Zack Moss’ Parents At Times Come Together For His Matches

By CarolPublished on: February 6, 2024 Updated on: February 11, 2024
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Zack Moss is a star football running back for the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts. He’s the son of Anthony Moss Sr. and Cassandra Moss. The NFL star had to face many obstacles in the past. Were his parents the reason?

Well, to know more, you’ll have to dig into the article below. Additionally, learn about his relationship with the former San Francisco 49ers wide receiver, Randy Moss.

Zack Moss’ Parents Split When He Was A Kid

The major reason why Zack did not have a happy childhood was due to his parents’ early divorce. When he was little, his father, Anthony Sr., and his mother, Cassandra, called it quits.

Zack Moss' parents are no longer together
Moss’ parents parted ways when he was just a kid.

After that, Cassandra had to juggle multiple things at once to make ends meet. She was later awarded a property in Liberty City, which she took. However, the property that her former husband had previously controlled did not help much.

Zack Moss Isn’t The Only Child Of His Parents, Cassandra and Anthony

Born on 15 December 1997, Zaccheus Malik Moss is his parents’ middle child. Excluding him, the former husband and wife had four other children, i.e., two sons and two daughters.

While one of their daughters lives a relatively private life, the other one, Tyra Moss, is an aspiring model. Likewise, their other son, Colby Moss, is a footballer, just like his big brother. He used to play college football for Georgetown.

NFL running back, Zack Moss and his brother, Colby Moss love football
Zack’s brother is also into football

Finally, Anthony Moss Jr. is the former couple’s eldest son. Although uncertain, tabloids across the web claim that he has a medical degree and works in the healthcare sector.

Initially, the family of seven lived near Marimar Beach in Flordia. They had a five-bedroom home.

After the split, it was only Cassandra and her little ones. Although she wanted to keep all her kids close to her, she couldn’t. While she had the responsibility to take care of Zack, his two sisters, and a brother, the eldest, Anthony Jr., split time between his parents.

Furthermore, reality always came in the way as she tried her very best to protect her young ones.

Zack Moss’ Relationship With His Dad, Anthony

Zack and his old man, Anthony, have a simple father-son relationship. From the footballer’s high school to college and now in the NFL, his dad has been there to support him.

Over and above this, Moss Sr. even reconciled his relationship with his ex-wife for the sake of his son. For instance, he traveled from Florida to Utah with her for the first time in 2019 to watch their son play the game at the Rice-Eccles Stadium.

Furthermore, Anthony Moss was also present when Zack had a brutal helmet-to-helmet hit during one of his games in Utah. In fact, his dad walked his way down to the tunnel to make sure the footballer was okay. Following this, the interviewers asked his father if his kid had taken a hit like that before. He confidently said,

Never. He stayed strong.

The Colts Running Back Is Into Football For His Mother, Cassandra

Zack’s drive to become a footballer was fueled by his mother’s sacrifices. It was Cassandra’s compromises that made her son the man he is today.

Zack Moss's parents, Anthony Moss and Cassandra Moss split when he was 10 years old
A proud son of a proud mother – Zack with his lifeline, his mother, Cassandra

Talking about paying her back, during an interview with The Athletic, he said,

I can only imagine the feelings that se had and all of the things that she’s goe through in her life, and being in that situation and all of that type stuff. And now seeing where we’re at years later, through perseverance and hard work – nothing that I’ve done could’ve been done without the sacrtifices and things that she had to go through physically, mentally, and emotionally. My job is to try to pay back as much as I can.

In a similar instance, the 26-year-old also expressed that his beloved mother is the reason why he “plays the game.” All in all, their bond is simply beautiful, and nothing can ever replace it.

Zack Moss Is Lucky Enough To Have Cassandra As His Parent

Apart from giving her son important life lessons, she’s given him immense support. Moreover, Cassandra is an ideal parent who has been there for her baby through the ups and downs.

To add, she never fails to shower Zack with praise. During an interview, she expressed how he has always been “a great kid from the beginning.” Additionally, she also expressed that her boy was the kind of kid teachers wanted; it’s no wonder that so many people idolize him today.


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On top of everything, she’s the kind of mother who longs for her kid to be near her. While the RB was off to Utah, playing college football, she missed him dearly; she said,

I haven’t seen him since I was there in May for his graduation, and I haven’t seen him since – other than FaceTime and things like that – but not in person. So, it’s just adding to our awesome list that he is accomplising, and it really is amazing.

Talking about missing things, Cassandra never misses a game of her son’s. Over and above this, she was right by his side on draft day, too.

His Relationship With The Ex-Football Wide Receiver Randy Moss

For years on end, people have mistaken Randy Moss for being Zack’s relative. But it goes without saying that the wide receiver isn’t even close to the running back. To begin with, there’s no relationship between them. Since they have the same last name and share a promising age gap, fans always thought they were somehow related.

People confuse Randy Moss as Zack Moss's relative/father
Randy and Zack do not have any relationship.

Apart from that, Zack rather has a few cousins in the NFL. The former football wide receivers Santana Moss and Sinorice Moss are his cousin brothers. While Santana was a professional footballer for over 14 NFL seasons, Sinorice was an asset to both the NFL and the CFL.