Kareem Hunt’s Mother Raised Him and His Siblings Alone After Divorce

By SarahPublished on: November 29, 2023 Updated on: February 16, 2024
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Kareem Hunt watched his dad play football as a child and now years later, he has walked in the footsteps of his father. Kareem is a running back for the Cleveland Browns.

Although his father was an inspiration for Kareem’s career path, the young player didn’t have a stable family. His father, Kareem Hunt Sr. has been in and out of jail constantly over the years while his mother, Stephanie Riggins has also been arrested in the past.

Imagine growing up in this environment and still having a strong bond with his parents. Interesting right? Let’s find out more about this family in this article.

Kareem Hunt’s Parents Are Separated

The NFL player’s parents, Kareem Hunt Sr. and Stephanie Riggins are natives of Ohio who got married in the early nineties. However, their marriage didn’t last long as they parted ways after they had their son.

Riggins already had her son, Clarence Riggins when she met Hunt. After her separation from Kareem Sr., she married Deltrin Kimbro. As for her former husband, he married LaShonda Lee after the divorce with whom he shares two daughters, Kaila Hunt, and Tahje Hunt.

Even though not much about his married life with Lee is known, it looks like they have already separated since Hunt Sr. has set his relationship status as single on his Facebook.

The Hunt Family Have Criminal Records

Almost all the members of the Hunt family fell into the trap of crimes due to poverty. Kareem has been in and out of jail at least 35 times for domestic violence in northeast Ohio due to which he was hardly present in his son’s life. He was also sentenced to nine years in prison for felony convictions which were mostly related to drug offenses.

In 2019, he was arrested for possessing and trading marijuana and cocaine for which he faced charges. Even so, we are still unsure about the exact time he has served behind bars.

Kareem Hunt Family
Kareem Sr. with his then-wife, Stephanie Riggins, and their children Clarence and Kareem Jr.

Likewise, in 2014, Stephaine pleaded guilty to driving under the influence. According to the records, she was arrested for cocaine possession and in the same year, her son, Clarence was sentenced to more than two years for criminal trespass.

Her husband, Deltrin also served eight years in prison for drug trafficking-related activities in 2004. Besides them, the player’s cousins and uncles also have criminal backgrounds.

Stephanie Left Her Hometown For Her Children

The native of Elyria settled in Willoughby with her children in the early 2000s. Stephanie said she decided to move so that her sons could have a better life. Hunt was five and Clarence was ten when they moved, so they had a lot of time to adjust to their new environment.

Kareem Hunt mother, Stephanie Riggins
Stephanie has her son’s back.

The family did their best to leave things in the past and live a better life. The kids even took their mom’s advice and stayed out of trouble for most of their school life. Even so, there was one incident when Kareem, then 16, was with his friends in a car when the police found marijuana.

Thankfully, he wasn’t in serious trouble. The decision the young mother took turned out to be for the better as she fulfilled her main goal. She said, “I made that decision because I wanted my children to have a better life.”

Kareem Sr. Was A Football Star In High School

The Cleveland native went to Collinwood High School where he played football. Although he graduated high school in 1990, he didn’t quit playing the sport. According to his family members, he played in adult leagues. They shared how they used to go watch Big Kareem’s games with his son. Junior Hunt would watch his daddy play and that’s what inspired him to play the ball.

Kareem Hunt Sr. and Kareem Hunt Jr.
The dad and son duo loves football.

Even after all these years, he still loves football and keeps track of it. Hunt is proud of his son’s accomplishments and is his biggest fan.

Kareem’s Relationship With His Parents

Although Hunt and Riggins failed to have a good marital relationship, they excelled in their bond with their son. Despite being divorced, they share a mutual understanding regarding their kids. The young player loves spending time with both of his parents.

Even when the world is against him, he knows his parents are right by his side. The former couple uses their Facebook accounts to share about their son’s achievements. Besides attending the games to cheer their son, they frequently post pictures with the player’s jersey number.

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