Nick Bosa’s Mom and Dad Are Separated Yet Together For Kids

By AbigailPublished on: January 24, 2024 Updated on: February 20, 2024
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Since the last few years, Nick Bosa has maintained a tight defense line for the San Francisco 49ers. While the player’s success is mainly due to his skills and hard work, we cannot dismiss the role of the people who have been his ultimate supporters, his parents.

Born in a family inclined towards sports, one must acknowledge the role of Bosa’s parents whose love and support have been a defining point in the player’s personality and ethics.

Let’s know more about Bosa’s mom and dad.

Nick Bosa’s Father is a Former NFL player

On October 23, 1997, the athlete was born to John Wilfred Bosa and Cheryl Kumerow Bosa in Florida. His father is a former defensive lineman for the Miami Dolphins.

His dad John hails from Keene, New Hampshire, born on January 10, 1964. He initially played for the Keene High School team and upon graduation, received a full scholarship to play for Boston College Eagles.

The man was selected by the Miami Dolphins in the 1987 draft. However, due to two severe knee injuries, his NFL career was short-lived and he retired in 1989.

Nick Bosa's father John Bosa
Nick’s father was a defensive lineman for the Miami Dolphins.

Nonetheless, the former player’s two sons are well on their way to fulfilling their father’s incomplete legacy. His older son, Joey Bosa, has been named as one of the best pass rushers in the league.

Moreover, John has also been a part of a few acting projects including 1998’s Holy Man.

Nick’s Maternal Grandfather Was a Mobster

Nick’s mother was born in River Forest, Illinois in January 1964 to Palmer Pyle and Marie Judith Accardo. She and her sibling got their surname from her stepfather Ernest Kumerow.

Cheryl’s maternal grandfather is Tony Accardo, a notorious Chicago mobster who worked closely with El Capone. The mobster married Cheryl’s grandmother, a chorus girl Clarice Pordzany. He died 5 years before Nick was born.

Cheryl is a graduate of Ohio State University and works as a luxury real estate agent at Engel & Völkers. She is also a real estate associate at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Florida Realty.

Nick Bosa's mother Cheryl Bosa
The athlete’s mother is a successful real estate professional.

Above all else, she is also a member of the professional athlete advisory. Coming from a family where her father, her uncle Mike Pyle, and her brother are all former players, she has plenty of knowledge about the sport.

Furthermore, the lady’s brother Eric Kumerow was a linebacker for the Miami Dolphins and later, the Chicago Bears. Meanwhile, Eric’s son and Nick’s cousin Jake Kumerow, is also in the league and has played as the wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers.

How did Nick Bosa’s parents Meet?

Eric, Nick’s maternal uncle, and John had an eerily similar career trajectory, lasting just three NFL seasons. They faced severe criticism and were constantly reminded of their failures off the field. However, this brought them closer as friends and the two often hung out together. Eric was the one to introduce John to his sister.

Afterward, the former player and the real estate agent dated for some time and got married in 1993. The wedded pair made Miami their home and welcomed two sons, Joey, born on July 11th, 1995, and Nick, born on October 23rd, 1997.

Nick Bosa with his brother Joey Bosa and his parents John Bosa and Cheryl Bosa
The Bosa family lived a comfortable life on the beach of Miami.

Unlike most young players, John invested his money wisely and invested in local real estate and businesses. He opened up a gym with Eric which quickly expanded to various other fitness centers over South Florida. Later, they sold the business for a huge profit.

Nick’s Mother and Father are No Longer Together

The couple divorced when their older one, Joey was in junior high school. Despite being separated, they had an amicable relationship and co-parented their sons.

Nick’s dad is currently in a relationship with Mimi Pasto.

Nick is Incredibly Close with his Parents

A parent’s guidance shapes the journey of life for a child. Nick’s relatively smooth career path in the league can be partially attributed to his parents’ support.

The lineman shares a close bond with both his mom and dad. John and Cheryl are all praises for their hardworking son.

The pair are the most supportive parents one could ask for. From cheering for Nick and his brother during their games to helping them negotiate their contracts, they’ve not left any stone unturned.

Nick’s Parents Initially Were Opposed To Their Sons Pursuing Football

Initially, his father and mother had other plans for their children. The ideas were centered around physical activities like soccer, baseball, golf, skiing, and tennis. They tried their best to keep the boys away from football.

However, both Joey and Nick insisted on playing football and threw tantrums at being denied. Their parents relented and even ended up moving to Fort Lauderdale to admit their sons to the best athlete schools.


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Their father gave them all the coaching he could. However, both Nick and his brother possessed a different kind of athleticism. John said, “Joey and Nick were better football players as freshmen at Ohio State than I ever was.”