DeForest Buckner’s Wife Ashlyn Buckner: Faith Bounded Marriage

By AustinPublished on: January 30, 2024 Updated on: February 11, 2024
Birthday August 5, 1994
Age 29 years
Husband DeForest Buckner
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Ashlyn Buckner is the wife of DeForest Buckner, the Indianapolis Colts defensive tackle. Though Ashlyn has gained prominence as DeForest Buckner’s wife, she is much more than that. One of the most renowned National Football League (NFL) couples, Mr. and Mrs. Buckner are often in the spotlight.

If you want to learn about Ashlyn, keep reading the article until the end.

Ashlyn Buckner’s Parents And Siblings

Buckner was born Ashley Marie Shebelut on August 5, 1994, in California to Lance and Shannon Shebelut. She is not the only child of the family; Ashlyn has an older brother, Brayton Shebelut, and a younger sister, Ryan Shebelut.

DeForest Buckner's Wife Ashlyn Buckner with her parents
Ashlyn with her mom and dad.

However, multiple sources have reported the name of Buckner’s brother as Andrew, which is incorrect. Andrew is likely just a friend whose photo she posted on X (formerly Twitter).

Ashlyn was very close to her siblings growing up, and they still are.

Buckner’s Educational Background and Profession

DeForest’s partner, Ashlyn, completed high school at Clovis North Educational Center. She then attended the University of Oregon from 2012 to 2016, where her life took a drastic turn.

She graduated from Oregon with a Bachelor of Science in economics and business. The exceptional lady did not just shine through her academics; she was also in the football cheerleading squad.

DeForest Buckner's Wife Ashlyn Buckner was a cheerleader in college
Ashlyn was a cheerleader.

Buckner has carved a successful career as a fitness coach. While being the wife of an NFL star might not be easy, she is an accomplished name in the fitness industry.

Several sources have confirmed that Ashlyn works at Orangetheory Fitness. It has also been reported that she previously worked as a recruiter at InSight Global. Furthermore, she had planned to look for a sales job in the San Francisco Bay Area, however, after her husband Buckenr’s selection by the San Francisco 49ers, she moved in with him in San Jose.

DeForest And Ashlyn Buckner Met In College

DeForest’s paths crossed with his now-wife at the University of Oregon in the summer of 2015, before their senior years. The pair met through a mutual friend, Shane, who was on the cheerleading squad with Ashlyn.

However, the two decided to take things slow. Given that it was their final year at college, their priority was their respective careers.

DeForest Buckner and his wife Ashlyn Buckner met in college
DeForest and Ashlyn at their graduation.

But what could stop two souls destined to be together? Unable to deny their chemistry, they soon started dating.

Draft Almost Meant The End of Their Relationship

Considered one of the top defensive tackles in the country, DeForest entered the 2016 NFL Draft. He had been with Ashlyn for a few months then. She had even made it clear that she would not “move her whole life” for the athlete.

So, if Buckner was drafted by any other team but the San Francisco 49ers, their relationship might have ended. Eventually, the 49ers picked him. The draft marked a grand milestone not just in his career but also in his romantic life. The lovebirds soon started living together in San Jose.

From Football “Illiterate” to A Critic

Even though Buckner’s wife was in the cheerleading squad, she did not know much about football. As a quick learner, she grasped everything her partner taught her efficiently. She even started pointing out his missteps on the field. Talking about this, the athlete said,

She’ll say things like, ‘You need to beat your 1-on-1,’ or, ‘You took a false step there.’ And she’ll be right. It’s impressive. She motivates me in everything that I do.

Saying they were meant to be together would be an understatement.

From Girlfriend to Fiancee: A Fairytale

Despite wanting to take things slowly, things moved pretty fast between the loving duo. Together for about a year, DeForest had already been thinking about marriage. When he took Ashlyn to meet his extended family in Oahu, his hometown, their reaction only made him want to marry her more – Everyone adored her.

While Buckner bought the “perfect ring” in July 2017, it was not until November 19, 2017, that he finally decided to get down on a knee. He took Ashlyn to Andretti Winery in Napa, who had no idea what was coming. When he found the perfect spot, his started to execute his plan. However, there was a bumblebee nagging her which almost ruined his plan. Recalling the incident, he said,

As I’m trying to pour my heart out to her, she was all distracted. I was like ‘Ashlyn. Ashlyn. Look at me.’ When I got on a knee it hit her. She was shocked. I pulled the ring out and she started crying.

As happy as she was, Ashlyn wished her family was there to celebrate their engagement. Sure enough, like a fairytale, her then loving husband-to-be had already thought of that. He surprised her with a dinner with her parents and siblings.

Ashlyn Buckner’s Dream Wedding With The NFL Superstar

Eight and half months after their engagement, the couple finally married in Hawaii on July 14, 2018. The duo exchanged vows in a Honolulu church among 250 family members and friends. While it was not an easy task, everything went smoothly.


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The football star described how it was the best feeling to hear his wife say it was “the best day of her life and that it was her dream wedding.”

As of 2024, the love birds have been married for 5 years. Their love for one another has only soared over the years.

Mrs. Buckner Is A Wonderful Mother Of Two

The husband-wife duo is proud parents to two children: Dominic George and Jordan Sione Buckner.

Their eldest son, Dominic, was born on April 24, 2020. He was named after DeForest’s father, George Buckner. The sweethearts had a gender reveal at Alexander’s Steakhouse SV in October 2019, and they seemed very thrilled.

Likewise, they welcomed their second son, Jordan, on February 12, 2022. “Your mama and I are so lucky to receive such a blessing,” Buckner posted with the baby announcement.

DeForest Buckner's Wife Ashlyn Buckner is a mother of two
Ashlyn is a mother of two.

While Ashlyn maintains a private Instagram profile, her husband posts many pictures of her and the kids. He often commends her as a mother and often says the kids are “very lucky to have a mom that loves them unconditionally.”

DeForest Buckner’s Wife, Ashlyn Buckner, Is A Woman Of Faith

Mrs. Buckner is a devout Christian. Her faith is something that has heavily shaped her life. Her X (formerly Twitter) bio reads “Phil. 4:13,” a biblical verse, “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

Her husband, DeForest, is also a man of religion. However, it was not until he married Ashlyn that he was baptized. Their union is not just the meeting of two hearts and souls but also beliefs.


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Although the athlete was already a Christian, his wife helped him connect to his faith even more.

In addition, Ashlyn lives in Indianapolis with her husband. The family of four lives happily there, immersed in their own lives. As a supportive wife and devoted mother, Ashlyn Buckner is nothing short of a superhuman, perfectly balancing her professional and personal life.