Devin Singletary’s Parents Are Divorced And Have New Partners

By AustinPublished on: January 21, 2024 Updated on: January 21, 2024
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Devin Singletary, famously known as “Motor,” is an American football running back. While it is his dedication and devotion that makes him the star he is, his journey would not have been easy without the unwavering support of his parents, Devonn Singletary and Sabrina Clark.

Although the media coverage of Devonn and Sabrina has been limited, we have uncovered some facts. Keep scrolling to learn all there is to know about them.

Devin Singletary’s Parents Have Always Been There

Singletary was born to Devonn and Sabrina on September 3, 1997, in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Hailing from a humble family, his upbringing was not easy for his parents. Despite their financial troubles, his folks did all they could to ensure the football player got the best resources to hone his skills.

As his dad and mom were Deerfield Beach High School graduates, that is where Devin thought he would go. But fate had other plans. Sure enough, the family’s prayers were answered, and the athlete got a sports scholarship at American Heritage.

Devin Singletary's father
Devin with his father.

He became a three-star recruit and had 4,975 rushing yards, laying a foundation. Devon and Sabrina have been his biggest supporters, and as Devin himself has acknowledged, he might not have been the football sensation he is today without them.

Apart from the football star, they have another daughter, Monet Singletary. She is a hairstylist and manager at Hollister Co.

His Mother And Father Are Divorced

While the specifics of their divorce have not been revealed, the two seem to have parted their ways for a long time now. Despite their separation, they have maintained an amicable relationship, and the two are seen together here and there.

Besides, they also pass comments to each other on Facebook. Devonn often shares posts Sabrina’s posts about their son while the latter sometimes leaves comments on his posts. Their separation has not affected their parenting, as they are parents to their children first and ex-couple later.

Sabrina Clark Has Already Found Her Forever

A devoted Christian, Sabrina McLamore Clark, was born in April 1974, making her 50 years old as of 2024. As stated above, she went to Deerfield Beach. She graduated with a Business Management degree from the University of Phoenix.

Similarly, Sabrina has worked at the Health Care District of Palm Beach County since April 11, 2022. She also seems to work for Legacy United Multiservices, a firm specializing in tax services.

Apart from all of that, the athlete’s mom also runs Momma Bree Delights, where she gives life to her passion for baking. She also sells them and has received positive feedback from her customers.

After her failed marriage with the athlete’s father, she found a home in Keith Clark. Originally from Camden, New Jersey, Devin’s stepfather currently lives in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Devin Singletary With His Mother Sabrina Clark and and her Husband Keith Clark
Devin with his mother, stepfather, and sister.

The sweethearts have been married for a long time now. They celebrated their 6th anniversary on January 27, 2023.

Keith has been more than just a faithful husband. He is also a loving stepfather and has always supported his stepchildren. The two likely have a child together.

Devonn Is Also Engaged

Born in August 1968, the athlete’s father also played football in college. He reportedly played for Division 1 at Norfolk State University. So, now we know where his athleticism comes from.

Besides, Sabrina is not the only one who has moved on. The 55-years-old is currently in a relationship with Edwina Hickson Woods. The pair made their relationship public via Facebook in July 2018. “On my way to worship with God’s gift,” he posted a picture with Edwina.

His Facebook friends took the news really well. “My son got him a woman that’s my boy,” Devonn’s mom, Rochelle Riley, commented.

They took their relationship to the next level on Christmas Day 2019. He posted a picture of his fiancee’s hand flaunting a shining engagement ring.

While there is no news of their marriage, Edwina is close to Devonn’s kids from his first marriage, and they are very happy together.

Devin Is His Father’s Doppelganger

As stated above, Devin also played football in college and was pretty good at it. Infamously known as Motor, the football player inherited this nickname from his father. He was a standout athlete in his time, much like his son now. Talking about his name, Devin said,

It came about from my dad. He had it first. It was passed down. As I started playing football and whatnot, they saw how fast I was, so it kind of stuck with me.

Not only do the father-son duo possess similar skills in their game, but they also have a similar outlook. Devonn once posted a collage of his son on the left and a picture of himself at 21 on the right. The resemblance is uncanny. Many people in the comment section pointed it out, with some calling them “twins” and others “clones.”

Devin Singletary’s Parents Live In Florida

Singletary’s parents live in Pompano Beach, Florida, with their respective partners and families. They have perfectly balanced their life without leaving their responsibilities out.

Devin Singletary With His Parents And Their Partners
Singletary with his parents and stepparents.

Sabrina and Devonn, as mentioned above, support their kid to the fullest and watch all of his games. Not just them but also their current sweethearts, Keith and Edwina, are big fans of the NFL star and are often seen accompanying him on several occasions.