Herschel Walker’s Wife Julie Blanchard Has Defended Him On Multiple Occasions

By AustinPublished on: January 17, 2024 Updated on: January 17, 2024
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Julie Blanchard is the second and current wife of the former NFL star, Herschel Walker. Given the circumstances in which her husband’s former marriage ended, it is a wonder this relationship has been relatively enduring. Nevertheless, Julie has been Walker’s pillar of support for years now.

Keep scrolling till the end to learn about her professional life along with her marital life.

Herschel Walker And His Wife, Julie Blanchard, Have Been Together Since The Late 2000s

Following Walker’s divorce from his first wife, Cindy DeAngelis Grossman, in 2002, the former NFL star was unmarried for quite some time. However, Herschel was soon involved with Blanchard. While tying the knot in May 2021 in Texas, their history goes far beyond that.

Herschel Walker and His Wife Julie Blanchard
Julie and Herschel have been married since 2021.

In a Playboy magazine issue of December 2011, Julie was referred to as Herschel’s fiancee. Based on that, the two were engaged for at least a decade before embarking on their marital journey.

Even though the former football player is the father of four, including his son, Christian Walker, from his first marriage with Cindy and three others from different women, he does not have any kids with his current partner.

Julie Blanchard Is A Businesswoman

Blanchard now runs a business in Georgia, while the nature of it remains unknown. Prior to that, she worked as a vice president for the Southeast Region at CBS Outdoor. She was employed there in 2011 and was responsible for shaping and implementing strategies and plans within the company. Julie also “sold billboard ads” there.

She Played A Significant Role In Herschel’s Political Campaign

Julie who celebrates her birthday in the first week of August was an important figure when her husband was running for senate. Herschel was backed by the former President, Donald Trump.

Living a private life, away from the spotlight, all of that changed during this campaign when she started appearing in the media with her soulmate. Like everyone close to her hubby, Julie, too, had skepticism about his campaign. Later, she fully supported his decision and was often seen accompanying him.

Controversies Surrounding The Campaign

Propelled to the spotlight after her significant other’s senate candidacy, Blanchard, as stated above, did not support Walker’s decision to run but was fine later.

Well, for a person to do something they stated they wouldn’t do in the beginning, one needs to have an ulterior motive. Consequently, Walker’s wife faced several allegations.

Julie Blanchard Supported Her Husband Herschel Walker's policial campaign
Julie while supporting her husband, Walker.

For starters, Julie was accused of isolating Herschel from the rest of the campaign advisers. A staff remarked on how she used to insert herself in decisions that could make a difference.

Besides, she believed her hubby could take up 50% of the Black votes in Georgia, shifting her focus to urban radio to achieve that. Blanchard even wanted to hire Cardi B on the campaign trail.

Later on, multiple reports stated Julie had a clear motivation to control the narrative of the campaign to earn money.

Julie’s Alleged Campaign Misconduct

A year after Walker’s Georgia Senate loss, reports started surfacing about his wife’s alleged misconduct in the campaign. Blanchard was initially skeptical about his run but reportedly changed her mindset only after she learned she may profit from it.

The Daily Beast reported that five former campaign officials and advisers came forward, accusing Julie of emerging as the most vocal supporter of his Senate bid after figuring out an opportunity to benefit from the campaign business.

In addition, Julie was accused of trying to collect a commission from the campaign’s media buys. She reportedly wanted to strike an agreement with a media company that employed her friend. However, her attempts were shot down, and she could never actually achieve her goals.

Her Other Legal Troubles

Walker’s lover, Julie, despite being a Texas resident, cast a vote in Georgia during the 2020 presidential election, which opened up an investigation. Nevertheless, Julie later told the newspaper she considers herself a resident of Georgia; she has a driver’s license in Georgia, owns a car, and also conducts her business there.

However, no rule violation was found later and Julie was cleared from the investigation. She had not voted in Georgia since 2008, and her Georgian voter registration was revoked because of inactivity in 2017. She later re-registered in 2019.

Julie Blanchard Is A Devoted Wife

Her husband, Herschel has a history of being involved in contentious issues. Despite that, Blanchard has always been by his side, especially her immense support during his political campaign and the media fallout is truly amazing.

Herschel Walker's Wife Julie Blanchard Has Always Been By His Side
Blanchard has always been by Walker’s side.

Similarly, when the former football player denounced abortion during his political campaign, a woman came forward claiming that Herschel had paid her to have an abortion in 2009. He reportedly has a son with the said woman.

While Walker straight up denied the claims, his wife texted the accuser about the situation. When the woman asked if she knew about the abortion, Blanchard responded how sad the situation made her as she tirelessly dedicated herself to better the relationship with the woman and Walker, putting their child first.

In addition, Julie mentioned witnessing Herschel praying daily for the woman and their kid. She said,

I have seen him call and text regularly to have a relationship with [son] and he gets no response and the sadness when he doesn’t hear back. He has always strived to be more than finacial support

To which the accuser responded, “Are you kidding me?” and asked Julie to stop lying.

Julie Blanchard and Her Husband Walker Listed Their House For Sale

At present, Julie and her husband, Walker, live in Atlanta, Georgia. They have more than one house there. In August 2023, the pair listed one of their houses for sale for $1.45 million. It was the same house Walker had listed as his residence during his U.S. Senate campaign.

Apart from that, Julie has an estimated net worth of $1 million, whereas her husband Walker has a fortune of $10 million as of 2024.