Tyler Allgeier’s Parents Parted Ways When He Was Young

By SarahPublished on: February 19, 2024 Updated on: February 27, 2024
Birthday July 1975
Birthplace Fontana, California
Age 48 years
Son Tyler Allgeier
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When Tyler Allgeier almost quit playing football because of his relationship with his dad, it was his mom who encouraged him to try playing again because she knew it was his best sport. Well, we have to thank Ester Allgeier because if it hadn’t been for her, Tyler wouldn’t be the running back for the Atlanta Falcons.

It wasn’t easy raising two kids being a single mom for Ester but she did a great job as her children turned out to be doing good in life. Let’s learn about this single mother in this article.

Tyler Allgeier’s Parents Separated When He Was Young

Tyler is very private about his personal life. His mom is in the limelight, but not his dad. Well, it may be because his parents have long been separated. With little information disclosed about his personal life, we don’t know the exact details about his father’s name.

Well, some sources have identified him as Tyler Sr.

Tyler Allgeier with his mother and sister
Tyler’s parents separated when he and his sister were young.

From the look of it, there is a possibility that they got married in the 90s. Even though the former pair haven’t revealed any information about their relationship, it is confirmed that they separated a few decades ago.

The Former Couple Has Two Children

Though the then-married duo had only a few years of togetherness, they gave birth to two children in their short span of marriage. Their eldest, Tyler, was born on April 15, 2000.

When Tyler was delivered, the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. He almost didn’t make it, but doctors were able to save him. Due to this, the player had a rough first year of his life. Considering that, Ester said, “He is technically my little miracle baby.”

Alongside Tyler, Ester welcomed her daughter, Nalonie Allgeier, on March 3, 2005. Like her brother, she is also a sports lover.

Tyler Allgeier with his mother and sister.
Ester with her son and daughter.

She played soccer at Rancho Cucamonga High School. As of 2024, she is studying at Prairie View A&M University, where she also plays soccer as a forward. Besides, Nalonie is also working part-time at In-N-Out Burger as a fast food fry cook.

Ester Raised Her Kids With The Help Of Her Parents

After her divorce from her kids’ father, Ester raised her children as a single mom. Being a sole parent of two wasn’t easy, but her parents helped her.

Although she faced financial problems, she never hesitated to fulfill her little ones’s needs. She took care of everything from tuition to rent and food. She was able to meet the ends with her job at an auto auction company.

Furthermore, Ester had to take a loan from the bank to admit Tyler to college. When the RB got a job at Walmart as a cart attendant, she was against it as she wanted him to concentrate on school. However, she understood where he was coming from.

Tyler Allgeier’s Mom, Ester Allgeier, Works At An Automotive Wholesaler

Born in July of 1975, Ester’s full name is Estrella D Allgeier. She is the daughter of Robert Allgeier and Ermina Allgeier. Sadly, her dad died on February 9, 2021, due to cancer. She was raised in Fontana, California, with her sibling, Louie Allgeier.


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Talking about her education, she studied at Chaffey College. As for her career, the 48-year-old has been working as a Lot Operations Supervisor at Manheim Southern California since 1993.

Does Tyler Have A Good Relationship With His Biological Father?

The Falcons star is reluctant to talk about his old man publicly. However, there are certain times when he has hinted at his presence. Even though Tyler Sr. has called it off with his family a long time ago, looks like he is still in contact with his son.

Back when he was 3, his mom, Ester, signed him up for football, soccer, and baseball. When his biological dad saw his skills, he signed Tyler up for tackle football when he was 7. He didn’t consult with his then-wife before this decision. The kid who loved football started hating the game because of his estranged bond with his old man.

However, Ester knew how much her little one enjoyed football and urged him not to decide based on his connection with his dad. Thankfully, he loved playing the ball again and now is setting career highs in the league.

Ester Allgeier Is Both Mother And Father For Her Children

Tyler has credited his mom for his success. He said if it weren’t for her pushing him, the NFL would have only been a dream. He further added, “She was both a mother and father figure to me growing up.” She wanted her children to be educated so that they could make a name for themselves.

With his dad rarely around, his mother was the one who taught her how to be the man he is today.

Tyler’s Old Woman Has Already Moved On

Though we don’t know the exact details about Tyler’s parents’ relationship, it looks like Ester has found someone new. She hinted at her relationship with a new man on her Facebook. She frequently shares pictures with a handsome guy who is possibly her current partner.

Nevertheless, the mom of two is happy with her life.

As for Tyler’s biological dad, his whereabouts are safely tucked away from the public. We don’t exactly know if he is single or not. But given the time frame of the then-couple, he most likely has someone else in his life.

The Mother-Son Duo Were Together During The NFL Draft

Tyler watched the draft with his mom, sister, and grandma in California. Ester always believed that football was his best sport. So, seeing him getting drafted into the league, she expressed, “We are super excited, but very eager to get it over with at the same time.”

Tyler has also shared his draft day photo on his Instagram, where he was seen crying, and all his friends and family were happy for him.

Tyler Allgeier with his mom, Ester Allgeier
Tyler’s mom was with him when he was drafted into the league.

Even now, she is still one of his biggest supporters who rarely misses his matches. Her socials are flooded with pictures of her kid’s accomplishments.

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