Ross Herbert Ehlinger Is No Longer In This World

By GloriaPublished on: February 9, 2024 Updated on: February 12, 2024
Birthday June 29, 1996
Birthplace San Antonio, Texas
Death March 3, 2013
Age 16 years
Son Sam Ehlinger, Late Jake Ehlinger
Brother Steve Ehlinger and Dan Ehlinger
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In the Ehlinger family, NFL star Sam Ehlinger might have garnered more fame, but he owes it all to his father, Ross Herbert Ehlinger. Sadly, he lost his dear pops at a very young age.

Here’s bringing you all the details about the footballer’s late father and how he made a big impact on his family’s lives.

Who Was Ross Herbert Ehlinger?

Sam’s father, Ross was a successful trial lawyer in Texas. He was even inducted into the American Board of Trial Associates. Likewise, Ross had the experience of more than 20 years in the field and he reportedly fought for the underdog.

Sam's father Ross Herbert Ehlinger is no longer alive
Ross lost his life at the age of 46.

Ehlinger also specialized in insurance litigation. He tried a dozen cases in front of County Court-at-law Judge, David Phillips. Judge Phillips said that the trial lawyer never lost a case and was loved by juries.

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How Ross Herbert Ehlinger die?

Ross had participated in several triathlons over the years. Unfortunately, one of the races he participated in, on March 3, 2013, named the Escape from Alcatraz cost him his life. He died of a heart attack during the 1.5-mile swim portion of the triathlon in the frigid, San Francisco Bay. After pulling him to the shore, the triathlon crew members performed CPR, but they couldn’t revive him.

The day Ross died was a normal Sunday morning at Ehlinger’s house, where all his kids were finishing their homework and waiting for their dad’s racing results. Sadly, the news wasn’t something they expected. Ross’s wife Jena Ehlinger in her stammering voice told the kids, something happened to their father. Nobody in the Ehlinger house could process what they heard that moment and suddenly felt their world crumbling.

Ross is buried in Austin, Texas at the Weed-Corley-Fish Funeral Home North-Austin, 5416 Partcrest Drive.

He was born in San Antonio

He was born on June 29, 1966, in San Antonio, Texas. Ross’s parents were Herbert H Ehlinger and Vivian A Ehlinger.

Herbert was the youngest of his two siblings, Steve Ehlinger and Dan Ehlinger.

Ehlinger Was a University of Texas Alum

The Texas native completed High School at San Antonio Churchill High School. Later, he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business administration from the University of Texas at Austin. While he was studying at Texas University, he was a member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity and the prestigious Silver Spurs Service Organization.

After graduating from there, he went on to earn his law degree from St. Mary’s University of Law.

Ross is forever cherished

Even though it’s been almost a decade since Ross’s death, he will remain cherished in his family’s memory. Jena might have started a new chapter in her life, but she always takes a moment to appreciate and love Ross for who he was and what he gave to his family.


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Likewise, Sam is always found to be grateful to his father for everything that he has at the moment. In the same way, the family started “The Ross Ehlinger Athletic Scholarship Fund” and a football camp in Ross’s memory.

Who Is Ross H. Ehlinger’s Wife?

Senior Ehlinger was married to Jena Cissel Ehlinger. The two were college sweethearts. They met when Ross was an undergraduate studying Business Administration at the University of Texas. The couple got inseparable ever since they met and got into a healthy relationship.

As for their marriage, they wed in 1933 after Ross completed his law degree. Sadly, Ehlinger left his wife Jena after 20 years of beautiful togetherness.

Ross H. Ehlinger's wife Jena
Jena and Ross had a great bond.

Jena is a Professional Development Coach at Vinson and Elkins. She is also an advocate fighting against the fentanyl epidemic in Texas. Likewise, she was a crucial member in bringing the legislation against fentanyl poisoning in June 2023.

In the same way, Jena holds the degree of Bachelor of Science in Social Work from the University of Austin in Texas.

How many kids did they have?

The Ehlinger couple raised three children together in their 20 years of beautiful marriage. The Indianapolis Colts star Samuel George Ehlinger, shortly known as Sam, is their eldest son and first child. Ross and Jena’s middle child was the late Jacob McAdams Ehlinger, popularly known as Jake. He was a linebacker for The Texas Longhorns. Likewise, their daughter, Morgen Adeline Ehlinger is their third child.

Ross Herbert Ehlinger had three kids.
Ross gave his kids a wonderful childhood.

Senior Ehlinger’s kids were quite young; Sam was 14, Jake was 12, and Morgen was 9 when he died. Painfully, a couple of years after Ross’s death, his younger son, Jake also left the world in 2021.

Jake died of fentanyl poisoning

Tragedy fell upon the Ehlinger family like a hailstorm. 8 years after losing Ross, the family lost their second son, Jake Ehlinger, on May 6, 2021. Reportedly, the Xanax drug, Jake took the day before he died, was poisoned with fentanyl.

Ross with his second son Jake who is also no more
Jake also played for Texas University like his father wanted.

Ehlinger’s family was called by one of the Austin police officers in the morning, informing that Jake was lying unresponsive in the apartment he rented with his 3 friends. This tragic incident dug a deep hole in Jena’s life and she started advocating against fentanyl poisoning in Texas.

Sam Ehlinger became the man of the house after Ross died

Even if his mom Jena told him, to not take the pressure to be the man of the house, the then-14-year-old Sam felt like that was a challenge to him. He thought it was like telling him to not play football. As he naturally had to do be the man of the house.

As the eldest son, Sam felt a bit more responsible towards his family. He remembered his father saying:

I know what my dad wanted. I know he guided me….Take care of his wife. Take care of my brother and sister.

Ross Herbert Ehlinger pushed his kids into sports

Sam is often found appreciating his father for the career he has now. Ross as a sports enthusiast, used to push his kids to sports and coach his boys in youth football. Ever since his kids were toddlers, Ross used to drag them to Texas home games. In the same way, Ehlinger would dress them up in burnt orange jerseys and toss passes at them. He dreamt of enrolling his kids at his alma mater, the University of Texas.

Ross Herbert Ehlinger and his wife with their two sons
Ross was the reason Sam and Jake got into football.

Both Sam and Jake fulfilled their father’s dream and became footballers at the University of Texas. Sadly, the dream was short-lived for Jake. Nevertheless, every time, Sam played as a Texas quarterback, he honored his father.

In the same way, on May 1, 2021, when Sam was finally drafted to the NFL by the Indianapolis Colts, the Ehlinger family huddled up and got emotional, remembering Ross and how proud he would have been if he had been there.