Marquise Goodwin’s Mother Tamina Goodwin Was An Athlete In College

By SarahPublished on: November 24, 2023 Updated on: February 11, 2024
Birthday 1973
Birthplace Lubbock, Texas
Age 51 years
Son Marquise Goodwin
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Tamina Goodwin didn’t have it easy raising her children as a single mother. She stood strong even when her daughter was diagnosed with a disorder and her sacrifice paid off as her son is now a successful NFL player. Marquise Goodwin understood his mother’s sacrifice at a young age and has been a father figure for his little sister.

Let’s learn the story of Tamina Goodwin who used to be an athlete in her days.

Marquise Goodwin’s Mother, Tamina Goodwin Used To Be An Athlete

Born in 1973, Tamina went to Monterey High School where she ran track and played tennis. However, her main interest was playing basketball which allowed her to play at the 1990 state tournament. Her history as an athlete was short-lived because she got pregnant with Marquise.

She gave birth to her children in Lubbock, Texas, her hometown but when her mother underwent surgery, she wanted to live nearby. Hence, they settled in Dallas, Texas. The Texan native is the owner of Bosslady’s cleaning service.

Tamina Raised Her Children As A Single Mother

Goodwin became a mother for the first time with the birth of Marquise Goodwin on November 19, 1990. Her daughter, Deja Goodwin was born just 10 months after the birth of her son.

Tamina Goodwins with her son, daughter and daughter-in-law
Tamina lives with her daughter but visits her son and daughter-in-law from time to time.

She wasn’t married to their biological father, so he was hardly involved in their life. Being a single mother, she sacrificed a lot for her kids. They didn’t have a place to stay and had to move back and forth due to financial problems but she made it work with her job as a cosmetologist.

Her Daughter, Deja Has Cerebral Palsy

Tamina gave birth to Deja three months prematurely. Deja was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, a disorder that affects a person’s ability to move and maintain balance, just after her birth. The little girl had to spend the first 38 days in the hospital where it was predicted that her life span was no longer than six months. Thirty-three years later, she is still alive and kicking.

Tamina Goodwin children, Marquise Goowin and Daje Goodwin
Marquise and his sister, Deja have a very special bond.

The young player, Marquise frequently shared how his sister meant the world to him and he still treats his sister the same despite the disorder. When asked about his sibling, he said, “When I was younger my mom would explain it to me, and it is what it is, but I didn’t treat her any different; I still played with her the same, talked to her the same”.

Marquise’s Biological Father Was Imprisoned

The then-partner of Tamina spent two years in prison for a crime that apparently he didn’t commit. Though the Goodwins family has kept his name and details under wraps for privacy, it is confirmed that he was accused of murder. Marquise calls this unfortunate situation a wrong place at the wrong time and has repeatedly shared his sadness towards the American criminal justice system.

Marquise revealed the news of the passing of their biological dad in 2017. Just weeks before, the footballer had lost his unborn son.

The Wide Receiver Bought A New House For His Mother, Tamina

In 2018, Marquise surprised his mom and sister with a house. The young player posted a video of him surprising them. It was an emotional moment as Tamina couldn’t stop crying when she realized what was happening. He shared with the San Franciso 49ers how he wanted to buy a house for his mom ever since he started understanding the world.

Tamina Goodwin's son, Marquise Goodwin
Tamina became emotional when her son surprised her with a new house.

Goodwin even uploaded the video on YouTube. The video showed how he and his partner, Morgan planned this surprise and Tamina’s shocked reaction upon getting the gift. The mother and daughter duo was so overwhelmed with emotion that Deja stood up from her wheelchair. They loved their new house and couldn’t wait to live there.

Tamina Celebrated Her 50th Birthday In 2023

The Texan native turned 50 in 2023 and her birthday celebration was glamorous. Her son and daughter-in-law surprised her with a theme party where she was seen dancing and laughing. Marquise uploaded the celebration video where she was seen thankful to her children, friends, and family. At the end of the video, the three of them shared a moment where they appreciated the birthday girl. Overall, it seems like the 50-year-old is still as young as ever.

How Much Is Tamina Goodwin’s Net Worth?

Although Goodwin used to have financial problems in the past, we are sure that money is the least of her concerns right now. Talking about her lifestyle, it looks like she is well off thanks to her NFL player son. Her son, Marquise has an estimated net worth of $11 million which is going to increase as he has years and years left in his active playing career.

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