Kyle Allen’s Mother Jonna Allen Worked as a Nurse

By RhyssPublished on: October 16, 2023 Updated on: February 14, 2024
Birthday January 12, 1966
Birthplace Mattoon, Illinois
Age 58 years
Son Kyle Allen
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Jonna Allen is one proud mother, after all, her son Kyle Allen is one of the best Quarterbacks in the game right now. Kyle started his NFL career with the Carolina Panthers and currently plays QB for the Buffalo Bills.

Kyle’s success is definitely the fruit of his own labor, however, one cannot deny the role his parents have played in helping him reach where he is today. Thus, today we are going to explore all we know about his mom, Jonna.

Jonna Allen Is a Registered Nurse

Born and brought up in Illinois, Jonna practices nursing. She is a certified Dermatology Nurse, who passed her Dermatology Nursing Certification Examination in October 2018. When she passed her Nursing exam, she shared the good news with her well-wishers on Facebook by writing, ‘Go me!!!’.

As we all know nurses are the lifeline of our healthcare system. Without them, the whole system will crumble to its feet. Throughout her career as a nurse, she worked really hard, doing late night shifts and early morning shifts and even going days with no sleep.

It is highly possible that Kyle learned to work hard by watching his mom. As a kid growing up in such a dedicated house, Kyle knows the value of hard work.

She is Originally from Illinois as Well

Born on 13th January 1966, Allen is the daughter of Ada Seaman and her husband. Her mom Ada is originally from Mattoon, Illinois.

Jonna Allen husband Mike Allen, Kyle Allen's father
Kyle Allen’s parents Jonna and Mike

Jonna and her brother grew up in Mattoon, Illinois, where she studied at the Mattoon High School (class of 84.) After graduating from high school, she went on to study nursing.

Kyle Allen’s Parents Mike and Jonna Allen have been Married for Decades

The NFL parents Jonna and Mike exchanged vows in July 1993 in an intimate ceremony surrounded by their closest ones. As of 2024, they have been married for over 30 years.

Throughout their blissful marriage, the pair had their ups and downs but regardless they stuck with each other no matter what. She often shares photos with her hubby on her Facebook, showcasing their beautiful relationship.

Jonna Raised Three Children

From their long-term relationship, the couple became a proud parent of three, two sons and a daughter. They welcomed their oldest Nicholas in February 1988. He is happily married to Ashley Allen with whom he shares two beautiful children.

Jonna Allen with her children and husband
Jonna with her three children, husband, and daughter in-laws.

The second born, a daughter, whom they named Samantha aka Sammy came into his world on January 18th, 1995.  She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. She is an artist and many times Jonna and Mike have attended their daughter’s art exhibition.

Last but certainly not least, their second and youngest son, Kyle Allen, came knocking on March 8th, 1996.

All three of them studied at the Desert Mountain High School in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Jonna was Incredibly Supportive of her Son’s Interest in Football

Jonna was one of those parents who always supported her children to pursue whatever they wanted in life. Similarly, when Kyle was growing up, he had his mom and dad’s full support. It is evident from all the photos Jonna has shared of her son from his early football days.

What’s more, both Jonna and Mike many times attended their son’s game which further boosted the young man’s morale. While playing for his high school Desert Mountain, he passed over 8,000 yards and had 86 passing touchdowns, making him a five-star recruit by

Whenever Kyle achieved something in his career, Jonna made sure to share that with her Facebook friends, showcasing her endearing support for her baby boy.

Her Son Is Currently One of the Best QBs

Initially, as one of the talented QBs, Kyle was scouted by numerous colleges and he chose to play for Texas A&M in June 2013. He played for the college between 2014 to 2015. Later on, he transferred to the University of Houston and played for their team till 2017.

Kyle Allen's siblings
Kyle with his sister Sammy.

It was in the year 2018 when his NFL journey began. He signed up for the Carolina Panthers as an undrafted free agent. Then in September 2018, he joined the Panther’s practice squad. He played for them till 2019 before being drafted by the Washington Football Team in 2020. Then in 2022, he played for the Houston Texans and since 2023 he has been playing for the Buffalo Bills.

Jonna Allen Approves of Her Son’s High School Girlfriend

Since his high school days, Kyle has been dating Summer Juraszek. Since they started going out, the Allen family has been incredibly accepting of their relationship. In fact, Jonna used to share a lot of photos of her future daughter-in-law on her Facebook account.


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As of 2023, Kyle and Summer have taken their relationship to the next level and gotten engaged. Kyle proposed to marry his girlfriend in June 2022. Soon, we might just see them walk down the aisle.

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