Alise Mixon, Joe Mixon’s Mom Has His Back No Matter the Odds

By RhyssPublished on: October 5, 2023 Updated on: February 12, 2024
Birthday January 14, 1968
Birthplace California
Age 56 years
Son Joe Mixon
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A mom will look out for their child, no matter what. This statement cannot be said truer in the case of Alise Mixon. Whenever Joe Mixon, the badass running back for the Bengals, was in trouble, his mother always had his back. Back when he found himself surrounded by a number of controversies, Alise, like a responsible mom, took his side but also made him apologize.

Including Joe, Alise (Alisa) brought up six kids in total and that too all by herself, which is a monumental feat. Let’s find out more about this super mom.

Joe Mixon’s Mother Alise Grew Up in a Loving Family

Born on January 14, 1968, in San Francisco, California, Alise is the daughter of Lillian McGee (mom) and her dad, Mr. Grigsby. She was one of three kids between her late parents.

Aside from herself, the Grigsby household has a son, Robert Grigsby, and a daughter, Asaiah Genea Perea Brooks. Their mom and dad instilled in them the value of a family which, to this day, all three of them follow to the dot.

Going through Alise’s Facebook account, it is evident that she loves all of her family members to the core. She never forgets to wish them on their birthdays or on any other occasion.

Where Did Alise Study?

She spent the entirety of her childhood in San Francisco where she studied at a local high school. Her brother Robert studied at the Abraham Lincoln High School so it is quite possible Alice also went there.

Joe Mixon is one of Six Children Between Alise and John

Alise and John Mixon Sr were married for a few years and their marriage produced six beautiful children, three sons, and three daughters. Their first child, a daughter, Tracie Mixon, came into this world on February 14th, 1987.

A year later on 23rd August 1988, Alise gave birth to her second daughter, Shalonda Mixon. The former pairs the last and third baby girl, Shanice Mixon came into this world on September 23rd, 1992.

Speaking of boys, their older son, John Mixon Jr was born on March 13, 1991. He currently works as a realtor at Keller Williams East Bay since 2020.

Joe Mixon's siblings
Alise has six children, four daughters and two sons.

Then a couple of years later, the NFL’s most coveted running back, Joe, came into this world on July 24th, 1996, in Oakley, CA. When Joe turned 10, the family moved to Antioch from San Francisco where Joe enrolled at the Mission Elementary School. This is where his football journey started.

Aside from her biological kids, Alisa Grigsby also has a god-daughter, Jasmine Valentine.

Alise Mixon Raised her Kids as a Single Mom

After she and her husband John Sr decided to call it quits, their six kids were raised by both of them, however, Alice had a bigger role, just like how all mom has. Maybe this is why, Joe considers his mother his biggest inspiration.

And why wouldn’t he? After all, Alise stands beside her son, no matter the situation. Though she never condones every action he has done outside the field, she always tries to stand up for him. Surely, she is like this with each of her kids, and not only Joe.

Meanwhile, Alise’s former spouse was always around to support his children. In fact, he personally trained his son. Moreover, when Joe was rising up in the football world, John would often show up for his boy.

Alise Smith is a Supportive Mom

She will go to any lengths to stay by her children’s side no matter what. Back in 2014, Joe was involved in an altercation with a female which led to severe injury on the lady’s face. Due to this, he was suspended by his team for the entirety of the 2014 season.

When all fingers were pointed at her son, Alice stood like a wall. Though she didn’t accept the way her son behaved aggressively towards the lady, she defended him by saying that Joe is more than this.

She said, “As far as me, the mom, my feelings about it, it’s like it’s over it’s done. Let’s move on. This is something that happened, unfortunately. However, It’s an isolated situation. I’m quite sure he’s not going to go around hitting on anybody else. This is a lesson learned. He’s grown from it.”

Due to her supportive nature, Joe has said time and again that she is his rock. Moreover, Joe has said that he will only date those girls who have the same supportive characteristics as his mom.

Mixon’s Ex-Husband Is a Former Football Player who Coached Joe

The apple doesn’t fall further from the tree. Joe’s dad John is also a football player who also played as a running back for Daly City’s Jefferson High and Troy University Alabama. Interestingly, he also had a tryout for the 49ers, however, a knee injury cut short his career.

Joe Mixon's father John
Joe’s dad John Sr. is a realtor based in Sacramento.

When Joe was asked by Antioch Youth Football to play as a running back, immediately he took off and told his dad the good news. He said,

“I went home and told my dad that they want me at running back. That’s the position he played, and he started coaching me up. … The first scrimmage, I think the first five times I touched the ball I scored a touchdown. After that, it was a wrap.”

Currently, John Sr. is a realtor and trainer by profession, just like his younger son John Jr. He currently works at Mack J. McBeth and also owns LB&M Construction.

Alise Has Married Again: Who is Joe’s Step-Dad?

Joe’s momma is a happily married woman. She exchanged vows with Ruddie Smith on July 30th, 2016. Both of them are really happy with each other as it is evident from Alisa’s Facebook posts.

Joe Mixon's step-father Ruddie
Alise married Ruddie in 2016.

The gorgeous African-American lady never misses any chance to wish her beau, be it on his birthday or their anniversary. Ruddie is also close with all of his step-children.

Alise Mixon Is Enjoying a Luxurious Life Thanks to Her Son Joe

Joe is one of the most prolific running backs in the NFL right now. In fact, the way he plays the game, his average annual salary of $5.75 million doesn’t do him justice. But whatever the case may be, he is raking in that dough and helping his momma any way he can. Joe’s signed a 2-year $11.5 million contract with the Bengals.

Alise was gifted a car by her son
Alise’s son gifted her a car.

Alice Smith’s effort has finally paid off as she currently leads an affluent life. Nevertheless, she is still a humble person who looks out for her community despite having millions to spend. Back in 2017, Joe gifted his mom a brand-new BMW.

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