Juli Stanley – Mother of Ravens Tackle Ronnie Stanley

By SarahPublished on: October 3, 2023 Updated on: February 8, 2024
Birthday October 3, 1963
Birthplace Tonga
Age 60 years
Son Ronnie Stanley
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 Juli Stanley is the mother of Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley. Ronnie, who has been playing in the NFL since 2016, often credits his success to his mother. Juli did a great job raising her three kids with her culture.

With her husband usually away for his work, she took the responsibility to raise and discipline her kids, and let me tell you her techniques were not very gentle.

Looking at her three children right now, we are pretty sure her contribution paid off. Let’s learn more about this incredible woman in this article.

Juli Stanley is a Tongan Native

Juli, the mother of Ronnie Stanley was born and raised in Tonga and she carries her culture around while living in Las Vegas. She was born on October 3, 1963, and is 60 years old as of 2024. Not much about Juli’s early life is known, however, it’s reported that her mother has already passed away.

Her Kids Are Athlete

Juli is married to Ron Stanley, a retired pilot of American Airlines with whom she shares three children, two sons, Ronnie and Robert, and one daughter, Raychel.

As mentioned before, her eldest son, Ronnie is an offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens. He completed high school at Bishop Gorman High School and then joined the University of Notre Dame where he played college football for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Juli Stanley with her two sons, Ronnie and Robert Stanley
Juli Stanley with her two sons, Ronnie Stanley and Robert Stanley.

Similarly, her younger son, Robert graduated in 2017 from California State University where he played football as a linebacker. Lastly, talking about her daughter, she is a basketball player who plays at her college, Loyola Marymount University.

Juli Stanley Was A Strict Mother

The Stanley family has often shared about Juli’s strict nature. She used some hard techniques to teach her children lessons that people might call her crazy for this. She always wanted her children to excel at whatever they did and would give them severe punishment if they lost.

According to ESPN, Juli took her children to a fast food restaurant after one of Ronnie’s basketball games and grabbed food only for herself and reportedly told them “Losers can’t have food at the drive-thru.” She eventually gave them food after serving a hard lesson.

Juli used similar techniques to discipline her kids as her spouse, Ron would generally be away due to his work. She took it upon herself to fulfill Ron’s duties too.

Juli And Her Husband Don’t Watch Their Son, Ronnie’s Game Together

Mrs. Stanley has shared how she and her husband watches their son, Ronnie’s game separately. They usually go to his game and watch their son play live. However, when they can’t attend the show and have to watch on TV, they can’t sit together to watch because they drive each other crazy.

Juli said, “My husband likes to explain. He has his version of what happened and I have mine. To save ourselves from just going at it all game, we separate.

Her Oldest Son, Ronnie Has A Tattoo Of Her Name

Ronnie has a huge tribal tattoo on his arm. He tattooed the picture of a big dove in the middle which was in his grandmother’s tombstone. Along with his grandmother, he also has his mom’s name written in Tongan within the traditional design.

Ronnie Stanley's mother Juli Stanley
Juli hugged her son, Ronnie at his game.

Juli did a great job introducing Tongan culture to her kids. They would frequently visit their families from the Tongan side and this culture influenced his Tongan tattoo.

Ronnie Has Always Praised His Mother for Her Sacrifice

Ronnie has often shared that he would not be here without his mother’s sacrifice. She did all the stuff behind the scenes from driving him to practice to making sure he had clean clothes to wear. He quoted,

I always wanted to be able to prove I could do what she thought I could do.

The loving bond they share justifies his success throughout the years. Stanley would support her children and loved them but was tough on them. Her strictness has made them strong and capable people.

What Does Juli Stanley Do for a Living? What’s Her Net Worth?

As of now, Ronnie’s mother, Juli’s career hasn’t been disclosed to the public. However, her spouse, Ron is a retired pilot so one can assume they lived a rather comfortable life. Their net worth is assumed to be around $3 million.

Talking about their famous player son, Ronnie has a net worth of $30 million as of 2024 which is going to grow in the upcoming years as his playing days are still not over.

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