Brian Callahan’s Wife Allyson Callahan Is A Former Cheerleader

By AustinPublished on: March 4, 2024 Updated on: March 4, 2024
Birthday November 1985
Birthplace New York
Age 38 years
Husband Brian Callahan
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Allyson Callahan (née Daniels) is the wife of the prominent NFL coach Brian Callahan. Her beau is currently the head coach for the Tennessee Titans. Callahan started his profession as a coaching assistant with the Denver Broncos in 2010. His career has taken quite a leap.

Throughout this journey, Allyson has been by his side as a pillar of support. They have been married for over a decade and have been together beyond that. Well, the Broncos laid the foundation for their relationship. Now, they are parents to two wonderful kids.

Despite her association with a prominent figure in the league, Allyson maintains a private persona. Here is all we know about the woman.

Allyson Callahan And Her Husband Brian Callahan Had An Intimate Wedding

The Callahans tied the knot on June 22, 2013, surrounded by close friends and family. The ceremony was held on Lake George, New York, at Allyson’s parents’ home. The event began with a rehearsal dinner, progressed to a sunset cruise across the lake for a BBQ and the main event — their wedding.

Brian Callahan and his wife, Allyson Callahan, had an intimate ceremony
Allyson and Brian as bride and groom.

Additionally, Allyson’s mom and dad played a significant role in planning and executing the wedding. The ones who got to attend this intimate ceremony described it as perfect. Brian was deemed the “golden child” for marrying such a beautiful lady.

All in all, it was an intimate yet elegant wedding.

Allyson Callahan And Brian Callahan’s Relationship Timeline

Allyson, like Brian, was employed with the Broncos, and that is how the duo met. When Mr. Callahan was a coaching assistant for the team, Mrs. Callahan was in the cheerleading squad from 2009 to 2012. Things progressed relatively swiftly for the pair.

Brian Callahan met his wife, Allyson Callahan, while she was working as a cheerleader for the Denver Broncos
Allyson was in the Broncos cheerleading squad.

Initially, the Callahans started dating on October 8, 2011. Less than a year later, Brian got down on a knee and popped the question on July 20, 2012. Thrilled with joy, Allyson obviously said yes. And as people say, the rest is history.

The coach has proudly shared the timeline on his Facebook.

In addition, married for over a decade, their relationship is still quite strong. The loving partners are still each other’s strength and a source of unwavering support. Their union is not weakened but strengthened with time.

The Lovebirds Are Raising Two Children

In their years of togetherness, the married couple has been blessed with two delightful kids: Norah and Ronan Callahan. The eldest daughter, Norah, was born in 2016, and the youngest son, Ronan, in 2018. The Callahan pair waited three years to have their first child.

Brian Callahan and his wife, Allyson Callahan, raise two children
Allyson and Brian posing with their kids.

Moreover, the duo take their children everywhere they go. When the Titans announced about hiring Brian, they were present in the ceremony. The youngest was seen enjoying himself, running around. The Titans coach even had to ask his son to take a seat. As for the eldest, Norah seems to fit the stereotype of the oldest sibling and looks after her brother.

Brian Appreciates His Spouse and Kids’ Support

The 39-year-old often expresses gratitude to his wife for having his back. Allyson is everything he could have asked for in a life partner.

While giving a speech after accepting his position at the Titans, he acknowledged the difficulty of his demanding profession and mentioned how he would not be where he is now without his better half’s support.

Similarly, Brian also thanked his wonderful kids for “being good,” which was met with a roar of laughter from the audience.

Brian Callahan’s Wife, Allyson Callahan, Is Relatively Private

Mrs. Callahan was born in November 1985 in New York. In spite of everything, she maintains a relatively private persona. Her Instagram account, where she has 98 posts as of March 2024, is private.

Moreover, Allyson is also on Facebook, where she has posted only a few photos. Nevertheless, it was last updated on May 12, 2020. It is not just her who prefers a private lifestyle; her husband also has private socials.

Furthermore, the beautiful woman currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her family. While she avoids the spotlight, for the most part, her role in shaping Brian’s career and life is indefinable.