Skylar Thompson Parents – His Mother Died When He Was Just Six

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Brad Thompson and Teresa Thompson are the parents of Miami Dolphins quarterback, Skylar Thompson. Brad lost his wife when their kids were young, but he didn’t give in to the grief and did a fantastic job raising his kids to be better people.

Skylar was always a mama’s boy but became close to his dad after his mom’s death. Even though they had an inseparable bond, Brad was still against him playing football.

Brad Thompson And Late-Teresa Thompson Got Married In Bahamas

Brad and Teresa tied the knot in Nassau, Bahamas on July 7, 1995. The couple gave birth to two sons, Skylar Thompson and Eric Pyle, and a daughter, Ashley Pyle. They settled in Northeast Missouri where both of them got jobs.

Teresa was the general manager of Y101 Radio. She started her career with no experience in radio at Bick Broadcasting where she worked for 23 years.

As for Brad, he was a basketball coach until 2000. He was also a professor at Palmyra High School before being appointed as the principal. After the death of his wife, he moved to Independence, Missouri where he took a job as the freshmen center principal at Fort Osage High School. Thompson retired in 2020 after 16 years of his job at Fort Osage.

The Thompsons Were The Natives Of Missouri

Born in 1969 in Lafene Health Center, Brad is the son of John Walter and Sue Ellen Thompson. They lived in an apartment near Kansas State University, Missouri. They gave birth to Brad when they were still in college so Sue had to put studies on hold while John graduated after having his son. He worked as a school janitor and student assistant on the K-State men’s basketball team.

On the other hand, Teresa was the daughter of Floyd and Marilyn Meyers. She was born on February 14, 1959, in Hannibal. She went to Palmyra High School and graduated in 1977.

Brad Lost His Father To Pancreatic Cancer

Brad’s father, John Walter Thompson was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in February 2003. The loving and strong man lost his fight on October 23, 2003. He was always smiling and playing with his grandchildren when he was healthy. John even attended his grandson, Skylar’s game with an oxygen mask. He passed away within a few weeks after the match.

Brad also has a brother, Blair.

Teresa Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer When Her Son, Skylar Was Six

Born on February 14, 1959, Mrs. Thompson didn’t live long as she was diagnosed with stage-four breast cancer. Even when doctors told chemotherapy was practically pointless, she didn’t give up and fought the cancer until her last breath. She received treatment at the Cancer Treatment Center of America, Tulsa Oklahoma, and the whole family would travel back and forth for the best possible treatment.

Teresa Thompson and Skylar Thompson
Teresa with her son, Skylar.

Teresa’s condition kept deteriorating but she stayed strong in front of her children. She would even joke about her disease so that her kids wouldn’t feel bad. However, luck was not in her favor and she lost the battle to cancer on May 11, 2004, a few days after Mother’s Day.

Brad Is Very Close To Skylar After His Wife’s Death

Brad stepped up for his kids after his wife’s death. Skylar revealed that after the death of his mother, he asked his dad what he and his siblings were supposed to do and that’s when he started sharing a close bond with their father. Thompson would cook for his children or take them out for dinner. Above all, he helped his kids distract their minds with music and fun activities.

Skylar Thompson, Brad Thompson and Katherine Ann Burns
Skylar with his father, Brad, and step-mom, Katherine.

Even now these two are still close and the proud father often goes to the stadium to watch his son play. As a matter of fact, he drove 15 hours to see his son play his first NFL match. Though his team lost the game, it is one of the memories that he cherishes.

Thompson Is Married To Katherine Ann Burns

Brad married Katherine after the death of his first wife, Teresa. These two gave birth to Anthony. After their wedding, they moved to Independence, Missouri for a fresh start. These two are now living together in Palmyra, Missouri.

Brad Was Against His Son, Skylar Playing Football At First

When Brad first heard about his son, Skylar’s interest in football, he didn’t want him to play the sport. It might be because everyone in the family was fond of basketball and his child was the first to play football. But, he later decided to give his kid a shot at this sport and it was the ticket of their dream.

Brad Thompson son, Skylar Thompson
Brad is proud of his son, Skylar.

Thompson is now proud of Skylar’s accomplishments. He once said, “As a father, I couldn’t be more proud of him. There’s been so much pressure and to just watch him sit back and attack it has been something to see.”

Skylar Thompson Still Wears His Mother, Teresa’s Wedding Ring

Brad and Katherine gifted Skylar a gold roped chain with his mom’s wedding ring attached to it on his 18th birthday. Since then he has been wearing it every day as a reminder of his mom. Meanwhile, Skylar expresses his gratitude to his mom every thanksgiving.

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