Joe Mixon’s Search for a Girlfriend With Similar Values to His Mother’s

By CannonPublished on: October 5, 2023 Updated on: February 12, 2024
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Joe Mixon who has been in the media for both positive and negative reasons has set some standards for dating preferences. So, has he found someone of his expectations or is Joe still in search of the right partner?

Here we will talk about his girlfriend and secretive dating life in detail.

Joe Mixon Is Looking For a Girlfriend Who Shares The Same Values As His Mom

Good news for all the ladies out there because this handsome hunk is currently single. But, the NFL star has already mentioned the type of girl he wants to date.

Joe Mixon isn't dating anyone.
Joe is single right now.

In an interview with Secrets of the Opposite, the interviewer asked him what qualities he was looking for in a forever mate. Mixon replied he was looking for a girl who held the same characteristics as his mom, Alise Mixon.

Further solidifying his preference, he said,

“Personally I felt like my mom was the nicest person in the world.”

So, Joe seems to be pretty serious when it comes to his dating choice and is also looking for a lifelong relationship. But, sadly enough, Mixon is yet to be taken.

Joe Mixon Doesn’t Want to Spend Much On His First Date, Why?

You might be surprised to learn that Joe, despite being such a renowned NFL player, doesn’t want to splurge on his first date. Why so economical? In the abovementioned interview, he stated that he wanted to choose a simple venue for his first date to know how grateful his lover was.

When the interviewer asked him where he would have liked to take his lover on his first date, Mixon replied,

“We’re going to McDonald’s”

Later on, Joe also explained that the choice of a dating venue or other stuff also depended on how much he was familiar with the person he was going to date.

Mixon Has Remained Tigh-Lipped About His Love Life Over The Years

Like many celebrities, Joe has kept his dating life entirely off the radar. Whether it is his choice or a fact, Mixon has, so far, never come forward with his relationship status in public, maintaining an air of mystery around his dating endeavors.

Given that there are no clues from Joe himself or any reliable sources, many say that Mixon is currently without a girlfriend.

Career Highlights

Born and raised in Oakley, California, Joe played high school football at Freedom High School, followed by college football at the University of Oklahoma from 2014 to 2016.

The following year in September 2017, Joe made a debut for the Cincinnati Bengals against the Baltimore Ravens. He has since played five more seasons with the team.

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