Both of Case Keenum’s Parents Were Athletes: Facts About Them

By AustinPublished on: January 19, 2024 Updated on: January 19, 2024
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Case Keenum is recognized for his extensive National Football League (NFL) career. Making his NFL debut in the 2013 season with the Houston Texans, Keenum returned to his home club again in 2023, where he is shining at the age of 36. Two figures who have always been by his side are his parents, Steve Keenum and Susan Keenum.

The athlete has been candid about their role in making him who he is today. But who are Steve and Susan? Join us as we unravel their personal and professional life while shedding light on their impact on the athlete’s career.

Case Keenum’s Parents Were College Sweethearts

The American football quarterback’s father, Steve, and mother, Susan (nee’ Wolfenbarger) went to the same university, McMurry University, where they met. The former got his Bachelor’s Degree in Education there.

Case Keenum's Parents Steve And Susan Keenum Wearing Mask
Steve and Susan were college sweethearts.

Steve, born in February 1958, is 66 years old as of 2024, while his wife, Susan, born in 1961, is 63, making them three years apart.

Keenum, born on February 17, 1988, is not the only kid of Steve and Susan. The sweethearts has two more children: a son Allison Simmons and a daughter Lauren Wray Keenum.

His Father And Mother Were Also Athletes

Athleticism runs in the family. The senior Keenum played football as an offensive lineman for McMurry in the 70s and was pretty good at it.

Similarly, Case’s mother Susan played track and field for Irion County High School and was a state qualifier in the sport. Her athletic history was further strengthened when she played volleyball at McMurry.

Similarly, Susan’s father and Case’s maternal grandfather, Orlie Wolfenbarger, was a renowned football player turned coach. As an honor to Keenum’s late grandpa, the Mertzon football field was renamed to O.K. Wolfenbarger Field.

Presently, the matriarch of the Keenum family is a dedicated teacher. She has been in the profession for over 33 years now. On August 10, 2020, Susan celebrated her 30th year of teaching with her husband.

Keenum Is A Momma’s Boy

Case is very close to his mother. While talking about his mom in his book Playing For More, the Quarterback wrote,

Mom, you are the sweetest, hardest-working person I know. I am a momma’s boy at heart and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t feel loved and encouraged by you.

In addition, the football star also mentioned how his mom has always been there for him. Even when Susan couldn’t attend his games, she would FaceTime Keenum and support him in every way. When the athlete was injured, it was Susan and Case’s wife, Kimberly Caddell, who drove him to and from practice.

Case Keenum’s Dad Was His Mentor

Steve is a role model for his son. After playing football at McCurry in the 1970s, he was made the head football coach and athletic director of the university in 1995, a role he held until 2005. That is when Case fell in love with the game.

Besides, Steve was head coach at Sul Ross State, offensive coordinator at Tarleton State, from where he received his Master’s degree, and offensive line coach at Hardin–Simmons.

While accompanying his father to the McCurry football field, Case knew he wanted to play football. He asked his old man if he could be the ball boy for the team. Steve told him he could do that only after he “was able to throw the NCAA football from the sidelines into a referee standing at the hash mark.”

Case Keenum's Father Steve Keenum Was A Football Coach
Steve, a former offensive lineman, was also a coach.

It was not meant to discourage Case. After hearing his dad’s words, he practiced hard until he secured the spot. This made the football player more inclined towards becoming a quarterback.

Even though Steve never officially coached him, Keenum wouldn’t be a football player if it weren’t for him. The quarterback learned to do the right thing from his dad, something he still remembers.

Steve’s Life After Retiring As A Coach

After retiring as a coach, Steve became the Multi-Area Director at Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a group that is dear to Casey. He is still involved with the organization serving West Texas for almost two decades.

Besides, Steve was also the president of Wylie’s School board, where Case first shined as a football player. He is often seen inspiring young football aspirants at several events.

The Quarterback’s Folks Are Devout Christians

Given Casey’s devotion to his faith, it is no wonder his mom and dad are people of faith as well. Steve and Susan believe that everything they have is given to them by God. Talking about Keenum, his father said God gave him the ability to become a football player, which he “worked so hard to maximize.”

While Casey credits his faith for everything he has achieved, he says it was his parents who gave him a foundation to learn about it. His folks taught him how to be a real man of God, and he has become that.

Steve and Susan Are Their Son’s Biggest Supporters

Whatever the Houston Texans quarterback is today, it is because of his hard work–and the unwavering support of his parents. As stated earlier, Casey inherited athleticism from his mother and father.

In addition, they provided Casey with all the resources to hone his skills. Starting from high school, his mom and dad have attended every game he has ever played. They have been candid about the “surreal” experience of watching him play.

Case Keenum's Parents Steve and Susan Are His Biggest Supporters
The beautiful Keenum family.

Besides, the athlete’s dad sends him a text before every match. “Pray hard. Play Hard. Take care of the ball. Have Fun.” And he has lived by this every day.

At present, Steve and Susan live in Abilene, Texas, a place they moved to in April 1992. Now that Casey is back in the NFL, they will continue their roles as supportive parents.