Claire Marino – Meet Dan Marino’s Wife and The Mother of Six

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Claire Marino is the wife of former NFL quarterback Dan Marino. Claire and Dan have been married for 39 years and are parents to six children. She made headlines in the early 2010s when she decided to forgive her husband after his cheating scandal came to light.

Many people and activists condemned Claire’s decision to forgive her spouse even after he acknowledged cheating on her and fathering a son with his mistress. But, she gave a perfect reason behind her decision. But what was her reason?

Let’s find out about that in this article below.

Claire Marino And Her Husband Dan Marino Got Married In 1985

The then-Miami Dolphins quarterback, Dan Marino, and Claire Marino (née Veazey) got married on January 30, 1985, in St. Regis Church on Parkview Street in South Oakland, Pennsylvania. The former athlete was 23 while Claire was 22 years old at their wedding.

Claire Marino and her husband Dan during their younger days
Claire Marino and her husband Dan during their younger days

Claire looked radiant in a white calf-length dress and a crown of flowers on her big day.

They Have Six Children Together

Claire and her hubby Dan are parents to six children; four biological and two adopted kids. They gave birth to their first son, Daniel Charles, in 1986, a year after tying the knot. They welcomed their second son, Michael Joseph in 1988 and their third son, Joseph Donald, was born within a year on July 26, 1989.

Claire and Dan Marino with their six children
Claire and Dan Marino with their six children

The husband and wife welcomed their fourth child and their only biological daughter, Alexandra Claire Marino, in 1992.

Their youngest son, Joey is a former North Florida golf player.

Claire and Dan Marino Adopted Two Daughters From China

Following Dan’s retirement from football, he and his wife, Claire adopted a daughter, Niki Marino (b. 1996) as a 2-year-old from China in November 1998.

Around four years later, the duo adopted a second girl, Lia from China in early 2002. Talking about their second adoption, Claire said in February 2002:

The first experience was so wonderful and turned out to be a blessing to our family. We just thought we would try again.

Lia was six years old when she was adopted, so her mother Claire was worried that their adoption was not going to turn out as great as before. “Children at that age tend not to make an easy transition. But she’s done fabulous. She started school the other day and after a full day was just laughing and having a good time,” Claire said.

Claire’s Second Son, Michael, Was Diagnosed with Autism

The Marinos’ second son, Michael Joseph was diagnosed with autism as a two-year-old kid. Dan said that he and his wife initially thought Michael was a well-behaved baby because he slept great, and didn’t cry. He added,

He wouldn’t talk, he didn’t really have any social dealings with other kids or his brother. He would just sit up in his crib. So we had him tested, and we learned that he was autistic.

After the diagnosis, the parents put their child in a special care center. He gradually started showing progress and by the time he was in third grade, his parents put him into some mainstream classes in school. Eventually, Michael progressed much more, and “he was completely mainstreamed.”

Dan and Claire Marino Started “Dan Marino Foundation” After Their Son’s Diagnosis

Shortly after their son’s diagnosis with autism, Dan and his wife began a foundation, Dan Marino Foundation, to assist children with learning disabilities. The foundation has so far raised more than $91 million to create and support unique and impactful initiatives.

According to its website, the Foundation is “creating software and applications that allow individuals to learn and practice employment and social skills that lead to independence and a brighter future.

Dan Marino Cheating on His Wife, Claire Came to Light After Years

The former NFL quarterback admitted that he fathered a child, Chloe, in 2005 with then-CBS production assistant Donna Savattere. The New York Post reported Marino’s affair with Savattere in January 2013. Dan released a statement to the Post saying:

This is a personal and private matter. I take full responsibility both personally and financially for my actions now as I did then. We mutually agreed to keep our arrangement private to protect all parties involved.

Dan met his mistress back in 2003 when she was 35. According to Daily Mail, Dan paid her millions of dollars after their daughter’s birth to ensure her silence and take care of the little one.

Dan Marino's former mistress Donna Savattere and her husband Nahill Younis
Dan Marino’s former mistress Donna Savattere and her husband Nahill Younis

Ms. Savattere has since married banker Nahill Younis whom she met on a trip to the Bahamas.

Claire Stayed with Dan After The Cheating

It must have been devastating for Claire to find out about her husband’s cheating and a daughter from his affair. However, Claire decided to stay with Dan. While Claire herself hasn’t opened up about her decision to stay with Dan, some celebrity relationship experts opined that she did it for the sake of her children who were aged nine to 15 at the time of the affair.

Dana Falzone, a celebrity relationship expert said, “She put herself aside and said ‘What damage will I do to my children if I leave this man? Are we better off intact?'” She added, “She probably thought, ‘We can go to counseling and figure out the underlying issues.”

Claire Marino’s Birthday and Education

Claire was born, Claire D. Veazey in Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania in 1962. She is 62 years old as of 2024. Regarding her education, Claire is a graduate of Mt. Lebanon High School.

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