Larry Fitzgerald Has 2 Kids: Did He Welcome Them With His Wife?

By CarolPublished on: February 25, 2024 Updated on: February 25, 2024
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Larry Fitzgerald‘s love life is as confusing as a maze. Even his beloved fans aren’t sure whether or not the former wide receiver is married. Well, some sites have even labeled his exes as his wives. But the truth is much more vast than you can imagine.

More importantly, he is a father of two. Keeping that in mind, his fans are curious to know if he welcomed his little ones with his spouse or girlfriend. While he has had a successful NFL career, the same can not be said about his love life.

Dive deep into the article below to erase any confusion that you may have. Is Larry married, in a relationship, or single? Read to find out.

Is Larry Fitzgerald Married?

As far as we know, Fitzgerald is not married. We understand why fans might be bewildered regarding the topic since he has had multiple children, that too with different ladies. Sadly, none of his former connections have turned into marriages.

Larry Fitzgerlad is a retired national footballer from America
Larry does not have a wife yet.

As mentioned, fans confuse his exes, Angela Nazario and Melissa Blakesley as the footballer’s wives. These women came into his life at different moments, and the wide receiver had long-term relationships with both of them. Plus, some suspect Nazario to be his life partner, whereas some think Blakesley is.

Nevertheless, reality paints us a different picture.

Larry Fitzgerald And His Ex, Angela Nazario, Share A Son Together

Reports claim that the retired NFL player got together with his ex-lover, Nazario, in 2006. Back in the day, he was in his early 20s, while Angela was 35. The age gap wasn’t much of an issue for the pair. Thus, their romantic relationship blossomed.

His relationship with the Flagstaff, Arizona native, was smooth sailing initially; chaos arose only toward the end. Furthermore, the Cardinals alum became a father for the first time as Nazario gave birth to their son, Devin Fitzgerald.

Larry Fitzgerald's rumored wife, Angela Nazario and their son
Nazario posing with her son, Devin.

Based on his mum’s Facebook page, he was born on 1st January 2008. Presently, he lives with Angela in Phoenix, Arizona.

As they say, “Like father, like son,” Devin is much like Larry. The 16-year-old is well into football. In December 2023, he received his first Division-1 offer from Bowling Green University. His mother was overjoyed with excitement and posted the news on Facebook.

Plus, the little one himself shared the good news on X, formerly Twitter.

Besides, he’s also skilled in lacrosse and basketball.

The Pair Had A Troubled Relationship

In October of 2008, Larry’s then-girlfriend dragged him into court. On charges of domestic violence, she pleaded to issue an order of protection against her baby daddy.

As per her statements, Fitzgerald raised his fists and challenged her to a play fight. As a result, she responded with a swing at him, allegedly hitting his face. Additionally, he grabbed her by the hair and knocked her around. Apparently, “resentment” was brewing between the two as Nazario had to do most of the commuting to bring their son to his father in Phoenix.

Over and above this, rumors began spreading. Many thought Larry tried to bury the case to save his reputation as a national player. In addition, people also believed that his partner tried to keep their son away from him.

Larry Fitzgerald Was Never Married To His Ex, Melissa Blakesley

Contrary to popular belief, Larry was never married to the Instagram model, Melissa.

The former pair were rumored to be dating since 2010. Moreover, they were quite open about sharing snippets of their relationship. Even more so, Larry and Melissa were often caught showing public displays of affection. On top of this, the ex-couple was Instagram official; sources confirm that both of them had a hoard of pictures of one another on their social media.

Footballer, Larry Fitzgerald did not marry his hot model girlfriend, Blakesley
Larry and Melissa together before breaking up

Unfortunately, they had an on-again, off-again sort of affair. After breaking and patching things up multiple times, they officially called it quits in 2020.

Keeping this aside, on the 23rd of April 2013, Melissa welcomed their son, Apollo Fitzgerald. Amidst the havoc between his parents, Apollo has lived a fairly peaceful life. It is assumed that he spends most of his days with his mother.

In 2024, he’s to turn 11-year-old years old.

Blakesley Outed The Wide Receiver As “Toxic” Multiple Times

You’re wrong if you think the retired receiver had a smooth relationship with Blakesley. On multiple occasions, his ex-girlfriend called him out for being noxious and dishonest.

Following their split, Melissa posted screenshots of all the lies he told her throughout their association. She believed that the love he showered her with was nothing but a big hoax. Outing Fitzgerald and his toxic behavior, she wrote in her story,

Dudes will say this to the women they’re in love with – then tell chicks he’s being held against his will.

She further continued to reply to his dishonest “I love you” and “miss you.” Melissa warned her female followers of her lying man with a hashtag, “#toxicaf.”

What’s more, the model also dissed her baby daddy after their apparent break up in 2019. Posting a glow-up photo, she addressed herself as the “Lombardi” he never got.

What About The Retired Footballer’s Future Plans To Marry?

So far, Fitzgerald doesn’t seem to have any plans to marry. Presently, he’s even assumed to be living a single life. Perhaps he learned his lessons from two failed relationships. Or could it be that the 40-year-old is keeping his romantic life away from the media?

Nonetheless, there might be a glimmer of hope for the far future, but there’s no love where Larry lives today.