Adrian Peterson’s Wife Ashley Peterson Has Supported Him During Legal Battles

By AustinPublished on: February 21, 2024 Updated on: February 21, 2024
Birthday January 30, 1986
Birthplace Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Age 38 years
Husband Adrian Peterson
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Ashley Peterson has gained prominence as Adrian Peterson‘s wife. However, the lady is so much more than that. Coming from an entrepreneurial background, she has established her own business, earning her both fame and financial success. Do you know that the athlete was arrested for alleged domestic abuse against his wifey?

Here, we have garnered more intriguing facts about the lady, her life, and her relationship with the football star.

Ashley Peterson’s Mother Is A Cancer Survivor

Ashley was born on January 30, 1986, in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Her mom is Katonah La’Rover, and she has two siblings named Courtney A. Ball and Loya. The sisters seem very close to one another.

Besides, Peterson’s mother is a five-year breast cancer survivor. Katonah has played a significant role in her children’s upbringing. She has been described as a “cancer survivor, amazing mom, supporter, woman of integrity, selfless Woman of God.”

Ashley Peterson's mother is cancer survivor
Ashley’s mother heavily influenced her upbringing.

Similarly, the old woman also has an entrepreneurial background and industry experience. Katonah’s ventures influenced her daughter’s own career. She used to sell beauty products, where her little one could give life to her passion.

Mrs. Peterson Is A Model And Entrepreneur

Ashley got her high school degree from Broken Arrow High School and earned her Bachelor’s degree, majoring in Communications, from the University of Oklahoma. She has had a passion for makeup since she was five.

The gentlewoman started her journey as a model. Ashley has described modeling as her first love and something she has done since she was in the third grade. Moving to LA was a gateway for her to fulfill her dreams. She got four contracts to kickstart her career and also did some commercial acting.

Ashley Peterson is Adrian Peterson's wife
Ashley and Adrian have been together for over a decade.

Meanwhile, Adrian’s partner started her own beauty line, Elizabella Cosmetics, on November 8, 2018, and is the founder and CEO of the company. Over 5 years later, the company is a huge success and has amassed quite fame and financial success.

Furthermore, she also worked as a correspondent around 2018.

Adrian Peterson Has Been Married To Ashley Peterson Since 2014

The lovebirds met in Oklahoma during their freshman year at an authority party when they were 18. Their relationship, which began when they were students, flourished into adulthood. Well, they had an on-and-off relationship.

The pair’s first photo on Instagram dates back to July 19, 2013, when Mrs. Peterson posted a picture with her hubby. However, they have been together for a lot longer than that, as they welcomed their first child in 2011.

Likewise, together for a while, they tied the knot and sealed the deal in a private ceremony on July 19, 2014. While the soulmates have had their fair share of ups and downs, they seem to be each other’s backbone and support each other immensely.

Moreover, drafted into the NFL in 2007, Adrian was willing to play in the 2023 season but, unfortunately, was not signed by any team. You likely do not need us to tell you more about the NFL sensation.

The Pair Have Three Children

During their fruitful union, the Peterson duo welcomed three beautiful kids. Their first son, Adrian Peterson Jr., was born out of wedlock on August 1, 2011.

In addition, they welcomed their second child, Axyl Eugene Peterson, in October 2015. Their youngest daughter, Abrielle Peterson, was born on August 29, 2023. The little ones have undoubtedly made the worlds of their parents brighter. They take them everywhere they go.

Ashley Peterson and her husband, Adrian Peterson, have three children
The Petersons taking a picture on Christmas.

Apart from that, the running back has fathered five other children with different women. He has also faced child abuse charges for hitting his son with a “switch” in 2014, to which he pleaded “no contest” and was fined and received a community service sentence. They reportedly have a good relationship still.

Moreover, Peterson also lost a son, Tyrese Ruffin, on October 11, 2013, just after the day he met him for the first time. Ruffin was murdered by his mother, Ashley Doohen‘s boyfriend, Joseph Patterson.

Mrs. Peterson Has Defended Her Husband In A Domestic Abuse Allegation

On February 13,  2022, the athlete was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport on the charge of domestic violence. He was released on bond with $50,000 bail. The husband and wife had an argument on the plane when someone called the authorities.

What happened was, during their heated verbal altercation, Adrian had taken off his wife’s ring from her finger, which caused a scratch. The state of California had pressed charges based on that. However, Ashley defended him. She released a statement on Instagram saying,

On Sunday, Adrian and I had a verbal argument. Unfortunately, it was on an airplane. At no point did Adrian hit or strike me. This is a private matter between my husband and myself. We ask that everyone respect our privacy so we can focus on what matters most: our children.

Nevertheless, this is not the only time Mrs. Peterson has defended her husband. During several charges he has faced during his career, she has always been by his side. From accompanying him to the court to being the ears, Ashley has done everything for her hubby.

The Footballer’s Wifey Is The Backbone Of Their Family

Adrian is a controversial athlete, and his scandals are not unknown to NFL fans. Throughout all of this, his spouse has always had his back. They got married around the time of the child abuse case. Amidst the court rounds and his career, they did not have time for their honeymoon.

As a devoted better half, she has been by his side throughout these legal troubles. Ensuring Adrian was okay and staying fit was also her duty. She always had faith in him.

Likewise, Peterson has openly acknowledged the support he has received from his beloved. He mentioned in an interview,

It’s been a lot of support. She’s been the backbone to our family. She’s a strong woman. I outkicked my coverage. She has been with me through some stuff and she’s been very supportive. We’ve been through this journey together, and I know she’s got my back and she’s somebody I can depend on.

Ashley Peterson Is A Philanthropist

The talented woman is kind and caring. Ashley has succeeded in her field, and because of that, giving is her thing. She organizes different charity dinners with her hubby. Together, the couple founded The A&A Peterson Family Foundation. Adrian is the founder and director, while Ashley is the founder, director, and president of the organization.

In addition, the main goal of the organization is “To improve quality of life through resources and economic development, as well as, transform communities through educational and economical empowerment.”

This Houston-based organization is dedicated to providing equal opportunities to the needy, especially children.

Adrian Peterson’s Wife’s Net Worth

Ashley has amassed significant wealth from her diverse endeavors. Her net worth is possibly around $500K. The success of her beauty brand heavily adds to this figure.

As for the husband, Adrian’s net worth is assessed to be $1 million. His career, spanning over a decade, has made him a renowned person around the nation and contributed to his financial standing.

Adrian Peterson's wife, Ashley Peterson, boasts a significant net worth
Adrian and Ashley enjoy a comfortable life.

According to Facebook, Ashley lives with her family in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. However hectic her life might look, she perfectly manages her roles as a full-time wife, mother, and entrepreneur.