David Njoku Parents Innocent and Stella Njoku Migrated from Nigeria

By SarahPublished on: November 27, 2023 Updated on: February 16, 2024
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The Cleveland Browns tight end, David Njoku has been called “Chief” since childhood because of his resemblance with his father. Innocent Njoku Sr. and Stella Njoku had their hands full with nine children but that didn’t mean they missed out on fulfilling their needs. In fact, all of their kids have successful careers.

The Nigerian couple moved to the States for better facilities but had to face several difficulties raising their family. Let’s learn more about their sacrifices and the relationship they share in this article.

David Njoku’s Parents Are From Nigeria

Innocent Njoku Sr. and Stella Njoku are the natives of Nigeria. The couple got married and had their first son, Innocent Jr. in their hometown before migrating to the United States in 1987. After settling in the States, they gave birth to eight children.

The duo faced some hardships along the way like losing their mother to pancreatic cancer but their love overcame all the difficulties. These two are still going strong after being married for decades.

Stella Njoku with her children.
Stella with her sons and daughters.

The parents of nine rarely make public appearances and aren’t active on social media, so we can’t exactly pinpoint their whereabouts. However, we are sure that wherever they are, they are living happily together.

Innocent Sr. Was The Chief of an Airlines Company

Njoku moved to the States with very little money but later became the chief of an airline company. Innocent was the chief of Trans Atlantic Airlines (TAA). This airline was established to satisfy Nigerians and West African travelers. He was in charge of the whole airline and expanded its operation to cover the West Coast. Apart from being a chief, he was also the New York Real Estate Guru.

However, after the company shut down, he started working in the oil industry. As for his wife, she used to own a clothing line but now supports her spouse in his work.

They Faced Financial Woes

With their company having success, the family was enjoying their life. The family used to live in a seven or eight-bedroom house in a rich neighborhood. They soon faced a financial crisis after their source of income shut down. They were compelled to move from a luxurious house to living on the outskirts.

Innocent Njoku Sr. and Stella Njoku Are Parents Of Nine Children

Innocent and Stella have five daughters and four sons. Their firstborn, Innocent Jr. was born in Nigeria and now is a neurosurgeon at Albany Medical Center, New York. Apart from their oldest son, all of their boys play football. David is a tight end for the Cleveland Browns while his younger brother, Evidence was a wide receiver for the Hurricanes. As for Charles, he also plays football as a wide receiver.

As for their daughters, Chelsea studied nursing in New Jersey and Faith is a medical student at UC Irvine. Glady is a mechanical engineer and as for Happiness, she is working for the Universal Church.

Strong Bond Between Four Brothers

As we said before, Stella’s eldest son, Innocent Jr. is in the medical field while all the others are playing football. Being a medical student, he understands what this sport can do to their bodies but has never been against them playing.

The brothers have frequent conversations about the impact of this sport and they appreciate someone who can give a medical point of view. When asked, Innocent said, “This is where I think that passion can collide and unite and we can all work together to figure out how to love the game and play the game while taking preventative steps.”

Innocent Njoku and Stella Njoku sons, Innocent Jr., David, Evidence and Charles
Njoku family boys have each other backs.

The brothers have each other backs as they have been constantly seen cheering each other on game day. Similarly, they hang out and travel together all the time. The siblings always celebrate festivals together with love and happiness.

All Hail The Chief – Like His Father, David Also Holds the “Chief” Title

Njoku Sr. long held a chief title which might be the reason why people call his son, David “Chief.” The tight end was honored with the honorary title on March 16 for his humanitarian efforts. Though he grew up in New Jersey, he had been to Nigeria a couple of times with his parents. After his success in his career, he visited his homeland and donated food and essential items.


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David shared that it was an honor to have the actual title after being called Chief his entire life. He expressed his gratitude to God for all the glory as he wouldn’t be here without his beliefs and values.

He shared his happiness on his Instagram with the caption,” God is the greatest. What an Honor it is to be inaugurated as a Chief. More importantly, what an honor it is to give back to your people. I am nothing God I give you all the glory!!!”

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