John Metchie’s Parents Were a Multicultural couple

By GloriaPublished on: January 22, 2024 Updated on: January 22, 2024
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Wide receiver John Metchie is not your regular NFL player! His unique family background sets him apart from the rest. Additionally, he has been standing firm despite the hardships he has faced in life and appreciates his family for being his support system.

Bringing you all the details about Metchie’s parents and how his family is supporting him as his rock.

John Metchie’s Parents Are an intercultural couple

The footballer has a unique blend of family backgrounds. John’s mother Joyce Metchie is Taiwanese and his father Amb. Dr. Johnny Metchie is Nigerian.

John Metchie and his family
The Metchie parents have four sons.

So, his background is the cross-section of international culture, which sets him apart from his fellow NFL players. Joyce and Johnny are parents to four sons. But when it comes to raising the children, reportedly, it’s just been their mother for the most part. In one of the interviews, Metchie III mentioned he and his siblings saw how hard their mother worked to raise them.

John recalls his Taiwanese roots

His mom comes from the land which is the epicenter of food and culture in the Far East. The wide receiver discussed his Taiwan roots before winning the national title. Even though John was born there, he didn’t get to spend much time in Taiwan.

Since Metchie didn’t remember much about Taiwan, he went back to experience his roots and found it to be “surreal”. He said he was always part of the culture, but meeting everyone again was quite cool.

He lived in Ghana as a toddler along with his family

Shortly after John’s birth, the Metchies moved to Ghana. There he spent the early years of his childhood and transitioned to a toddler. Reportedly, the NFL star learned how to run and showed early signs of athletic ability growing up in Ghana.

Funnily, his running skills were kinked to the fact that he had to outrun dogs while living in Ghana.

John’s mom moved to Canada with her kids in search of a better life

When John was 7, his mother Joyce along with her kids migrated to Canada in search of better economic and educational opportunities. Fortunately, Brampton, Ontario, their new home, became the place where John’s passion for football sparked. Likewise, for an immigrant family, sports provided a way to connect and grow with others.

Reportedly, while moving from Ghana to Canada, John’s father didn’t accompany them. He remained in Africa.

His father is a big name in Nigeria

John’s father Amb. Dr. Johnny Metchie is a great politician and philanthropist in Nigeria. He is currently the President General of the Umueri Assembly and Peace Ambassador in the International Association of World Peace Advocates in Africa.

John Metchie's father Johnny Metchie
Dr. Johnny Metchie is a notable personality in Nigeria.

At the same time, senior Metchie is the Prime Minister of Onowu, under the Anambra State Government, and the Deputy Commander General at the Nigerian Hunters and Forestry Security Services.

In the same way, he has been engaged in several philanthropic activities and received various honorary awards for his work toward the community and nation. He is also the founder of the Metchie Foundation.

Is John close to his father?

Metchie is not found talking about his father and his paternal roots often. Allegedly, he hasn’t spoken to his father for a long time. It is said, it’s been over a decade.

However, his father seems to be his closest well-wishers and also seems to be quite proud of his achievements. In November 2023, he was found appreciating his sons, John and Royce for their achievements in the world of football.

Johnny Metchie has remarried

Sr. Metchie and his first wife Joyce had moved separate ways after Joyce decided to migrate to Canada, in search of better opportunities. It is quite clear that John’s parents didn’t have a good relationship.

At present, Johnny has remarried Linda Metchie. They seem to be in a happy relationship.

Living in Canada taught the Metchies to deal with difficult times

The Metchies didn’t have a lot of money living in Canada. As a single mother, Joyce struggled a lot to make a living and raise her kids. Despite the financial hardships, John’s mom was successful in catering to her kids with the opportunities to grow and be better.

NFL star John Metchie
Difficult times didn’t stop John from pursuing his passion.

Even though she was not able to afford to send John to play competitive sports, she sent him to play organized football with the Brampton Bulldogs of the Brampton Minor Football Association. John believed that it provided a distraction from the challenging realities of living in Brampton. Talking about dealing with difficulties, he added that living in Brampton taught the Metchies how to work hard and make opportunities for themselves.

Metchie left his family at the age of 14 to follow his football dream

After getting the opportunity to play at Saint James School, Hagerstown, Maryland, Metchie decided to relocate from Canada. He left his family at the age of 14. Even though it might look like an uncomfortable step, it wasn’t for Metchie.

He wanted to embrace uncomfortableness. Additionally, he had experienced his family migrating from one place to another. So, he could easily embrace such discomfort.

“My drive comes from my family,” says John

His biggest driving factor when it comes to pursuing his passion is his family. John’s elder brother Royce, fueled his desire to play football. When asked how he learned football he said, it was seeing his brothers play in their high school.

John is close to his brothers. They have always supported him and pushed him towards his goal. And the player is quite appreciative of that.

Royce Metchie plays for the Toronto Argos

Like John, his brother Royce is also a famous footballer, back in Canada. He plays as the defensive back for the Toronto football team named Toronto Agros. Furthermore, he is quite active on his social media and keeps sharing updates about his work and his personal life.


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Metchie’s family were concerned after he suffered an injury in 2014

At the age of 14, John had relocated 1000 miles away from his family in Maryland. But an unfortunate incident in his match with Virginia in 2014 made his family doubt the decision they took to let John cross the border for his dreams. During his match, he suffered an injury in his chest region after he was hit in the chest. The medical examination revealed he had an enlarged heart causing murmurs. Subsequently, he was sidelined for the rest of his freshman season.

During such a difficult time, he was all alone away from his momma and his brothers. Talking about the difficulties, he said:

I think that was one of the harder times of my high school career, especially dealing with this whole thing in a different country, being away from my mom and my brothers, and things like that.

His family has been there with him as he tackled APL

Just months after being drafted to Houston Texan, Metchie released a statement via Houston Texan’s Twitter page, revealing he had been diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia and would not play football for the season as his focus would be on health and recovery.

Despite, the hardships he has faced in life, John’s family stands firm with him through thick and thin. During his early stage of diagnosis and treatment, even a go-getter like John became a little doubtful about the future.

But he easily walked past those fears as his family never stopped supporting him, despite being afar. His mother’s and brothers’ strong faith, constant love, and support helped him regain his confidence and become “110%”, in the world of NFL.