Nicole Ward – Meet The Mother of Browns Cornerback Denzel Ward

By SarahPublished on: December 3, 2023 Updated on: February 16, 2024
Birthday January 28, 1970
Birthplace Ohio
Age 54 years
Son Denzel Ward
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Denzel Ward, the Cleveland Browns cornerback, needs no introduction, all thanks to his football career. However, we can’t forget the person who made him capable of achieving all these, and she is none other than his mother, Nicole Ward. After losing her partner, Nicole turned her grief into something more to honor her late husband. Indeed, Nicole fulfilled her responsibility as a wife and a mother.

Besides being the mom of an NFL Player, Ward is a real estate agent, an executive director, a model, and much more. Let’s find out more about this talented lady in this article.

Nicole Ward Has Served Cleveland Her Entire Life

We know her beloved son, Denzel Ward is playing in the League for the Cleveland Browns. However, his mother has also contributed a lot to their hometown. Born on January 30, 1970, the native of Ohio went to Cleveland Heights High School. Nicole started her professional career by working in Human Resources and Marketing at the Cleveland Clinic. She joined Chestnut Hill Realty in 2019 after she became a licensed real estate professional.

Ward is also one of the board members of the Professional Football Players Mothers Association. She is a professional model signed with PMTM Agency, The Rock Agency, Model and Talent Management, and Imta. Apart from all these, Nicole is a philanthropist.

A Peek Into Ward’s Marriage

Nicole went to Cleveland Heights High School where she locked eyes with Paul Jr. That was the start of their romance. The high school sweethearts got married on July 22, 1995. The couple already had similar views regarding raising a family together.

Their lives were filled with love and laughter, and they were happily raising their two children. They had Paul J Ward III first and then after four years, their youngest son, Denzel Ward came into the world.

Nicole Ward with her husband and sons
Nicole Ward and her late husband, Paul Ward with their two sons.

Even after Nicole lost her partner, she still loves and respects her late husband. The family has a foundation in honor of Paul. She says, “To my husband, your name meant everything. If you had nothing else to stand on, you had your name. Nobody could take that away from you.”

Both Of Her Sons Have Successful Career

Ward’s firstborn, Paul J Ward III followed in her footsteps and made a career as a real estate developer and investor in their hometown. Besides his work in real estate, he is also a chief officer at the Make Them Know Your Name Foundation. He is co-founder of Through The Leash, a dog training center. The boy has a daughter, Naomi Sarai Ward with his partner, Vanessa.

Nicole Ward and her sons, Paul J Ward and Denzel Ward
Nicole celebrated her 50th birthday with her sons.

Talking about Nicole’s youngest son, Denzel Ward has been playing for the Cleveland Browns since 2018. He played college football at Ohio State but decided to forgo his senior season for the league.

Nicole Ward Lost Her Husband To Heart Attack

Paul Ward and Nicole had been married for almost twenty-one years before she lost her husband to cardiac arrest. On May 2, 2016, Paul went to the gym for a spin class where he collapsed from sudden cardiac arrest.

He was rushed to the emergency room but he was pronounced dead shortly after. He died at the age of 46. The sad news is that Nicole’s late husband was viewed as the healthiest member of the family.

Ward Co-founded A Foundation To Honor Her Late-Husband

Nicole and her sons launched the “Make Them Know Your Name” foundation to help spread awareness about heart disease. Their mission is to provide CPR training, AED equipment, and resources so that no one has to lose their loved ones because of a lack of these things. This foundation emphasizes the importance of living a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Nicole Ward with Denzel Ward and Paul J Ward
Nicole participated in the Go Red For Women Luncheon with her kids.

The young lady is the executive director of the association who has dedicated her life to this foundation. She is raising funds and donating and delivering AEDS to local businesses and public facilities.

The mother and her sons participated in the Go Red for Women luncheon for the American Heart Association. Besides, they host the Cleveland All-Star Fitness Expo and Comedy Bash annually where they focus on wellness and health.

Nicole Wrote a Heartfelt Letter To Her Son For His Special Day

The Cleveland Browns shared a video of the cornerback reading his mom’s letter after getting drafted. Nicole started her letter by congratulating her son and expressing how she was right beside him during his journey.

She further added if his dad was there to celebrate the news, he would have said to continue to make them know your name. The mother did not doubt that her son would remain humble and confident and achieve long-lasting success.

The player received Brown’s Walter Payton Man of the Year award and in his speech, he thanked the one person he wished would stand beside him on the stage. He referred to his mom as the backbone of the family who deserved the award.

Denzel Gave Back To His Mom On Mother’s Day

In the year he was drafted, this cornerback found a way to thank his mom’s sacrifices. He has constantly said that his first big purchase will be for his mom and he did indeed. The player took over Nicole’s mortgage as soon as he got enough money and surprised her on Mother’s Day. The player said, “I’m paying for her house so she doesn’t have to worry about that anymore.”

How Much Is Nicole Ward’s Net Worth?

As a real estate agent and a model, Nicole has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of [wrtie_year]. As for her beloved son, Denzel has an approximate net worth of $29.165 million as of 2024. The cornerback signed a five-year contract extension with the Browns worth $100.5 million. It looks like money is the least of their concern now.

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