Derrick Brooks’ Wife Carol Brooks: Have Known Each Other Since 10

By AustinPublished on: February 26, 2024 Updated on: February 26, 2024
Birthday January 31, 1973
Birthplace Florida
Age 51 years
Husband Derrick Brooks
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Carol Brooks is renowned for being the wife of the NFL Hall of Famer Derrick Brooks. Together for decades, the pair have been inseparable. During their union, Mr. and Mrs. Brooks have welcomed multiple children. Carol has always had her husband’s back, and she is one of the few people the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker occasionally thanks.

As she is known through her affinity with the retired football star, her role as a devoted partner is often highlighted. Carol also prefers a private life, something her family has always respected.

Are you interested in learning more about Derrick’s wife and their relationship? Delve inside and read all the details we have uncovered.

Carol Brooks And Her Husband, Derrick Brooks, Grew Up Together

Carol was born on January 31, 1973, in Florida. The 51-year-old is about two months older than her hubby. Not only was Derrick born in Florida, but he had known his wife since they were 10.

Derrick Brooks and his wife, Carol Brooks, have known each other since their childhood
Derrick and his wife, Carol, have known each other since they were 10.

The childhood friendship turned into a relationship, and now, Brooks considers being a husband to be one of the biggest honors God bestowed on him.

Carol Brooks And Derrick Brooks’ Relationship Has Stood The Test Of Time

As stated above, the duo have known each other since they were kids. Like her husband, Carol is also a Washington High School graduate. While it remains unknown when their relationship actually evolved from platonic to romantic, we know they have been together forever.

Even their wedding date remains elusive. However, two of their children are college graduates, so they may have been possibly married for over two decades.

Once Brooks had uploaded a snap with his wife, someone commented, “You and Carol are proof that what God plans last forever, lovely couple.” Others in the comment section also commended their enduring relationship.

Like every husband and wife, they may have had their fair share of ups and downs, which they have always worked through. The lovebirds have been together since before Derrick became a renowned name in American football, and he has perfectly balanced the demands of his career and romance.

Presently, they are more into each other than ever. During his Hall of Fame enshrinement speech, Brooks said,

Next, I’ll move along and thank my beautiful wife, Carol.  I can’t say nothing new in front of all these people that I’ve said before, but three words, I love you.

Derrick Brooks’ Wife Is A Mother Of Four

The Brooks have welcomed four wonderful children into the world: two daughters, Brianna Monai and Denice, and two sons, Derrick Brooks, Jr. and Darius. Being a father is an honor Derrick embraces with pride. His offspring are his life, and he loves them dearly.

Derrick Brooks and his wife, Carol Brook, have four children
The Brooks family celebrating Derrick’s HOF induction.

Similarly, Derrick Jr. goes by his middle name, Decalon, as decided by Carol. She wanted their son to have his own identity. Alongside his father’s name, Decalon also inherited his athleticism. He is a football player, a linebacker like his old man.

Besides, the junior also played for Florida State University. In 2022, he joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Washington Commanders‘ rookie minicamps as a tryout player.

Carol Brooks Is On The Derrick Brooks Charities’ Board Of Directors

Mrs. Brooks is not just a devoted wife but also his partner in everything. Through Derrick Brooks Charities, the Brooks pair have been providing educational programs and opportunities for youths to develop a cultural and social vision.

While Derrick is the president and founder of the organization, his wife wears three hats –she is the Vice President, Secretary, and treasurer. She is actively involved in the Young Ladies Rites of Passage Program, believing in “sisterhood, making a positive impact in young ladies’ lives and acknowledging GOD in all we do.”

Derrick Brooks and his wife, Carol Brooks, distributing meals, with his brothers
Carol is the VP/Secretary and Treasurer of Derrick Brooks Charities.

Despite her limited social media appearance, Carol has been seen at different charitable events with her soulmate, including DB Charities Annual Thanksgiving Meal Donations. Over the years, she has always stood by Derrick’s side, supporting him in everything he does.

Carol Is A Private Woman

Despite her prominence coming from her association with Derrick, Carol is not on any social media platforms. She avoids the spotlight as best as she can. Her family respects this privacy and barely uploads her pictures. Mrs. Brooks can be occasionally seen on her hubby’s socials once in a blue moon.

Derrick Brooks' wife, Carol Brooks, is a woman of privacy
Carol and Derrick smiling for the camera.

Presently, Carol lives in Tampa, Florida, immersing herself in her role as a wife, mother, and several positions in her partner’s organization.