Meet Deshaun Watson’s Mother Deann Watson

By SarahPublished on: November 26, 2023 Updated on: February 16, 2024
Birthday April 25,
Birthplace Gainesville, Georgia
Son Deshaun Watson
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Deann Watson is the single most important person in Deshaun Watson’s life. She raised her kids single-handedly. The freedom she gave to her kids despite the hardships she faced ultimately propelled Deshaun to be the NFL star. We can say her hard work ultimately paid off well since her son Deshaun stepped up to support his siblings when she had cancer.

Giving up was never an option for Watson. She had her fair share of challenges raising her kids but now after all these years, she is proud of her children. Let’s learn more about her in this article.

Deann Watson Is The Native Of Georgia

Born and raised in Gainesville, Georgia, Watson went to Johnson High School and graduated in 1989. She joined Lanier Technical College for her further studies. Talking about her career, she worked at the Hall County Department of Family and Children Services in the State of Georgia. Her job for the state got her a government-paid apartment for her family.

NFL player Deshaun Watson's mother Deann Watson
Deann Watson is the mother of Deshaun Watson.

Deann gave birth to her children with Don Richardson, however, she split with him while her kids were still young. She took care of her children alone after her separation. She doesn’t seem to be dating anyone at present. Despite being single, she is enjoying her life to the fullest with her family.

She Is The Mother Of Four Children

As we mentioned before, Deann gave birth to four children with her ex-partner. Deann’s eldest son, Detrick Watson is an alumni of the University of Florida who works at Gainesville Housing Authority. He is married to Lameshia Richie Watson and has children of their own. Her second child, Deshaun Watson is an NFL player who was drafted by the Houston Texans in the 2017 NFL draft.

After a couple of years, she gave birth to twins, Tyreke and Tinisha Watson. Talking about the youngest son, Tyreke worked at Diamond Supply Co. Besides this, he also posts videos on YouTube. As for the only daughter of the family, Tinisha is living a private life in Atlanta, Georgia.

Watson Raised Her Children As A Single Mom

When the biological father of Deann’s kids, Don Richardson left them, Watson took it upon herself to raise her kids. That’s why her babies adopted Watson as their last name instead of their father’s name.

Deann Watson son, Deshaun Watson is a renowned NFL player who plays for the Cleveland Browns
Deann wanted her son to chase his dreams despite the hardships.

The family depended sorely on her income due to which they had to live in a crowded apartment in a neighborhood that was riddled with drug dealers and gang members for some years. On top of that, the single mom was diagnosed with cancer. Even though her relatives helped her out, it was her two sons, Detrick and Deshaun who stepped up to support their younger siblings financially.

The kids appreciate all her sacrifices as her son, Deshaun said, “She’s a hardworking mom. She’s been that way her whole life. That’s just the type of woman she is.”

Deshaun Watson’s Mother, Deann Watson Had Tongue Cancer

Back in 2011, Deann was diagnosed with tongue cancer but she waited till her son was a sophomore in high school to share the news. Even though she wanted her kids to focus on their studies, she couldn’t hide the fact that she was sick. However, the young mother didn’t give up and fought with the disease.

She went through 12-hour surgery and myriad treatments at Emory Hospital, Atlanta. The doctors cut her whole tongue and used her body to rebuild her new tongue. She then spent six months away from her children due to chemo and radiation therapy.

The Former Footballer, Warrick Dunn Gave Keys To The Watson Family Of Their New Home

The Watsons used to live in a government-run apartment before the former NFL player, Warrick Dunn handed them the keys to their new home on November 21, 2006. Dunn was able to present a furnished, four-bedroom home to them through Habitat for Humanity. It was Deshaun who first heard about the program and gave the flyer to his mom.

After living in this house for over 12 years, Deshaun thought of surprising his mom by renovating the home. The player reached out to My Houzz for an update on his home in Gainesville, Georgia. The old and dark rooms transferred into bright and brand new and Watson seems to have loved the renovation.

Deshaun Gifted His Mother A New Car On Her Birthday

Deann celebrates her birthday on April 29. In 2017, the NFL player decided to surprise his mom with a Jaguar for her birthday. It was the same year he was drafted into the league and he wanted to show his gratitude for his biggest supporter. He even told The State that he had planned something special for his mom as her birthday was on the weekend after he got selected for the league.

Deann Watson with her new car gifted by her son.
Deshaun surprised his mother with a brand-new car on her birthday.

He took to his Instagram to wish his mama and posted a picture of them with a new car. As per him, it was her first official car. Indeed, she loved the gift as she was seen shouting and screaming in joy.

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