Jamie Rudolph; Parents, Husband

By SarahPublished on: December 25, 2023 Updated on: February 21, 2024
Birthday November 25, 1965
Birthplace Harrisonburg, Virginia
Age 58 years
Son Mason Rudolph
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The Pittsburg Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph’s mother, Jamie Rudolph, was an athlete back in her high school. She ran track and field in college but left sports after marrying Brett Rudolph. Interestingly, her husband is a former college footballer. Indeed, the player learned about sports from his parents.

Even though Jamie left sports long ago, she has always been involved in her children’s careers. Let’s dig out some interesting facts about the NFL mom in this article below.

Jamie Rudolph Was An Athlete Back In Her High School

Rudolph was born Jamie Logan to Jim and Carole Logan on November 25, 1965, in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Her dad played football at Harrisonburg High School. Her parents have a farm alongside the North River in Mount Crawford. She also has a brother, Ike Logan.


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A native of Harrisonburg, Virginia, Jamie went to Turner Ashby High School where she was a standout athlete. Further, she studied social work at James Madison University where she was a member of the Track and Field Team. However, she didn’t continue athletics after her graduation.

She Married Brett Rudolph In The Early ’90s

Jamie tied the knot with Brett Rudolph, the former University of North Carolina player in the early nineties. Though we don’t know the exact timeline of their relationship, we can confirm that they are still going strong after decades of their wedding. After their marriage, the husband and wife moved to Rock Hill, South Carolina where they raised their kids.

Jamie Rudolph's husband, Brett Rudolph
Jamie and Brett have been married for several decades

Regarding her husband, Brett is originally from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, and went to Chagrin Falls High School. He graduated in 1988 from the University of North Carolina.

Jamie Rudolph Is a Mother of Two – Both of Her Sons Play Football

Rudolph became a mother on July 17, 1995, when she gave birth to Mason Rudolph. Mason developed a keen interest in football in his early childhood days, all thanks to his footballer dad. He started playing in high school but his skills flourished during college. He even got the 2017 Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award and after a year, he was drafted in the NFL by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Jamie Rudolph's sons, Mason Rudolph and Logan Rudolph
Jamie’s sons Mason and Logan are very close to her

Jamie’s youngest son, Logan Rudolph was born on April 14, 1998. Following in the footsteps of his elder brother and dad, he also played football in high school. Though he suffered a torn labrum while playing high school football, he didn’t quit playing. He was also a member of the football team in college. However, Logan is now more interested in acting than playing in the field. He has appeared in commercials, print, and numerous plays as an actor.

Jamie Adopted A Girl From Ukraine

The Rudolph couple adopted a girl, Dasha, when the boys got older. She is originally from Ukraine but now lives with the Rudolphs. She doesn’t enjoy the spotlight and she is not so active on social media. According to her LinkedIn, she works at Drake Capital. She lives in Asheville, North Carolina.

Jamie Rudolph with her husband, sons and daughter.
Jamie and her husband, Brett adopted a girl when their sons got older.

Though there is only a little information available about her in public, the family adores her. The NFL player even posted a photo with his little sister with the caption, “Little sis made it up to her first game.”

Her Parents Love Watching Grandchild Play

Jamie’s parents are some of the greatest admirers of her son Mason. They would travel six hours to watch their grandson, Mason play in high school. When he got drafted into the NFL, his grandfather, Jim said,

Just to see him play all through high school and then have a really good college career and then be drafted into the NFL, doesn’t happen to many people so we are very grateful and blessed because of that.

Whenever Mason is on TV, the old couple sit in a lounge chair and enjoy the game. However, they are worried about him getting hurt in the field. Carole, Jamie’s mother shared that she liked to watch the game with her husband. She further mentioned that they watched it with their friends when Mason got badly injured. So, they watch the matches alone whenever their grandson is on TV.

Mason Didn’t Want His Parents To Watch His First Game

Mason told his parents not to come to his first game for his college as he was nervous but Brett and Jamie didn’t take their son’s advice. It was his college debut and it wasn’t something they wanted to miss.

The couple flew from South Carolina to Texas to surprise their son. Although the player was the one who told them not to come, he was actually happy to see some familiar faces on the stand. Ever since then, they have hardly missed the game night.

Jamie Rudolph’s Social Media Presence

This 58-year-old lady is active on Facebook and Instagram where she usually shares about her life. Most of her posts are related to her kids’ achievements which she is proud of. One can follow her under @jamie_rudolph on Instagram to get to know her. From her social media, it looks like she enjoys traveling with her family and is her dad’s little girl.

Jamie Rudolph Lives In South Carolina With Her Husband

Jamie Rudolph, the proud mother of the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, Mason Rudolph, lives in South Carolina with her husband, Brett Rudolph.

Rudolph is not a working mother. Her career details are out of the media. Talking about her hobbies and interests, she grew up in the countryside so she enjoys riding horses and loves animals.

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