Kenny Pickett’s Parents are His Lifelines: Here’s Why

By AnnaPublished on: January 14, 2024 Updated on: February 21, 2024
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Many players take years to make their name in football, however, it wasn’t the case with the Steelers quarterback, Kenny Pickett. Ever since the Steelers selected Pickett in the 2022 NFL Draft, the quarterback has been stealing the show.

Despite being relatively popular, details about his parents are scarce, but not anymore. Let’s dig into the life of the quarterback’s parents and get a glimpse of their life and struggle to raise Kenny and his siblings.

Kenny Pickett’s Parents Were Also Into Sports

The young quarterback was born to Kenneth and Kasey Pickett on June 6, 1998. Kenny’s dad Kenneth was born in March of 1970. Likewise, his mom Kasey was born Kasey Irvin in February 1970. His parents live in Oakhurst, New Jersey.

Kenny Pickett with his family and wife
Kenny Pickett with his parents, sister, and his wife.

Talking about their profession, his father Ken is a former football linebacker. After quitting football, he worked for Estee Lauder Companies as an Executive Director of its North American supply Chain based in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Currently, he operates a business in New Jersey.

On the other hand, his mother, Kasey, is a former Division II soccer player at Kutztown University. Currently, they both work at their family LLC, Alexis, and Kenneth Limited Liability Company.

A Peek Into Their Married Life

The pair got married in the ’90s. Their beautiful union has provided them with two children, Alex and Kenny. Alex is the oldest child and their youngest is son Kenny.

Both the children are well-settled in their lives. While Kenny is a popular football player, his sister Alexis works in their family Liability Company. Not so long ago, their family of four had an addition with the marriage of Kenny to his girlfriend Amy.

Ken and Kasey have been married for over 26 years and lead a happy life in New Jersey together.

Kenny Pickett’s First Coach Was His Father

As mentioned earlier, Kenny’s dad was an American footballer as well. He was a linebacker for the Red Raiders football team from 1989-91 and graduated with the school record for career tackles (455). His dad was even included in the Hall of Fame as a linebacker for the Shippensburg University Raiders.

Kenny Pickett hugging his father right after being selected for the Pittsburgh Steelers in NFL Draft 2022
Kenny Pickett hugging his father right after being selected for the Pittsburgh Steelers in NFL Draft 2022

In the formative years of Kenny’s career, he found guidance and inspiration in the sport from none other than his dad, who served as his first coach. The father-son duo not only shared a strong familial bond but also forged a connection on the football field that laid the foundation for Kenny’s passion for the game.

Kenny, in an interview with Steelers Now, shared;

“He coached me from flag football, which is like a five, and then he coached me until eighth grade. After that, like high school, college, he always was like a coach to me that anything he saw on the field, he would always talk to me after the game or ask what I saw on certain plays. So it’s always been like, when you’re pretty much my best friend in life, can help me out through football, and help teach me as my career went on? He’s been huge.”

Kenneth and Kasey’s Daughter is also an Athlete

As there’s a saying, the apple does not fall far from the tree, Kenny and his sister both inherit their parents’ athleticism, thriving in football and soccer. While Kenny is a known name in the football world, his sister isn’t far behind.

Alexis was a part of the East Strasbourg and has achieved 6th in all-time goals and 4th in assists. Notably, she secured the PSAC and NCAA Atlantic Regional Crown. Currently, she is also an assistant coach at the Seton Hill Women’s Soccer.

Kenny’s Parents Were Worried about his Height

Kenny liked football, basketball, and baseball. He played them all but had to give up basketball first because of time. Then baseball went too because it messed up with his football practice. However, as hard as Kenny practiced, he worried that he might never grow tall enough to become a quarterback as he was below six feet before his junior season at Ocean Township. The hurdle was so huge even Ken and Kasey began to worry.

Kenny Pickett throwing a ball in one of his matches
Kenny Pickett in one of his matches

But they never doubted his skills. Kenny faced doubts as a 5’10 quarterback, not that he could grow his height by practicing day by day in the field throwing balls but he did never give up.

When asked how his parents felt about this, his father said;

That was the biggest thing that Kasey and I were waiting for.

He added;

You know, he was a late bloomer, He didn’t really grow until I’ll say his junior year where he kind of really — between sophomore and junior year, I think grew six or seven inches. In every year before that, I think he was growing two inches, two inches, two inches.

Well, everything worked well for the couple.