Felix Agholor – Meet Wide Receiver Nelson Agholor’s Father

By SarahPublished on: October 1, 2023 Updated on: February 8, 2024
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Felix Agholor is the father of popular NFL wide receiver Nelson Agholor. Did you know the Baltimore Ravens wide receiver’s dad was a soccer player? Well, despite having played sports in college himself, Felix wasn’t in favor of Nelson’s football career.

Felix was a good soccer player in college, but he later started working as a janitor. Why didn’t he pursue a career as a soccer player? Let’s find out about his life history in the following article.

Key Takeaways

  • Felix Agholor, born in Nigeria, moved to Tampa, USA with his kids.
  • He has five children with his wife, Carolina Agholor.
  • His eldest son, Franklin Agholor is a basketball player.
  • Felix worked as a janitor to raise his babies.

Felix Agholor Was Born and Raised in Nigeria

Felix was born in Lagos, Nigeria in a middle-class family. Agholor is the father of NFL wide receiver, Nelson Agholor. He is well educated as he completed his Bachelors from a university in India.

He married Caroline Agholor and gave birth to five children. After the birth of their children, the couple moved to the USA when they won a visa in a lottery, through U.S. State Department’s Diversity Immigrant Visa program. Felix and his wife had only four children at the time when they moved to the States.

After they landed in New York, the Agholors worked at the lowest pay permitted by the law. After staying at hotels for a few days, they settled in Tampa where Caroline’s brother lived.

Is a Father of Five Kids – His Elder Son Is a Basketball Player

Felix has three sons, Franklin, Kobe, and Nelson, and two daughters. Felix’s youngest daughter is reportedly in college studying psychology.

Nelson brother Franklin Agholor
Franklin (in the middle) attended Nelson’s 30th birthday party.

Felix’s eldest son, Franklin Agholor is a pro basketball player. He plays as a point guard from ADL Montana. Though he has not been drafted in the NBL, he loves playing basketball. Besides, he is a strength and conditioning trainer and has participated in and won various tournaments.

They Used To Live In A Three Bedroom Apartment

Mr and Mrs. Agholor had a dream to live in America however they didn’t have the necessary funds. So, Caroline entered their names into the U.S. State Development’s Diversity Immigrant Visa Program where they won the visa in a lottery and were granted permanent resident cards.

However, it was hard for them to raise their kids in a foreign land with a low pay grade. They used to live in a small apartment with three rooms where their three sons would share one room and two daughters would share another.

Felix, Nelson, Caroline, Franklin Agholor.
Felix Agholor’s family suffered from a financial crisis

The couple faced difficulties balancing their work and kids. With money as their main problem, they had to work several jobs giving less time to their kids. Felix used to work as a janitor at the University of South Florida while his wife worked at a nursing home. In their initial days in America, Felix couldn’t afford a car so he used to ride a bike to his work.

Nelson Agholor’s Father Was Strict and Disciplinarian

According to sources, Felix wanted his kids to learn discipline, ethics, and morals. He used to behave strictly with them and gave punishments when they would do something bad. His strict nature turned out to be beneficial for his children. Nelson once talked about his father’s strict nature and said,

It’s very impactful because my dad is a strict disciplinarian and he’s also there. He’s the total package in terms of a father. So, there were times where he was mad at you and you were disciplined and there were times where he had your back and you were rewarded.

His spouse, Caroline balances out his seriousness. Whenever Felix would discipline his kids, she would console them and tell them the reason for their punishment.

Felix Didn’t Want Nelson To Play Football

The father of five used to play soccer in Nigeria which he had to give up when he moved to the States and had a family to raise. Even though he himself played sports in college, Felix didn’t want his son to play sports; maybe because he didn’t see any future in it.

Nelson started playing street football with the kids in the neighborhood. He wanted to learn to play because it would help break the culture barrier. He then played in high school followed by college which finally led him to play in the top flight. No need to say, Felix is proud of what his youngest son has achieved as a footballer.

Felix Agholor’s Son Is a Multimillionaire

Money was always a problem in Agholor’s household. He dealt with crises back in his homeland Nigeria and even after coming to the States, he had to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. But, their financial condition has gotten a lot better.

Ever since Nelson was drafted into the NFL, their financial condition saw a substantial rise. As of 2024, Nelson’s estimated net worth is $25 million. His earnings are bound to increase as he still has a long way to go.

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