Sam Hubbard Might Marry His Girlfriend Sooner Than We Expect

By RhyssPublished on: October 6, 2023 Updated on: February 12, 2024
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Bengals star Sam Hubbard is the heartthrob of all Cincinnati fans, especially women. Whenever this handsome hunk shares a picture of himself on Instagram, the comment section turns into a thirsty skirmish between the ladies, who will do anything to have at him.

But the big question a lot of people often ask is whether Hubbard has a wife or girlfriend. Like, is he even single in the first place?! Though the NFL player himself has not openly admitted to dating anyone, we have found out that he is dating someone and may just put a ring to it.

Bad News Ladies! Sam Hubbard Has a Hot Girlfriend

Yes, you read the right, the man of the hour, the Big Sosa, the legend, is in a relationship. Back in February 2023, Hubbard shared an Insta carousel of how he spent his week and it had a couple of pictures of him standing close to close with a ravishing lady, who goes by the name, Jessica (Jess) Koehler.

Sam and his future spouse Jessica in an event
Sam and his girlfriend, Jess attending NFL honors.

Once the post went live, Sam’s female admirers filled the comment section with grief and sadness as the man who made them go ‘hubba’ ‘hubba’ was dating and they all missed their shot.

While some didn’t accept it as it is and said, “I look different in these pictures,” others openly professed their sadness and said, “And then.. every unmarried woman in Cincinnati cried in unison.”

You might say, Sam and Jess might be just friends, but no, they are indeed dating. So how do we know for sure? First off, the intimacy between the two is visible in the picture, and secondly, Jess is also close friends with Olivia Holzmacher, Sam’s teammate Joe Burrow‘s girlfriend.

Olivia once added a story with Jess which seemingly confirmed that Sam is really going out with Koehler.

@joeburrowsife9 these two need wedding rings asap #oliviaholzmacher #joeburrow #samhubbard #samhubbardmarryme ♬ original sound – joeburrowswife9

Now that we have confirmed that Sam is taken, let’s try to uncover more about their affair.

Sam and Jess Knew Each Other Since College

We all know Hubbard used to play college football for Ohio State. Well, Jess is also a graduate of the same uni. Both of them joined the college around the same time and this is how they first met and started going out.

Who is Sam Hubbard’s Girlfriend?

Jess Koehler is a working professional serving as an Area Sales Manager at the Artemis Distribution based in Chicago, Illinois since August 2023. Prior to that, she worked as a Subscription Sales Associate and Strategic Accounts Field Trainer at the same company.

Jessica works as a sales associate
Sam Hubbard’s girlfriend Jess is a working professional.

Koehler started her professional journey as a Sales Administrative Assistant at the Cresco Labs in 2019. Her other work experience includes working as a Sales Associate at the GOAT Climb and Cryo, Client Relations Coordinator at Selective Search, and Life Insurance Broker at Family First Life.

She is a University of Tampa and Ohio State University graduate.

Fans want Sam to Marry His Babe, ASAP

A video of Jessica and Joe Burrow’s girlfriend Olivia was shared on TikTok where fans asked both Joe and Sam to give their GF’s wedding rings as soon as possible.

We do hope that Sam puts a ring on it as soon as possible and hopefully, she becomes his wife sooner than we expect.

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