Audrey Bradshaw Has Similar Hobbies As Her Partner Larry Csonka

By AbigailPublished on: February 22, 2024 Updated on: February 22, 2024
Birthday May 20, 1964
Age 59 years
Partner Larry Csnoka
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Audrey Bradshaw is an executive producer and a host for adventurous TV programs. While many might be familiar with her face being featured on television, she is also known for being affiliated with Larry Csonka, a former NFL star. The pair have been in a romantic relationship for a very long time now.

In this article, we shall focus on a few details about Audrey and her life. Scroll down to read more.

Audrey Bradshaw is originally from Florida

Born on May 20, 1964, Audrey Lynn Bradshaw spent her childhood on the warm beaches of Jacksonville, Florida. As a kid, she often went on outdoor camping trips with her parents, Doug Bradshaw and Susan Miller Bradshaw, and her sisters, Erin and Patricia.

When she was a little girl, Audrey frequently accompanied her grandpa while he went fishing. Her love for fishing bloomed due to him, who gave her continuous instructions.

Larry Csonka's partner Audrey Bradshaw loves fishing
Audrey was raised in the hot weather of Florida.

A few people who have met the woman in person have described her to be down-to-earth and pleasant to talk to.

Audrey Bradshaw works as an executive producer and TV host

Bradshaw is a graduate of Duncan U. Fletcher High School located in Neptune Beach, Florida. In the mid-1980s, she attended Jacksonville University in her hometown. After completing her education, she set her sights on a career path leading her to become a television show producer.

After getting to know each other, Audrey and Larry continued to build the successful speaking business, along with several other entrepreneurial ventures, for several years. They became interested in outdoor programming in the early 1990s when they were approached by several outdoor fishing shows seeking to feature Larry as a celebrity guest.

During this time, the lovebirds also made several personal trips to Alaska, nurturing a dream of creating their own outdoor adventure series. In 1997, the dream turned into reality in the name of North to Alaska. Audrey joined her lover and assumed the role of executive producer and co-host.

North to Alaska was a reality TV show that centered around the theme of adventure and fishing and aired on NBC Sports Network. Its last episode was aired in 2013.

How did Audrey and Larry Csonka come to know each other?

In the year 1984, while she was in college, Audrey got the opportunity to work for the Jacksonville Bulls. Back then, it was a franchise in the newly established USFL Football League. It was during this time that she crossed paths with Csonka. The latter had transitioned from his playing days to become the general manager for the Bulls.

As time passed, they found themselves working closely. Their partnership flourished, and the two joined hands to work on promoting Larry’s motivational speaking career.

Although the exact timeline of when the pair hit it off is unknown, they are both life partners and business partners today.

The couple has been together for decades but have not gotten married

Many people are opting out of marriage while staying together in a relationship. Larry and Audrey belong to the same crowd. Despite being with each other for three decades, they are not in a hurry to officially tie the knot.

Audrey Bradshaw with Larry Csonka in Alaska
The sweethearts are not in any hurry to get married.

The couple also does not have any children together. However, Csonka is a proud father from his past relationship.

He was previously married to Pamela Csonka. The ex-pair exchanged vows in 1967, and their marriage ended after 20 years. He had two children with Pamela, and is also a grandfather of five kids.

Audrey settled in Alaska in the mid-1990s with the former athlete, and until recent years, the duo resided in Wasilla city of the same state. Nonetheless, they have already sold their home in the cold district and moved to North Carolina in 2022 to be closer to Csonka’s children and grandchildren.

Now, they divide their time between their residences in Florida and North Carolina while occasionally making visits to their farm in Ohio and the Alaska wilderness.

Larry Csonka’s Partner Leads An Adventurous Life With Him

With a similar knack for outdoor activities, the soulmates have gone on many adventures in the course of their show. Even outside of their TV shows, they often go on hiking and fishing trips.

Larry Csonka and his partner Audrey Bradshaw on a mountain
Audrey and Larry both love outdoor and adventurous activities.

Both of them have also faced many scary incidents. In 2005, while returning from the shoot of their show, the weather took a turn for the worse, and the couple got stuck with other crew members on a stranded boat in the Bering Sea.

Fortunately, all of the individuals were rescued by helicopters without any injuries.

Is Audrey Bradshaw related to Terry Bradshaw?

Many people have been curious to know if Audrey is related to former NFL quarterback Terry Bradshaw. Their same surname and ties to the NFL have raised a few questions. Moreover, Terry also stars in a reality show, The Bradshaw Brunch. Their similar career choices have also made people confused.

Even though the coincidences may have made people think that Audrey and Terry are related, the two Bradshaws have no known connection to each other, whether it be by blood or marriage.