Eli Apple Shares a Close Bond with Step Father Tim Apple Even After His Divorce

By GabrielPublished on: November 30, 2023 Updated on: February 15, 2024
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Eli Apple, a renowned NFL cornerback for the Miami Dolphins, was raised by his stepfather Tim Apple, Even if they are not together now, their relationship has always been the topic of interest among their followers and well-wishers.

This article delves into the personal life of a footballer’s stepdad, offering a plethora of interesting information about him.

Tim Apple Got Married To Annie Who Had Two Unsuccessful Marriages Before

Timothy Apple, also known as Tim, is the stepfather of Eli Apple, a cornerback for the Miami Dolphins. Tim hails from Voorhees Township, New Jersey. Tim met his now ex-wife, Annie Apple in 1997. At the time the duo came across, Annie had already gone through two unsuccessful marriages. As a matter of fact, Annie’s second marriage was abusive.

Annie was the mother of three sons prior to meeting Tim. The duo hit it soon and started dating right away.

Tim Apple with his son Eli Apple, ex wife Annie and daughter Jordan
Tim Apple and Annie Apple with their children Eli and Jorden

In 2001, the couple made the decision to get married. Tim provided excellent care for all three kids of his wife, with special attention given to Eli, who was the youngest of the three. The NFL star was only two years old when Tim first met him.

Eli Adopted His Stepfather’s Surname in Respect for Tim

Eli Apple’s original surname was Woodward. However, in 2012, he decided to change it. Eli holds the belief that being a father is about responsibility, not just biology. His stepfather, Timothy, took great care of Eli and his family.

Being grateful for his stepfather’s kindness, Eli adopted his surname in honor of him. When asked about the reason behind the change in a media interview, Eli expressed his thoughts by saying:

From the time I was 2 years old, my dad, Timothy Apple, has been my father. He’s nurtured, provided, and protected our family. I am the man I am today because of his tireless love and commitment to our family. So it is with great pride and honor I carry his last name. I am truly blessed to be Eli Apple. Go Bucks!

Tim felt honored by his stepson’s recognition, crediting their strong bond and his own parenting. He expressed his gratitude with heartfelt words:

It’s something that was 1,000 percent his own decision and I think I feel how most people would feel. I think with everything we’ve done over the years together, it tells me it has had a good impact on my son.

He added, “As a parent, I couldn’t ask for anything more than that.

Tim Apple Has One Biological Child

Although Tim took care of four children, including three sons Dane, Davion, and Eli, from Annie’s previous marriages, he only has one biological daughter named Jordan Apple.

Tim Apple and his family
Tim Apple With his Wife Annie Apple And four Children

However, Apple never discriminated between his own children and others. He equally cared for all four of them and was always available when needed.

Tim Got Divorced From Eli’s Mother Annie

In 2017, Tim and his wife Annie separated due to family issues arising after their son Eli got a contract from the NFL team New York Giants. Annie claimed that Tim was taking money from her that was given to her by Eli, which according to her, became the main reason for their separation.

It was claimed by Tim’s other family members, including Annie’s own sons, that Annie was the main reason behind their separation. They asserted that Tim had always taken good care of Annie’s sons, more than a biological father would have done.

However, Annie tried to take complete control over Eli and isolated him from his own family. This eventually led to a situation where Tim and Eli stopped talking to each other.

Meanwhile, Annie had reportedly been cheating on Tim for more than five years with his best man from their wedding. Even though Annie hasn’t opened up about the allegations, it is believed to be the reason for their divorce.