Tyler Eifert’s Wife Rachael Kimack – Birthday, Parents, Siblings & More

By RayPublished on: July 24, 2023 Updated on: January 29, 2024
Birthday July 30, 1991
Birthplace Carmel, Indiana
Age 32 years
Husband Tyler Eifert
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Rachael Kimack is the wife of former Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Tyler Eifert. Rachael and Tyler dated for over three years before marrying in 2020. Just like her husband, Rachael is a former athlete herself, having played soccer in high school and college. Even though she couldn’t craft a soccer career, Kimack was a decent player in both school and college.

People have always been keen to know about the wife of Tyler Eifert since she doesn’t make herself available on social media to the public. So, there are tons of interesting facts about Kimack to be disclosed. Let’s find out some of them without any further ado.

Rachael Kimack and Tyler Eifert Are Happily Married

Rachael and Tyler got married on June 20, 2020, in Indianapolis in front of their friends and family. Their marriage was a private event since it was a COVID-19 pandemic time which also prevented their wedding photos from surfacing on the internet. However, the former tight end himself shared a couple of photos from their wedding day on Instagram.

After a year of planning and a last-minute change up to make it work the wedding couldn’t have been more perfect!” Tyler wrote alongside the post that was shared on July 7, 2020.

Rachael Kimack tied the knot with Tyler Eifert on June 20, 2020
A photo from Rachael Kimack and Tyler Eifert’s wedding that took place on June 20, 2020

Rachael, on the other hand, has been living a private life and hasn’t shared anything about her marriage or her married life with her husband publicly.

Likewise, Tyler marked their first wedding anniversary by sharing a post on Instagram. “Happy 1 year anniversary Rachey! You’re best soul mate and mother me and Lennon could ever imagine. Love you!” Tyler wrote in the caption.

They Are Blessed with a Son

The husband and wife are leading a happily married life and they are blessed with one child, a son Lennon Eifert. There is little to no information about their son’s birth, however, we can confirm that the lovebirds have already welcomed their firstborn before their first wedding anniversary.

Rachael and her husband, Tyler haven’t revealed their son’s face yet. We can see Tyler has shared a couple of photos of their kid on Instagram, however, covering the baby’s face with emojis. One similar occasion was back on November 10, 2021, when the ex-footballer shared a sweet photo of the duo with their child writing “Mom and Dad bought a new bar and Lennon got a new ride!” alongside the post.

Rachael and her spouse with their son Lennon
Rachael and her spouse with their son Lennon

It apparently was the last time Tyler shared their baby’s photo publicly.

When Did They Start Dating?

Well, there are several reports that suggest Rachael and Tyler have been together since 2015. However, it’s not well-known when and where they met for the first time and how the duo fell in love.

Meanwhile, we can see a number of posts on Rachael’s Twitter account that suggest that the duo has indeed been in love since as early as 2015. The oldest photo Kimack shared with her now husband dates back to June 20, 2015, when she shared a black-and-white photo of the duo.

Rachael and Tyler back in 2015
Rachael and Tyler back in 2015

Nevertheless, the lovebirds have been pretty much inseparable since the beginning of their relationship.

She is Related to Dallas Cowboys Offensive Guard Zack Martin

Yes, you read that right. Rachael Kimack is related to another NFL star Zack Martin who plays for the Dallas Cowboys. She is not related by blood but is her sister-in-law, Morgan Eifert‘s husband. Zack and Morgan have been married for over seven years and are blessed with two kids together. Being family members, Rachael and Martin are close to each other.

Not to mention, her husband Tyler and Zack were college mates who also were roommates.

Rachael Played Soccer in High School and College

Kimack studied at Bishop Charard High School and then afterward, she studied Bachelor of Science in health and kinesiology. She graduated in 2014 having started in 2010. She played soccer in both high school and college.

In high school, Kimack was named into Indianapolis Star first-team All-City three times. Besides, she was also a hoops player and track runner. She participated in the 2010 4×400 city champion relay. She also played for the Purdue University women’s soccer team, however, had to quit after sustaining an injury.

According to Purdue Sports, she played six games in her freshman year in college before getting injured. She was also included in the squad during her sophomore year as a reserve.

What Does She Do For a Living?

She doesn’t need a full-time job for a living since she is happily married to a former NFL star. But, Rachael is a working woman. According to her LinkedIn profile, she is a sales associate at Medtronic Spine & Biologics based in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has been working there since May 2016.

Besides, she was previously involved with Pro Scope Systems as an outside sales representative from February 2015 to March 2016.  Before that, she was an administrative/clinical assistant at FAST BioMedical.

As a matter of fact, Rachael started her professional career as an intern at Forniss Optometric where she worked from May 2013 to August 2013.

Rachael Kimack’s Early Life – Her Birthday, Parents, and Siblings

Kimack was born Rachael Anne Kimack to parents Dave Kimack and Nancee Kimack on July 31, 1991. Born and raised in Carmel, Indiana, Rachael grew up with her four siblings, brothers Joey and Alex Kimack, and sisters Nikki and Jenna Kimack.

Rachael Kimack with her siblings, two brothers and two sisters
Rachael with her siblings, Alex, Joey, Jenna, and Nikki

Her brother, Alex, a former high school footballer, played as a tight end or H-back at Bishop Chatard High School. He was included in the Indiana High School South All-Star Football Team during his senior year.

Likewise, Kimack’s sister Nikki graduated from Ball State University with a degree in public relations. Meanwhile, her other sister, Jenna is a professional recruiter at Medasource where she started working in February 2023.

Her Parents Run a Business in Indiana

Kimack’s parents, Dave and Nancee run an Auto-Lab franchise in Avon, Indiana. Talking about their business, her father Dave once said,

We wanted to provide a comfortable environment to our customers with a clean building, friendly staff, and professional service at a competitive price.

He added,

We also believe that our success is worth sharing and have placed a large emphasis of reaching out to give back to our local community.

As per the resources, the business also contributes to Avon High School where they offer discounts to veterans and active military service members.

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