Trevor Lawrence’s Parents: The Foundation of His NFL Career

By ClairePublished on: February 9, 2024 Updated on: February 9, 2024
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Trevor Lawrence is an American football quarterback who plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League (NFL). The player started his career young and has already gained good fame from the NFL community and fans. With professional popularity, the focus often shifts to Trevor’s background and childhood days. His fans have been longing to know about his parents and his relationship with them.

So, here, we will talk about the life of Lawrence’s parents and all we know about his upbringing and family life.

Trevor Lawrence’s Parents, Jeremy Lawrence, and Amanda Lawrence Have Been Married For Three Decades

The NFL star, Trevor Lawrence was born as the second child of his parents Jeremy and Amanda Lawrence. Lawrence’s dad, Jeremy was born and raised in Greenville, Virginia. On the other hand, his mom, Amanda was raised in Johnson City in the Kingsport area of Tenessee.

Trevor Lawrence's parents, father Jeremy and Mother Amanda
NFL player Trevor with his dad Jeremy and mom Amanda

His parents studied at the same college i.e., East Tennessee State University, that is where the duo met and started dating. The couple dated for some years before getting married on September 17, 1994.

The husband and wife have been married for 29 years, and their married life has only gotten fresher. The matriarch of the family, Amanda quite openly shares her love for her husband and her family overall. We can see her wishing her hubby on their wedding anniversary every year through her Instagram.

They Have Two Other Children Besides Trevor

Along with the NFL player, the Lawrences are parents to two other children. They have another son, Chase Lawrence who was born in 1995. At present, the player’s elder brother, Chase is an artist and runs Brooke Chase Studio along with his wife Brooke.

Trevor with his elder brother and younger sister.
Trevor with his brother Chase and sister Olivia

The Lawrence couple also got blessed with a daughter, Olivia Lawrence who is more than 11 years younger than Trevor. Olivia has the same athletic genes as her brother and has already started excelling in volleyball. Getting fame as a school cheerleader, she also received the honor roll for her mastery of fitness and math.

Trevor Lawrence’s Father Is A Manager While His Mom Is A Nurse

Although not as famous as their son, Trevor, the NFL star’s parents are very successful in their own rights. The duo who graduated from the same university, East Tennessee State University, went on to carve different careers for themselves. At present, Trevor’s father, Jeremy works as a safety manager at a steel plant located at Gerdau and headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Lawrence's dad is a manager and his mom is a nurse
Lawrence’s dad is a manager and his mom is a nurse

Similarly, Amanda Lawrence, who earned her master’s degree in nursing science at Kennesaw, has been a nurse practitioner at Harbin Clinic’s Ear, Nose, and Throat department for a long time now.

Trevor Lawrence’s Parents Have Supported His Passion for Football Right Through

Like any other child, Trevor has received continuous support from his parents, whether in his personal or professional life. Trevor, who was just five years old when his parents moved to Cartersville, Georgia, developed a keen interest in football as a child.

He started playing football in school and showed great potential as a kid. By the time he reached eighth grade, he had already become the genius of the game. Seeing his son’s excellency, the proud father, Jeremy hired a quarterback trainee for his son. The trainer mostly helped him during the off-season and we can tell that the early training taught him a lot to transform him into the quarterback he is today.

The personal training especially helped him stand out as a quarterback in the high school football that he played for Cartersville High. Trevor has been a part of the Jacksonville Jaguars since the 2021 NFL season. All thanks to his guardian for helping him all through it.

The 24 years old Player inherits Good Traits From His Father, Jeremy

Not only the unconditional support, Trevor also has got several good traits from his parents, especially his father. In an interview with The Post & Courier, Lawrence’s mom, Amanda opened up that her child has a huge amount of calmness even in severely stressful situations.

In addition to this, she also shared that this trait comes from the player’s dad, Trevor who is also very calm and cool. Along with this, the player also got the gift of height from his father. Jeremy stands 6′ 7” tall and his son Trevor is 6′ 6”.

Trevor Lawrence’s Wife: An Additional Member of The Lawrence Family

The NFL player’s family welcomed a new member; the love of Trevor’s life, Larissa Lawrence on April 10, 2021. Lawrence met his wife in high school.


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All the members of the family share an incredible bond. Looking at their social media handles, we can see each of them together on several occasions. Lawrence along with his parents, siblings, and wife are mostly seen together in NFL matches supporting Trevor.