Meet Leonard Williams’ Father Clenon Williams: Arrest And Family

By NoahPublished on: August 23, 2023 Updated on: January 30, 2024
Birthday May 30, 1967
Birthplace Texas, USA
Age 56 years
Son Leonard Williams
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Clenon Lee Williams is the father of the Seattle Seahawks defensive end Leonard Williams. A CNC machinist, Williams completed his 10-year-long imprisonment for robbery and deadly weapon acquaintance in 2018. His reunion with his son Leonard after the release has been a hot topic in the news.

Get further details on him and his imprisonment case.

Key Takeaways:

  • Clenon Williams’ son Leonard Williams is the Seattle Seahawks’ defensive end.
  • He is separated from his former wife Aviva.
  • Williams has five children with his ex-wife Aviva Russek.
  • He went to prison in 2009 for a robbery and weapon possession & served a decade before his release in October 2018.
  • His reconnection with his son Leonard has helped him be in a good place.

Who Is Leonard Williams’ Father, Clenon Williams?

Williams, better known as the father of NFL player Leonard Williams, is Texas-born. An American by nationality, he comes from an African-American heritage. Born on May 30, 1967, he juggled around Sacramento, Michigan, and Arizona before settling in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Profession Of Clenon

According to Leonard, his father Clenon is a smart man who holds a college degree. As reported, he held a high-paying job & was working as a CNC (computer numerical controlled) machinist before going to jail. The Seahawks defensive end states that his dad’s drug addiction tore the family apart & slipped him off his job.

Father Of Five With Now Ex-Wife Aviva Russek: Married Life Details!

Clenon was in a marital relationship with his Aviva Russek for many years, though the exact details about their wedding remain behind the curtains. While together, they became parents of 5 children, 4 sons: Nathan Jones (34 years old), Leonard Williams (29), Alexander Williams (27), Andrew Williams (17), and a daughter Natasha Russek (30).

Clenon Williams and his now ex-wife Aviva welcomed 5 children
Aviva Russek, Clenon Williams’ Former Wife

Williams’ relationship with Aviva was not exactly a happy one. On December 15, 2005, Russek filed a report on her then-husband over domestic violence in Volusia County, Florida. The case was dismissed following the court hearing, however, their relationship continued to tear apart.

Clenon’s Wife Divorced Him After His Imprisonment

As reported, shortly after Williams was incarcerated, his wife Aviva Russek divorced him and remained out of contact with him. However, their kids were in touch with him throughout his prison time. None of Williams’ family members has ever talked about the reason for the former duo’s divorce though.

The NFL player, however, has openly discussed his nurse mother’s struggle as a single mother of five — she worked all day and provided for all her kids.

Leonard Williams’ Dad Served In Prison

Just before Clenon could celebrate his 43rd birthday, he was adjudicated on May 14, 2009, in Volusia County on the charge of robbery and possession of a deadly weapon. He served his 10-year sentence in Marion Correctional Institute jail in Lowell, Florida, before his release in 2018.

Clenon’s Release from Prison & Reunion With His Son

When Clenon was imprisoned, his son Leonard, the then-high school attendee was only 14. At the time of his dad’s release from the Florida prison, the NFL star was 24 and already a father to a son himself. His father was scheduled to be liberated on November 1, 2019, but got an early release on parole on October 28, 2018.

Leonard Williams and his father Clenon at an NFL match
Clenon Williams supporting his son Leonard at an NFL match after his release from a decade-long imprisonment.

The father-son duo reconnected after a decade on November 3, 2018, on the sideline before the Jets-Dolphins game. Clenon was wearing his son’s 2016 Pro Bowl jersey as the two would later hug each other and pose for a picture. They now text each other daily and remain connected to the family through a group text chain.

Clenon’s Son Leonard Helped Him Sort Things Out

An acclaimed NFL star himself Leonard also wants to help out his dad. He got him a place in Florida and hoped that his dad could stay out of trouble after he had served his time in prison.

I don’t think you can ever make up 10 years of lost time, but the fact that he’s out and back in our lives is the most important thing.

Did Clenon Williams Get Arrested Again?

On April 17, 2019, the NY Gaints’ defensive end’s father got into legal trouble again after he was a suspect in the AT&T Store robbery in Beville Road, Florida. The store’s manager David Williamson provided the detectives with photographs of the two suspects in the robbery, of one which matched the face description with Clenon.

The further details of the investigation remained under wraps- with an unclear precision if the NFL star’s father was a convict or not.

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