Lynn Swann’s Wife Charena Swann Is A Woman Of Multiple Talents

By AustinPublished on: February 21, 2024 Updated on: February 22, 2024
Birthday June 1962
Birthplace Chambersburg, Pa.
Age 61 years
Husband Lynn Swann
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Charena Swann (née Shaffer) is the loving and devoted wife of the Pro Football Hall of Famer Lynn Swan. Mrs. Swann is a woman of many talents. Over her lifetime, she has immersed herself in a lot of professions. However, her role as a supportive partner is one of the most commendable to date.

Plus, Swann has openly credited his beloved for always supporting him. While Charena’s association with the former athlete may dull her own success, we have garnered all there is to know about her.

Charena Swann Grew Up Poor

Born in June 1962, Charena’s childhood in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, was quite challenging. She was raised by a single mother alongside her seven siblings. Her mom was hardworking and was engaged in various jobs, like clerical work and picking fruits in an orchard. Recognizing her struggle, a few people used to help her.

Lynn Swann's wife, Charena Swann, was raised by a single mother
Charena was raised by a single mother.

However, the lady’s old woman never used her situation as an excuse. She always provided for her children and dressed them well. Raising eight kids alone might be a hassle, but Charena’s mom did it like a champ.

Swann Is A Psychologist With A Ph. D

Despite the challenges in her childhood, Swann overcame her difficulties in learning to read with the help of teachers, counselors, and neighbors. Once she dealt with the hardships, she did not stop until she became the first and only member of her immediate family to attend college.

Lynn Swann's wife, Charena Swann, is a psychologist
Charena has a doctorate in psychology.

In addition, Charena went beyond and got her Ph.D. in psychology at the University of Pittsburgh in 2003. She is currently a psychologist specializing in child psychology.

She Has Also Worked As A Model

It was not easy for someone with Charena’s background to give life to educational dreams. However, where there is a will, there is a way. Furthermore, while shopping at a mall in Pittsburgh, a modeling scout approached her and offered her a part-time clothes-modeling gig.

Since she was also immersing herself in social work at that time, her modeling career helped her pay for her school. Besides, it also paved Mrs. Swann’s way to her soulmate.

Charena Swann Was Hesitant About Lynn Swann In The Beginning

The lovebirds met in the late 1980s at the Pittsburgh Today Show. The former football star was hosting while Charena was modeling clothes for the show. Enchanted by her beauty, Lynn asked for her number at the end of the program. Charena mentioned this in an interview, saying,

All I knew was that he was a football player, and I wanted nothing to do with that. I had the wrong mind-set.

Likewise, they met a couple of times over the years before finally going out on their first date in 1991. The pair immediately hit it off. Things progressed pretty quickly between the duo, and they tied the knot on June 23, 1991.

More than three decades later, the soulmates are still madly in love and support one another’s dreams. The retired player has openly thanked his wife for the love and support she has shown him.

Charena Swann and Lynn Swann have been married for decades
Charena kissing her husband during a game.

Moreover, Charena’s beau was previously married to Bernadette Robi from June 10, 1979, until their divorce in 1983. Robi has been wedded to Sugar Ray Leonard since August 20, 1993, and has two children with him.

The Swann Couple Has Two Kids

Married for a long time, Mr. and Mrs. Swann have welcomed two sons, Shafer and Braxton Swann. Both of them have played football, as their father’s athletic genes did them well. The eldest, Shafer, graduated from West Point – The US Military Academy in 2019, and the youngest, Braxton, from the University of Southern California in 2020.

Charena Swann and Lynn Swann have two children
Lynn and Charena with their kids.

The way the Swanns have raised their offspring is commendable. They have taught them to take advantage of every opportunity life presents. While talking about the things he teaches his children, Lynn said,

What I impart to them is how I want to see them grow up and take advantage of opportunities. Not to tell them what they should become but to help them with what they desire to be and to give them the path and the tools to make that come true.

Charena Swann, A Democrat, Supported Her Republican Husband’s Political Campaign

When Lynn was a Republican candidate for the Governor of Pennsylvania in the 2006 election, his sweetheart was active on his campaign trail. Despite playing an influential role, Charena did not change her political affiliation. She was a Democrat, through and through.

Besides, she gave speeches on the trails and was open about her politics. She was not supporting a party but her husband, whom she believed could make a difference. Mrs. Swann’s main agenda was empowering women.

Lynn Swann's wife, Charena Swann, supported his campaign trail
Lynn and Charena in 2006.

Moreover, her support does not merely extend to political beliefs but also counters her own fears. She has a fear of public speaking, and according to her friend, Bernita Malloy, Charena offered to give her a million dollars instead of giving a speech at her wedding.

Despite that, she conquered her fears and spoke freely for her significant other.

Furthermore, Mrs. Swann also quit her job a month before the candidacy to focus on Mr. Swann’s campaign trail full-time. Unfortunately, the former NFL sensation lost the race to Ed Rendell by 20%.

Lynn Swann’s Wife’s Net Worth

Looking at Charena’s ventures, one can expect her fortune to be around $200K. Her career as a psychologist and former model has likely amassed her notable wealth.

As for her beloved, his net worth has been estimated to be around $20 million. His extensive career contributed to his giant figure.

Furthermore, when Lynn took the athletic director position at USC, the soulmates put their house on the market for $2.25 million and moved to California. Well, after his retirement from the position, the pair settled down in Georgia.