Fran Tarkenton’s Wife Linda Sebastian Tarkenton Is A Former Air Hostess

By RebeccaPublished on: February 27, 2024 Updated on: March 1, 2024
Birthday January 18, 1953
Age 71 years
Husband Fran Tarkenton
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Linda Sebastian Tarkenton is the loving and caring wife of the former footballer Fran Tarkenton. Retiring in 1978, Fran played football for 18 seasons in the NFL, primarily spending his time at the Minnesota Vikings. Then, he became a media personality and computer software executive.

Although Linda was not by his side during his playing days, she was there to support him during his retirement. Her unwavering encouragement contributed to Fran’s success in his post-football ventures. Being associated with a top athlete, she mostly prefers to keep her life private and consistently stays out of the spotlight.

If you want to learn more about who Linda is, then dive into this article and unravel some information about her.

Fran Tarkenton’s Wife, Linda Sebastian Tarkenton, Hails From New Jersey

Born in 1953, Linda celebrates her birthday on January 18. Being raised in a large family, she has always been blessed with much love and affection. The footballer’s belle is the daughter of Lottie Claire Sebastian and Serafino A. Sebastian.

Sadly, her mother passed away on May 20, 2013, at the age of 86, at the Mike Conley Hospice House in Clermont. A native of Albany, Lottie resided in Orlando for over 15 years. She loved to entertain and cooked amazing meals. Besides traveling, Claire also had an affinity for shopping in antique shops and estate sales.

Fran Tarkenton's wife Linda Sebastian Tarkenton has 5 brothers and a sister
Linda had multiple siblings.

Well, Linda had a blissful childhood with her five siblings: four brothers and a sister in Brown Mills.

Her sister, Rita Sebastian Melvin, studied intensive care medicine at Darton State College and graduated in 1984.

As for her brothers, they are Michael Jones, John Laramore, Anthony Sebastian, and David Sebastian. Residing in San Antonia, Texas, John is a Dreux American High School graduate.

Talking more about her family, her maternal grandparents are the late Frank Robert and Ida Mae Mitchell, while her paternal grandparents are Dallas Tarkenton and Frances Tarkenton. She also has a maternal uncle named Robert Mitchell.

Linda Sebastian Tarkenton Had An Amazing Career In The Airline Industry

Alongside being the wife of a successful football player, Linda also has a victorious career. She spent her teenage years in Pemberton and attended Pemberton Township High School. After that, she joined Burlington County Community College.

Following the completion of her college education, Linda decided to pivot her life and joined the airline industry. Fran’s wife served almost 13 years of her life as a flight attendant at Eastern Airlines, starting in 1978.

Linda And Fran Tarkenton Are Travel Companions

With love and a shared passion for moving forward, the lovebirds tied the knot in July in the mid-1980s. Although it is unclear when the couple started to date, it is evident that the two share a deep bond.

The pair are often seen traveling and enjoying each other’s company. Furthermore, Fran took his gorgeous lady on a vacation to celebrate one of their anniversaries.

Well, it wasn’t the only time the duo went on an expedition. In August 2016, the former football player shared a post and stated that he and Linda were on their annual California trip. There, they went to play Golf, visited incredible vineyards, and tasted good food with their good friends.

In an interview with Wine Talk, he mentioned that he and his significant other love trying different wines everywhere they go. The couple travels to Napa once a year and seeks out boutique wineries. During one of their vacations, they found a wine in Carmel they liked a lot called Boete.

Fran Dedicated His Book To His Wife

Fran has also written a book, ‘The Power of Failure,’ which he dedicated to Linda. He mentioned that his better half shared the same passion for knowledge and has been a perfect partner in his quest for greater understanding.

Furthermore, Linda has been more than just a great companion. She uses her personality and intellect to help her husband build and maintain a network of friends.

The Trakenton Pair Are Parents To A Beautiful Daughter

While being married for quite some time, their bond was further strengthened with the arrival of their baby girl, Hayley Trekenton, in May 1988. Talking about her career, Hayley is a professional singer and member of a Rock and roll band based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Fran Tarkenton's daughter Hayley Tarkenton is a singer.
Hayley, Linda and Fran’s only child, is a singer.

She is a University of Alabama graduate and has also attended Full Sail University. She formerly passed out from the Westminster School and has worked in different companies. She was also the Director of Communication at Tarkenton Financial.

Apart from her career as a singer and a corporate employee, Linda’s kid has also been part of different model and film industries, including Click Models and J Pervis Talent Agency.

Linda Sebastian Tarkenton’s Husband Shares Three More Children With His Ex-Wife

For about 22 years, Fran was married to his ex-spouse, Anna Elaine Merrell. The former pair walked down the aisle in 1960 and parted ways in 1982. Even though there is not much information related to their marriage, what is known is that their union brought three new lives.

Fran and Anna are parents to a son and two daughters named Matthew Tarkenton, Melissa Tarkenton, and Angela Tarkenton.

Fran Tarkenton is a former NFL quarterback.
Fran has three children from his first marriage.

Linda’s stepson, Matthew, runs a national insurance marketing company, Tarkenton Financial. Having been engaged for over a decade in investment banking, he has also worked in firms such as Balentine & Company, JP Morgan, and The Robinson Humphrey Company.

Furthermore, her stepdaughter Angela also works in the same company as her brother, Matthew. She is an Investment Advisor Representative and Executive Vice President at Tarkenton Financial. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Administration from the Treey College of Business.

Similarly, Melissa, a married woman, is a real estate agent. She has graduated from the University of Arizona and worked at Saks Fifth Avenue. Her passion for supporting the community has led her to found YMSL North Atlanta.