Gardner Minshew Has His Father Flint Minshew’s Athletic Genes

By AustinPublished on: February 2, 2024 Updated on: February 7, 2024
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Flint Minshew is the proud dad of American football quarterback, Gardner Minshew. The National Football League (NFL) fans might know Flint as “Gardner Minshew’s father,” but he is a lot more than that. Well, Minshew Sr. is someone who has always been there for his son.

If you are eager to learn more about Gardner’s old man, keep scrolling till the end as we unravel all there is to know about him.

Gardner Minshew’s Father, Flint Minshew, Is A Former Athlete

Born in January 1970, Flint is 54 years old as of 2024. He received his high school education from Leake Academy in Carthage, Mississippi.

In addition, Minshew went to Millsaps College, graduating in 1992, where he was a standout athlete. He played football as a defensive tackle, and his contributions to the college’s athletics were heavily recognized.

During his career at Millsaps, Flint was 5th all-time with 289 career tackles and 4th all-time with 179 solo tackles. He also made it to the First Team All-SCAC in his senior year, including CAC honorable mention in the 1989 and 1990 seasons.

Gardner Minshew's father Flint Minshew was a defensive tackle in college
Flint was a football player.

Likewise, Gardner’s old man was in Mississippi Sports Writers Association‘s “Dream Team.” His legacy does not end here. With 21.5 sacks, Flint is the 2nd all-time for quarterback sacks. He won the James Ray Hood Outstanding Defensive Lineman Award in 1991 and was a member of the first SCAC football Championship team in the same year.

To commemorate all this, he was inducted into Millsaps College Athletics Hall of Fame in 2011. In addition, he has also coached youth league sports.

Mr. Minshew Is A Contractor

Following his extensive football career, Flint chose a profession far from the glamor and fame of athletics. He established his construction company, Minshew General Construction, in 2005.

Over the years, Minshew’s company has been specializing in decorative concrete flooring, remodeling, and other flooring works.

Flint Minshew Has Been Married Since 1994

Alongside his prolific career, Flint is also enjoying his marital life. He has been married to Kim Minshew for almost three decades. His wife is a middle school math teacher, and they are very understanding of one another. She is also a former basketball player at Mississippi State. On her birthday in 2016, Flint posted,

Happy birthday to this sweet wife, momma, friend & teacher. Obviously patient b/c we’re going on 22 yrs of marriage.

Similarly, their relationship, which began in the early 90s, has stood the test of time. The pair are closer than ever, and their love for one another has only soared over the years. Moreover, they have supported one another through thick and thin and continue to do the same for their family and children.

Senior Minshew Has Three Children

The football star is not the only child in his family. Flint and Kim have two daughters, Meredith, their middle child, and Callie, their youngest.

Callie, like her parents and brother, is an athlete. She played volleyball at the Mississippi State University. She left an indelible mark with her talents.

Gardner Minshew with his father Flint Minshew and his sisters.
The Minshew family.

Contrary to her athletic family, the middle, Meredith seems to have focused on her studies. She also went to Mississippi State and majored in kinesiology with a concentration in sports administration.

The Minshew children are very close to one another. Flint has always focused on his kids and did everything in his power to support and provide resources for them to hone their talents.

Gardner Minshew Is A Lot Like His Father, Flint Minshew

Garnder Flint Minshew II is named after his father. Gardner’s grandfather, Billy, wanted to name the athlete Beowulf after the old English hero.

Similarly, seeing II in Gardner’s name instead of Jr. might make one feel he was not named after his father. “If you’re a junior, you’re going to be called ‘Junior’ or ‘Bubba,’” Flint said about his son’s name.

Besides, it is not just the name that is the same between this father and son. They are quite alike. For starters, they are both athletes. The football star inherited athleticism from his old man.

Without Flint, his NFL sensation son would not be who he is. Gardner has openly credited his dad for his support in his life. Talking about that, the athlete said,

I love being able to carry that on the back my jersey, Minshew II, to me that’s just kind of a testament to my dad. I know that he prepared me so well, really pushed me, and gave me so many opportunities. To me, it’s kind of a tribute to him and a payback to him knowing that we really got here together.

Flint taught his kid the importance of hard work. The father-son lessons were important in shaping his career and life.

In addition, the two drove miles so he could get the best resources to hone his skills. The quarterback’s draft into the NFL might have been a sweet surprise for others but not to the senior Minshew, as he always knew his son would play big.

The Senior Minshew Has Only Missed His Son’s Game Once

Ever since Gardner was a child, Flint has always been present in his game, except once. When the NFL player was playing for Washington State, his dad missed the game against USC.

It was a Friday night game, and Callie was a Homecoming maid in Brandon. However, Flint has never missed a match since. He is very proud of Gardner and wants him to know that.

Flint Minshew’s Commitment to Fitness

Even in his 50s, the athlete’s father has an envious body. But, it is not something he was born with or gifted by anybody. It is something he worked hard day and night to achieve.

During Gardner’s rookie season, he had to make pivotal plays to gain the spotlight. But his dad? He just had to be a proud father and support his son. He became an internet sensation during the game.

His genuine reactions and support were among the things that made him a hot topic. What really made him shine was his jacked body. People took notice, and Twitter was full of it.

Gardner Minshew's father Flint Minshew is jacked
Flint is jacked

Moreover, Flint posts pictures of himself in the gym. He is often seen working out with his children.

At present, Flint Minshew lives in Brandon, Mississippi. Despite his busy schedule, he manages time for all of his children. He has perfectly balanced his life.