Initially, Earl Campbell’s Wife Reuna Smith Looked After His Expenses

By AbigailPublished on: February 22, 2024 Updated on: February 22, 2024
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Reuna Smith is widely recognized for being the beloved wife of former football running back Earl Campbell. Smith has played an integral role in her husband’s life and success. While Campbell’s achievements are well-documented, Reuna’s own life has gone unnoticed.

In this article, we shall dive into some details about the life of the woman who stands behind the ex-NFL player.

Reuna Smith is a former healthcare professional

As Campbell dedicated himself to the life of sports, Smith took the path of becoming a healthcare specialist. She was an ER nurse for many years. Her responsibility included taking care of severe or traumatic cases, often dealing with life-threatening injuries of the patients.

Earl Campbell's wife Reuna Smith is a former nurse
Reuna dedicated her life to the healthcare sector.

The talented lady learned the calmness and composure required for her profession, and it has undoubtedly helped her in her personal life as well.

Reuna Smith and Earl Campbell were high school sweethearts

Reuna and Earl go way back to their childhood. The retired footballer first met his now-wife in ninth grade, and they quickly became best friends. Their friendship turned into something more after entering high school, and have been each other’s ‘the one’ ever since.

Campbell mentioned that his spouse was a guardian angel sent to show him the right path. When the ex-athlete had to leave his hometown to attend the University of Texas, he did so with a heavy heart.

During his university years, Earl had no money to spend due to his financial situation. The only money he could spend came from his then-girlfriend. After Campbell began to earn from his career, he bought a $34,000 Mercedes 450 SEL for his beloved in 1979, even before he got one for himself.

He mentioned that the gift was for putting up with him for 10 years.

In May 1979,  Smith graduated from Tyler Junior College, a community college. Campbell celebrated her graduation day right by her side.

Earl Campbell with his wife Reuna Smith at her graduation
Smith and Campbell have been together since high school.

After Reuna completed her education, the couple gathered the courage to solidify their relationship through marriage, and Earl proposed to her the following year.

Marital life: Smith married Campbell In The Early 80s

After nearly a decade of sweet romance, the lovebirds finally tied the knot on May 30, 1980. He proposed to her in February, earlier on Valentine’s Day, after getting blessings from his mother.

The adorable lovebirds walked down the aisle in front of 1000 guests. Some prominent figures in the crowd included Coaches Darrell Royal and Bum Phillips. The same week, Reuna moved into her new hubby’s home in Houston in Candle Lane.

With over four decades of marriage behind them, the partners have been with each other for almost their entire lives. Their family life is heartwarming and sweet, with two children and even more adorable grandchildren. The former player himself has said that he wants to be with his sweetheart till the end of his breath.

Earl Campbell’s Wife Is A Mother Of Two

After officially tying the knot, the two focused on building a beautiful family. In 1981, a year after their wedding, the woman gave birth to their elder son, Earl Christian Campbell II. Then, on October 26, 1986, the married couple welcomed their second child, Tyler Campbell, into this world.

Earl Campbell's sons Tyler Campbell and Christian Campbell
The lovebirds built a happy family with two sons.

Both of their kids have grown up and paved their path. Initially, both followed their father’s footsteps in sports. Their older son, Earl Jr., was a part of the football team at Westlake High School and later switched to track. As of 2020, he still held the school record in the 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash and long jump. He graduated high school in 2001.

Reuna and Earl’s younger son, Tyler, is a San Diego State University graduate and also played football in his college years. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when he was 21 and had to receive continuous treatment. Despite this, Tyler went on to become the first player with MS to play Division I football.

The youngest Campbell is currently an author and motivational speaker. He is also the president of his own company, Tyler Campbell Enterprises.

Reuna Smith has been the pillar of strength for her family

Although the brood has not struggled with any financial crisis, life has not been all sunshine and rainbows. However, Reuna has held her head high through her problems and faced them head-on.

When Tyler was diagnosed with MS, she was the one to reassure him not to lose hope and how he could fulfill his dreams despite his condition. The young man credits both his parents for being able to overcome his mental barriers without losing himself in the process.

Moreover, Earl struggled with alcohol and substance abuse, and it was at the urging of his wife and children that he agreed to get professional help. He has been maintaining sobriety to this day and is an advocate for helping others who struggle with this addiction as well.