Irv Smith Jr.’s Parents Never Married; The Truth Revealed!

By CannonPublished on: October 8, 2023 Updated on: February 16, 2024
Birthday August 9, 1998
Birthplace New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
Age 25 years
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Although Irv Smith Jr.’s parents split early, both of them remain integral to his NFL journey. Like him, his father is also a former NFL player who used to play for New Orleans Saints.

Besides, did you know that Smith Jr’s mom and dad never married? Here are several interesting facts you need to know about them!

Irv Smith Jr’s Parents As A 1990s Couple

Smith Jr.’s father and mother Irv Smith Sr. and Rose Matamoros were in a relationship in the 1990s. The two began dating in 1993. At the time, Smith Sr. was a budding player in the NFL who had just signed a contract with the New Orleans Saints.

With his growing career, their relationship also took a pace, resulting in the birth of their son Smith Jr. in August 1998. However, the couple couldn’t sustain their relationship for long. Only a year after their son’s birth, they went their separate ways.

Although the former flames were in a relationship for years, they never gave thought to a marriage. After their split, Smith Sr. and Rose agreed to share joint custody of their son. At the time, they both used to live in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Irv Smith Jr’s Life After His Parents’ Separation

Since Irv’s mom and dad shared joint custody of their only son, they tried their best to give him an ideal and balanced upbringing. But later in the years, Smith Jr. had regular encounters with his father because of their shared interests in sports.

At 14, Smith Jr. made his move to New Orleans, his mother’s hometown, and attended Brother Martin High School. It was where Irv played high school football.

Smith Jr. Has a Healthy Relationship With Both His Father and Mother

Like any child, the NFL star also shares quite a good relationship with both of his parents Rose Matamoros and Irv Smith Jr. He is often cheered by his mom and dad during his NFL matches.

Further, Irv frequently showcases his utmost love and respect towards his father and mother via his social media. Back in Dec 2014, the NFL star posted a beautiful photo with his mother on the occasion of her birthday on Twitter.

Smith Jr mother Rose on her birthday
Smith Jr, celebrating his mother’s birthday on 10th December.

Not only that, but Mother’s Day and Father’s Day also provide him with opportunities to show his unconditional love for his parents.

His Father Is a Former Football Tight End

Smith Jr.’s father was also a footballer who mostly played for New Orleans Saints from 1993-97. After playing five seasons with the team, Smith Sr. joined the San Francisco 49ers in 1998, followed by Cleveland Browns.

Smith Jr father is a former NFL tight end.
Smith Jr. and his father Smith Fr.

Although Smith played for the Saints for the majority of his career, the ex-NFL tight end is no longer a fan of the team.

Like him, his older brother Ed Smith was also an NFL tight end.

Where Do His Father and Mother Live?

At present, Smith Jr’s mother Rose resides in New Orleans, LA, whereas his father Smith Sr. resides in Phoenix. While his dad still has a bit of a presence in the media, his mother is completely off the radar. Her only public presence is her Twitter account which is also inactive with zero posts.

Further, neither Smith Sr. nor his former partner Rose have come forward with their relationship status after their break up.

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